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Oct 11, 2022

Justin Bieber x Vespa Collaboration: The Never-Ending Renewal Of An Icon

Vespa — the long-standing scooter brand — refuses to go out of style, continuously evolving and succeeding with consecutive collaborations.
Justin Bieber x Vespa Collaboration: The Never-Ending Renewal Of An Icon

Justin Bieber is the latest name to join the list of Vespa collaborators. | Source: Vespa

Millennials and Gen Z have been taking over all markets, promising untold riches for marketers who can find the master key to their psyche. Flushed with spending power, this generation is redefining luxury. Thus, a brand must not only look expensive, but its products must also capture a sense of individuality and embody a luxurious lifestyle.

This is how “The New Luxury” was formed — a lux that is rich both materialistically and emotionally. By releasing special editions, brands have a say in what kind of values they represent. In their latest project, Vespa chose to dive into a new wave with pop sensation Justin Bieber. This came as a bomb in mid-July, marking Vespa's stepping stone in catching up with the new generation’s movement.

Source: Vespa

Vespa — When heritage and style go hand in hand.

For many people, the 76-year-old brand is associated with a more mature generation with generally grown interests, such as collecting antiques. As time passed, Vespa's elegance marked itself to be the perfect accessory for women. And since unisex is becoming the new trend, Vespa has slowly appealed to a broader audience of all ages, races, and sex. No matter who Vespa accompanies, they all have one thing in common: a timeless, luxurious aura of elegance.

Vespa 946 Dior honors the beautiful youth and artistic love of two luxury brands. | Source: Vespa

Despite being a brand of heritage, Vespa never goes out of style, as they pursue flexibility in gracefully adapting to signs of the times. This could be seen in their collaborations with big names in the high-fashion industry, such as Vespa 946 Emporio Armani (2015), Vespa 946 Christian Dior (2021), and Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon (2018).

Vespa Primavera, modern and bold, with the hands of Sean Wotherspoon. | Source: Vespa

Justin Bieber is the latest name to join Vespa’s prestigious list of impressive collaborators. Working with one of the world's most famous pop stars, Vespa indicates their ambition to be a part of popular culture, keeping the brand front and center to the next-generation consumers, as well as presenting their acuteness towards following audiences’ insights.

Vespa always has special “tricks” up their sleeves with original limited designs. This is an irresistible aspect of “The New Luxury” for young consumers because, beyond the coins, it is the special collaborations, the original collections, and extremely rare editions that are feeding their hunger for an out-of-this-world unique assemblage.

Justin Bieber conceptualized and designed a Vespa Sprint version covered in monochrome but no less with personality and uniqueness. | Source: Vespa

A luxury product used to simply signify a certain level of wealth, but with the newly emerged definition of "The New Luxury," there needs to be social values conveyed and a reflection of its owner alongside the product.

Vespa has applied this formula well, ensuring that their customers will not only own a means of transport but will also hold a timeless piece of art that exudes an aspirational lifestyle.

The destination of a luxury brand is not just price and quality

“Riding a scooter is just an excuse to experience a range of emotions,” Mr. Gianluca Fiume, Chairman of Piaggio Asia Pacific and General Director of Piaggio Vietnam, once said. He noted from a Vespa lover's perspective, the experience of laying fingers on a heritage piece is already invaluable itself. It is the fans’ love for Italian design and the distinct vibrant colorways, together with the utmost free-spirited nature of the brand, that makes Vespa special.

Taking customers’ emotions and experiences as the core values of the business, Vespa is making bold strides with an impactful marketing strategy. In this comeback, Vespa emphasizes that the brand itself is not flashy and extravagant, for the value incorporates within their products is seamlessly timeless and classy.

Each Vespa proudly represents style and fashion. | Souce: Vespa

Vespa's customers have branched beyond the traditional “luxury” concept. Entering new territory, Vespa reached a wider demographic, becoming acquainted with super young consumers with updated ways of thinking: that wealth is more than material, it is also immutably cultural.

Aiming not only directly at the premium segmentation, Vespa is also targeting any customer looking to enter this area through their wide range of products, namely the fast-growing middle class with a desire to challenge the status quo.

The timeless beauty of Vespa through each model after 76 years

With emotional stories through generations and timeless beauty, Vespa teams up perfectly with the leading fashion designers and creative pop stars to produce iconic collections. Unique and exclusive, Vespa collaborative models renew the long-standing Italian brand, demonstrating its value and position in the world-class scooter market with its stylishness and spontaneous spirit.

Vespa's latest comeback celebrates their free-spiritedness and passion for style and design. Justin Bieber, a pop sensation with millions of fans around the world, collaborated with Vespa to launch JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA — an exclusive Vespa model personally ideated and designed by him.

The bodywork and front fenders are decorated with a striking flame pattern. | Source: Vespa

The original Vespa Sprint model with a sporty look has been changed dramatically with monochrome coloring. The flame-shaped design stretching across the lower body of the chassis creates a pattern that does not overshadow Vespa's classic shape but rather leaves a trail of self-expression and individualism.

Vespa Primavera represents the beauty and freedom of women. | Source: Vespa

In addition to special editions that embrace the Italian brand's distinct stylish nature, there are 3 main product lines for customers who wish to become a part of the Vespa lifestyle: Vespa GTS, Vespa Sprint, and Vespa Primavera.

Vespa Primavera first appeared in 1968 and quickly became a symbol of beauty and freedom exclusively for women. Nowadays, Vespa Primavera is constantly innovating itself, becoming safer, more comfortable, and stylish, with meticulous attention to detail.

Vespa Sprint inherits a traditional heritage of strength and youthfulness.| Source: Vespa

If Vespa Primavera is created as a prideful statement for women, Vespa Sprint is the embodiment of enthusiastic youth. The story of the Vespa Sprint dates back to the mid-60s when the Vespa 50 dominated European roads. The light scooter has a compact size and moves swiftly, resembling its young owners' drive for life.

Vespa GTS is a great companion on long journeys. | Source: Vespa

Inheriting the refined lines and sporty spirit of famous models in the past, Vespa GTS was born. Being the first large body lined up with a maximum driving performance for long journeys, it has become one of the legendary Vespa models.

Vespa’s innovative designs prove boundless creativity while displaying the brand's growing influence on the fashion industry. From Sean Wotherspoon to Christian Dior, Lego x Vespa, and even Justin Bieber, Vespa has always maintained its core values - a “Vespa” lifestyle and a true Italian spirit of freedom.

Source: Vespa

The “Vespa spirit” has always been a pride for the Italian brand, having the ability to connect people and befriend strangers through a shared passion. From a brand known to be primarily for the artistic souls of “once upon a time,” Vespa today still carries a novel spirit, accompanying creative people with a deep passion to move and a burning thirst for freedom to embark on their own journeys of youth. Vespa is not just a scooter; Vespa is the breath, the culture, the belief, and the freedom that we all dream of.

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