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Jun 12, 2024

MaiMoney Helping Vietnam's Next Generation To Build Wealth And Look After The Environment

Designed as an ‘easy, ethical’ investing app, fintech start-up MaiMoney aims to put the financial power back in the hands of risk-averse investors.
MaiMoney Helping Vietnam's Next Generation To Build Wealth And Look After The Environment

MaiMoney, a micro-investing app to help young people save towards life’s important things. Source: MaiMoney by Viet Tin Capital

In March 2024, at its official launch, MaiMoney successfully secured an investment of VND 2.8 billion. In just over two months, the platform has experienced remarkable growth, attracting over 1,500 customers with over VND 10 billion in the MaiGreen portfolio.

The portfolio is managed by the institutional management firm Viet Tin Capital, which provides access to diversified investments in cash, electricity generators, and government bonds.

Democratizing alternative investments with MaiMoney

MaiMoney is a passive investment app targeted at novice investors who don’t want to actively trade, aiming to help them build savings through a curated list of actively managed portfolios, such as MaiGreen.

MaiMoney Founder and Chief Executive Nhi Nguyen believes that making alternative investing more accessible is a great way to help people build wealth.

Nhi Nguyen launched the MaiMoney micro-investing app to help young people save for life’s important things. Source: MaiMoney by Viet Tin Capital.

“Alternative investments have always been very attractive to me. I don't like making big investments in the stock market, because I don’t feel like I have the time or the understanding to know that my money is safe.” Says Nhi.

Traditionally, these types of investments have been inaccessible to all but financial institutions, corporations and high-net-worth individuals due to the significant barriers of high minimum investments and long lockups.

However, MaiMoney, as a micro-investing platform, requires a minimum investment of only VND 100,000.

“We are democratizing the alternative investment market,” Nhi explains.

In addition to making alternative investments accessible, the app also appeals to young customers by providing a simple-to-use interface and flexibility.

“You can jump in the app and easily invest or withdraw your funds anytime. We understand the importance of having access to money and flexibility, especially when you are just starting your journey of wealth creation,” Nhi said. “We want to help Vietnamese build and foster healthy investment habits.”

MaiGreen: Electricity To Generate Power And Wealth For People

MaiMoney’s first investment product, MaiGreen, aims to provide investors with an alternative investment option for those wanting to build a significant investment portfolio for longer-term financial goals while targeting a stable, higher return.

The MaiMoney app encourages customers to take their micro-investing seriously by starting early. Source: MaiMoney by Viet Tin Capital.

While the fear of choosing a single stock and watching it plummet in value can be terrifying, using managed portfolios like MaiMoney as an investment vehicle allows you to have professionals handle the management.

MaiGreen portfolio is managed by Viet Tin Capital Corporation (VTCC). Viet Tin Capital’s Board of Directors, Ronald Nguyen Anh Dat and Charles Boyd-Bowman, who have decades of experience in real estate and fixed-income investing, help the MaiMoney team grow their portfolio.

“There are few accessible options for Vietnamese to invest their money,” Charles says. “Especially if you take the environment now with low domestic interest rates, volatile equity markets, and growing global macroeconomic uncertainty.”

Unlike other investment products, MaiGreen invests in equipment that converts biogas from pig manure to electricity to achieve a targeted return of 6.5-8.5%.

The main revenue driver is from electricity generation through the equipment, in which biogas is converted and sold to local farmers across Vietnam.

What are alternative impact investments and why are they important?

A key part of MaiMoney’s appeal to Vietnamese Gen-Z and Millennials is its commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible investments.

MaiMoney considers “alternatives” as private investments that are not traded on public exchanges like HNX or HOSE.

The company seeks out direct investments in alternatives that are focused on reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane gas emissions (CH4), like renewable energy, as well as having a positive social impact.

CO2 and CH4 emissions in the atmosphere lead to planetary warming, causing climate change. MaiMoney believes a significant reduction in these emissions is required to make Vietnam a better and greener place to live.

“By investing in MaiGreen, you are effectively reducing methane gas emissions being emitted to the environment and making Vietnam a better place,” says Nguyen Ngoc Tu, DCarbon's Chief Technology Officer.

Hoang (left), Van (middle) and Nhi work side by side in MaiMoney’s Hanoi office. Source: MaiMoney by Viet Tin Capital.

Alternative impact investments like MaiGreen, MaiMoney’s core investment product, offer an attractive investment option for those seeking steady and reliable returns.

The nature of electricity generation as an asset class is inherently low-risk. It’s a necessity, not a luxury, to ensure that MaiMoney’s customers' investments have a solid foundation.

Customers can take part in contributing to national growth, as investing in electricity production is not just about personal wealth; it’s about powering the growth and development of Vietnam. It’s an investment in our collective future, in the prosperity of our nation.

Join the Wealth Generation

Young investors in particular have embraced the app for generating funds to meet life’s important things; time away on holidays, their first home deposit, a new motorbike, supporting family, and critically, their financial security.

MaiMoney’s launch event on March 29th, 2024. Source: MaiMoney by Viet Tin Capital.

Ha Phuc Hau, 30, a MaiMoney customer who is saving for his home deposit, insists, "You don't need to be brave to invest." Hau, a graphic designer living in Ho Chi Minh City and one of MaiMoney’s first customers from their beta product launch back in 2023, also mentioned: “Investing for my home is one thing, but knowing that my money is invested in something meaningful makes the whole experience better.”

Source: MaiMoney by Viet Tin Capital.

Viet Tin Capital director Ronald Nguyen Anh Dat said: “In a low-interest world, people are looking for smarter ways to make their investments work for them. MaiMoney can provide income and security levels that will appeal to many Vietnamese investors.”

The best time to invest was 10 years ago; the next best time is today. We hope that you can start your wealth-creation journey with the MaiMoney team.