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Mar 12, 2024

Masan’s CHRO: Attracting International Talent Requires Elevating The National Brand

Nguyen Tam Thanh, CHRO at Masan Group, shares recruitment lessons drawn from the story of promoting “Made in Vietnam” products.
Masan’s CHRO: Attracting International Talent Requires Elevating The National Brand

Ms. Nguyen Tam Thanh spoke at Vietcetera's OV Summit | Source: Vietcetera

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Starting as a tax consultant at KPMG, Nguyen Tam Thanh’s career made a significant shift toward human resources. It began as a challenging experiment but turned out to be her ideal path.

With a rich experience spanning over two decades in human development, Tam Thanh has been finely honed through her roles in globally renowned corporations with progressive HR policies, such as the IKEA Group and Cargill. Her journey led her to Masan Group, where she now serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

Leading a diverse team of nearly 40,000 from different regions and countries, Masan Group earned the prestigious accolade of “Best Place to Work in Asia 2023” and was recognized for its “Diverse, Equal, and Inclusive Work Environment” bestowed by HR Asia, a leading HR publication in Asia.

Speaking from a wealth of experience in human resources, Tam Thanh shared insights with Vietcetera about the dynamics of the current job market and the specific criteria that leading corporations like Masan Group employ in their quest for exceptional talent.

With a rich experience spanning over two decades, Tam Thanh has been finely honed through her roles in IKEA Group and Cargill before serving as the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) | Source: Vietcetera

How would you summarize Masan Group’s recruiting philosophy in a sentence?

Masan Group’s recruitment philosophy centers on a fervent commitment to maximizing value for each individual, every family, and the entire society.

What benefits does a diverse and inclusive work environment bring to developing a company’s culture?

At Masan, we see diversity as a key to enriching perspectives, expertise, and experiences, sparking innovative and groundbreaking strategies and solutions. This variety is not just an asset but a catalyst for our company's growth.

Our unique “Masan Way” culture encapsulates this inclusivity, promoting the following traits and attributes: No ego + consumer-centric; Leadership + Passion to be #1; Solution-oriented + problem solving; Accountability + results-driven; Integrity + transparency; and Mastery + never stop learning.

With these principles, Masan strives to uplift the material and spiritual lives of 100 million Vietnamese people, helping them to economize on their everyday essentials.

What qualities does Masan Group look for in a potential recruit?

Ideal candidates at Masan are first and foremost distinguished experts in their respective fields, with a clear capacity to make impactful contributions to the company's growth and success.

Equally important is their adaptability and flexibility in leading teams towards shared objectives. We value candidates who demonstrate resilience and steadiness in the face of market and workplace challenges.

Moreover, we seek individuals with a robust intrinsic motivation, a thirst for achievement, and an entrepreneurial spirit that thrives on tackling new challenges.

Source: Vietcetera

What is the most significant barrier HR faces when recruiting international talents for Vietnamese businesses?

The primary challenge lies in enhancing the national brand's appeal. To position Vietnamese enterprises as attractive career destinations for global talent requires a long-term, strategic approach.

Similar to how “Made in Vietnam” products are promoted globally, Vietnamese companies must effectively market themselves and boost their international profile.

In terms of communication, Masan Group's advantage comes from the investment it receives from major global funds. This global endorsement encourages candidates to explore and be excited about the prospects of joining Masan.

Are there any other notable challenges?

Another significant hurdle is achieving global readiness. This necessitates organizational restructuring, enhancing cross-departmental collaboration, and improving language proficiency across all levels of staff.

Global talents bring a diverse array of knowledge and experiences to an organization. However, they require extensive coordination and support from various departments. This integration process not only offers opportunities for personal interactions but also challenges that require resilience and perseverance to overcome.

Additionally, it's important to recognize that each company has its own unique culture and characteristics. Recruiting global talents or expatriates involves finding a balance between cultural and personal compatibility within the organizational framework.

Promoting a culture of mutual learning fosters an organization that continually evolves and diversifies, aiding in the sustainable growth of the business.

What guidance would you offer to young international professionals aspiring to join major Vietnamese corporations?

Gaining a deep understanding of the cultural and professional landscape is critical when exploring career opportunities in Vietnam. To seamlessly integrate and excel, it's advisable for candidates to extensively research and gather insights about the organization's core values and operational ethos. This can be done through various channels such as media, networks of friends, colleagues, or business partners.

Moreover, having a strong grasp of local dynamics is invaluable in any sector. Actively acquiring market insights and consumer trends not only helps in narrowing the cultural and professional gap with domestic candidates but also leverages your unique international work experience as a significant asset.

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