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Jan 02, 2023

Live Happily In 2023: Life Tips From Vietnamese Gen X

As you write down your plans and goals for 2023, why not put “to live happily” on top of your list? 
Live Happily In 2023: Life Tips From Vietnamese Gen X

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Probably the biggest lesson we learned from the pandemic was to expect the unexpected — that unforeseen circumstances could change the course of our lives, and even history.

But now that we’ve stepped into a new year, we can’t let the uncertainties of the world deter us from living a good, happy life. So, as you write down your plans and goals for 2023, why not put “to live happily” on top of your list?

To help you achieve that, we asked Vietnamese Gen X from different walks of life about their proven life tips for happiness. Now aged 42 – 57, this generation grew in the darkest times of Vietnam and witnessed its evolution toward becoming an economic success. Suffice it to say, they’ve “been there, done that” in the highs and lows of life.

Love yourself a little more

“If there’s great love and faith within you, then you have everything you need to be happy. Just be true to who you are and to your values, but don’t forget to be kind and generous to others. Only then will you feel real happiness. I’ve lived this way my whole life and gained really good friends because of my outlook in life.”

- Nguyễn Hoàng Duy – Freelancer

Treat your parents right

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“Treat your parents right and listen to their advice. They’re the people who love you the most. They’ve already lived life far longer than you have, so they know better. Listen to what they say, and obey, for they only want what’s best for you. Your parents don’t need you to pay them back with anything, they just want you to be a good person. So live generously and be grateful. That will help you live happily.”

- Nguyễn Linh Huệ – Shop owner

Be kind

“For people who struggle to make ends meet, money is important. Being rich enables you to live without worries. But what does the word ‘rich’ really mean? For me, it’s about knowing and having ‘enough.’ If we want to be happy, we need to know how much is enough and treat others with kindness. Empathizing with the people around you and helping even in the smallest of ways can help you achieve happiness. Love, kindness, sharing — these will naturally lead to happiness.”

- Huỳnh Tiến Hạnh - Businesswoman

Find your purpose

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“Don’t let outside forces control your life. Find that balance, and focus on determining your purpose. When you’ve found what you’re living for, you will be able to set a mission and have clear goals. Stick to this mission, and you will never be lost in your path to life. But it’s important to know that you’re not walking alone on whatever path you take; walk with people who have a positive impact on you. Be surrounded by people with good energy.”

- Trần Thanh Tâm - Online shop owner

Start small

“I find happiness in little things — be it giving a little help to those in need or making little progress in my goals. I think happiness doesn’t have to be big and grand; it could come from small things that we often disregard. Even in the things we want to achieve, starting with small, little steps is always the best way to move forward. And no matter how trivial, celebrate little successes. That’s how you’ll find happiness in every waking day.”

- Mrs. Anh Thư – Bakery owner