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Mar 30, 2022

How To Take Great Care Of Your Skin After 30

Compared to other face lifting methods, FOREO BEAR is a compact, simple and affordable beauty equipment that can be carried anywhere and anytime.
How To Take Great Care Of Your Skin After 30

With new skincare technology, the future looks bright and ageless. | Source: FOREO

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Our skin ages faster than we think. This makes beauty innovations like FOREO’s at-home microcurrent facial devices the perfect partner for beauty care.

Anti-aging: When to start?

When we turn 30, it is not difficult to see signs of aging on our faces. According to Dallas-based dermatologist, DiAnne Davis, the biggest change for the skin at this age is the slowing down of natural collagen production.

This results in the appearance of wrinkles, which can be easily noticed on the face. Along with that, the skin begins to sag, the facial muscles loosen and are no longer as firm as they used to be when we’re younger.

Our skin actually starts to age from the age of 20. | Source: Honeyandseoul

However, aging doesn’t suddenly appear right when we’re 30. According to experts, when we’re in our mid-20s, the body’s natural collagen production starts decreasing. The skin has since also lost its elasticity, and the signs of aging gradually appear after the age of 25.

Therefore, you should pay attention to skin aging issues from the age of 20 with the motto: “Prevention is better than cure.”

Anti-aging should start early by fixing your eating and living habits, combined with protection from the sun. In particular, you should also explore new skin care technologies that are becoming increasingly popular. Modern skin is inherently subject to many harmful agents, so it needs the support of technology to “sustain” its youthful glow over time.

What is microcurrent technology?

Today, there are a number of anti-aging beauty technologies, such as laser, vibrational, or microneedling. The recent emergence of microcurrent technology continues to bring many breakthroughs in the fight against skin aging.

This is a non-invasive facelift treatment that uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate the movement of facial muscles, helping to limit the loss of skin cells or aging. It then firms up the face, slims the sagging area and increases collagen production.

Microcurrent is considered a minimally invasive and highly safe skin care treatment. | Source: Byrdie

Microcurrent outperforms previous technologies, since it is considered a minimally invasive and highly safe skin care treatment. Since the 1980s, the U.S. FDA has approved microcurrent in the treatment of facial nerve palsy or muscle paralysis, helping patients recover after facial distortion, atrophy and sagging.

This method is also likened to a safe and long-lasting Botox treatment for the skin.

Microcurrent technology is used in the FOREO BEAR products. | Source: FOREO

After many improvements, microcurrent technology is now widely applied in anti-aging skin treatments and is recommended by many estheticians around the world, including Joanna Vargasm, Ildi Pekar and Shamara Bondaroff.

Experience microcurrent technology with FOREO BEAR

Referring to microcurrent beauty devices, we cannot leave out FOREO BEAR. This groundbreaking device is the continuation of many other famous devices from FOREO, specializing in anti-aging skin treatment and facial muscle training.

Many famous KOLs and influencers in Vietnam trust and recommend FOREO BEAR products, including beauty bloggers Chloe Nguyen, Hong Beauty, Tiny Loly, and TikToker Chau Muoi.

Combining FDA-approved medical-grade electrical currents and massaging modes with Anti-Shock System™ & T-Sonic™, FOREO BEAR targets 65 muscles in the face and neck area in just two minutes. Through the stimulation process, the device helps the skin become firm, shiny, and elastic.

FOREO BEAR is an anti-aging device that helps you care and protect your skin from the age of 20. | Source: FOREO

What makes FOREO BEAR different from other lifting methods?

FOREO BEAR brings many advantages that are timely and suitable for the needs of its users, compared to other familiar rejuvenation and lifting methods. There are many different face lifting methods on the market today, among which are Hifu, Thermage and Ultratherapy.

Hifu is a technology that uses ultrasonic waves to tighten skin and lift muscles. The advantages of this method is that Hifu is non-invasive, non-surgical, does not cause skin damage, and does not require any resting time after the procedure. However, the disadvantage is that the treatment time is long, expensive, and effective only within six months. If you want to prolong it, you must continue the treatment.

FOREO BEAR makes a difference in skincare and helps bring youthful, firm skin. | Source: FOREO

For Thermage, the advantage is that you can see the results right after the procedure, does not need much rest and does not hurt the skin. However, the biggest drawback of Thermage is that the low wave energy level is only 3mm, so it can only rejuvenate the skin and remove wrinkles but not lift muscles, and it leaves a discomforting feeling throughout the first days after the procedure.

Ultherapy has the advantage of a deep and powerful impact on the inner layers of cells of the facial skin. However, it takes a long time — up to several months — to see the results of this treatment, but the time to maintain the results is not long and the cost is high.

One common ground of the above mentioned methods is that we have to go to the clinic with modern and complicated machines for beauty care. Meanwhile, young people nowadays only need a compact, simple and affordable beauty equipment that can be carried anywhere and anytime.

Before (left) and after (right) massage with FOREO BEAR. | Source: FOREO

What makes FOREO BEAR more special than ever is its compact and convenient design. You can experience microcurrent anywhere and anytime: at work, on the train, or at your own home.

FOREO BEAR has received a lot of positive feedback from users about its color, its ergonomic design that conforms to facial contours, as well as its function and results.

Compact device, convenient to carry everywhere. | Source: FOREO

This new beauty care product also uses the latest microcurrent technology. As a result, FOREO has succeeded in integrating intensive spa skin care, which requires experts and machines to perform, into a compact handheld device.

The main mechanism of the machine is to impact deep parts of the skin, targeting the “root” of the problem. BEAR brings amazing skin rejuvenation effects within just two minutes of using at home: Face sculpting, contouring, anti-wrinkle and crow’s feet removal.

In addition, BEAR’s professional lifting exercises are designed with the user’s actual skin care needs in mind.

You can use the machine directly by simply pressing the power button, and combine it with basic exercises. However, if you need advanced exercises like the three listed below, you need to use the app.

The FOREO app offers more benefits such as changing the electric current, choosing the time, accompanying technologies such as T-sonic to support blood circulation massage, contributing to a youthful rosy skin.

Gentle V-shape Yoga: This exercise directly affects the jawbone area, helping to slim the face to a V-shape in a gentle and comfortable way. | Source: FOREO
Total Facial Knockout: Practice this helps to lift the face muscles, tighten the cheeks and mid face effectively. | Source: FOREO
Contour Cardio: This workout helps firm the face, create facial contours, and help the skin keep its elasticity and youthfulness. | Source: FOREO

Economic benefits go hand in hand with professional beauty effects

It can be said that investing in FOREO BEAR helps to perfect your skin care journey in a more professional but incredibly simple way. This is an effective, long-lasting beauty device and has more economic benefits than spending a lot of money for treatments in spas.

With this new skincare technology designed to help users become proactive in the process of taking care of their skin right in the comforts of their own homes, the future looks bright and ageless.

Adapted by Thao Van