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Jun 15, 2024

MC Quyền Linh on Family and Giving

"My greatest asset is my family. Happiness grows when we give selflessly."
MC Quyền Linh on Family and Giving

Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

Quyền Linh is widely recognized as the host of popular TV shows like "Vượt lên chính mình" and "Bạn muốn hẹn hò." Starting as a television actor, he naturally transitioned into hosting, always appearing with a humble demeanor and a constant smile.

This week on the "Have A Sip" podcast, Quyền Linh shares the life lessons he has gathered over his years in the entertainment industry, focusing on life and family.

Embracing Enthusiasm and Inner Peace Through Challenges

Quyền Linh credits his successful career to his passion and dedication.

Recalling his early days, he took on various roles unrelated to acting, such as handling logistics, filming, and even running errands for the crew. These tasks helped him gain the trust of others and led to his first acting role.

His enthusiasm and hard work established his presence in the entertainment industry and earned him the trust and admiration of audiences and colleagues.

"Only when you find true peace and balance within yourself can you spread joy to those around you." | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

Throughout his career, Quyền Linh has faced many challenges, yet he remains optimistic by maintaining inner peace. He believes everyone must heal their wounds and not let personal troubles negatively affect others.

Embracing Flexibility and Adaptability

Despite his fame, MC Quyền Linh sees himself as a "regular farmer." He believes that labeling himself as a star or fitting into any specific image would create distance between him and the public.

His approachable and down-to-earth demeanor makes him relatable, even when visiting farmers in a suit—they feel comfortable enough to embrace and chat with him.

By not confining himself to a rigid framework, Quyền Linh stays adaptable in every situation, ready to serve others rather than expecting special treatment. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

He also applies this mindset to raising his two daughters. They often feel pressured by being known as "MC Quyền Linh’s daughters." That's why he doesn’t impose expectations on them or guide them toward an artistic path. Instead, he encourages them to pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

Bridging Generational Gaps by Being a Friend

When asked about his most valuable asset in life, MC Quyền Linh unequivocally says it is his family. Family is not just a source of love but also a significant motivator that helps him overcome challenges.

With the fast pace of modern life, the generational gap between parents and children is widening. Quyền Linh recognizes many differences between his generation and his children's, from musical tastes and habits to life perspectives. These differences can make understanding and connecting within the family difficult.

Understanding and being present for his children helps strengthen their bond and boosts their confidence. Many believe children should understand their parents first, but MC Quyền Linh believes that parents should first strive to understand their children.

Quyen Linh always takes time to listen and share with his daughters, even learning and participating in TikTok trends. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

To bridge the generational gap, Quyền Linh chooses to be a close friend to his daughters, fostering open communication and trust. When we trust our families, we are more likely to trust people and values in society.

The Greatest Gift is Understanding

Quyền Linh believes the most valuable gift one can give is understanding and care. The significance of a gift lies not in its material value but in its relevance to the recipient's preferences. Taking the time to understand and listen to others’ desires shows respect and love.

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