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Sep 24, 2021

Millennials And Gen Z “Mode On” With Their Creativity To Participate In Global Competition “Sharing Is Caring”

Millennials and Gen Z are the two most responsible generations towards social and environmental issues. Social project “Sharing is Caring” is the creative playground for those two generations to express it.

Millennials And Gen Z “Mode On” With Their Creativity To Participate In Global Competition “Sharing Is Caring”

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Millennials and Gen Z: Two generations with high sense of responsibility 

Even though each generation has different behaviors and mindset, Millennial and Gen Z have pretty similar lifestyles. They live responsibly and advocate for social and environmental awareness.

According to Lumesse - a global company that provides human resources solution have shared: “Millennials take social responsibility as a living philosophy.” According to Deloitte’s research, there are “63% of Millennials would eagerly contribute to any charitable organizations every month and they’re more than ready to leave a company if they feel like their employers lack social responsibility for the community and the country.” Meanwhile, according to a survey of Facebook Insight, 72% of Gen Z wish to learn and look more into issues and activities regarding social and environmental issues post-pandemic.

With the common lifestyle of living green, awareness of how the future will be affected due to industrial revolution 4.0, climate change, COVID-19, Millennials and Gen Z join forces and participate in social campaigns, taking actions to change lives and hope to see their local society improve. With these two generations, sustainable lifestyle is neither a complicated nor troublesome concept but it can start from everyday efforts, such as recycling, raising environmental awareness and especially saving energy by utilizing high-tech solutions.

Millennials and Gen Z join forces and participate in social campaigns. | Source: Taiwan Excellence

In Vietnam, many projects regarding social activities, saving the environment are initiated by Millennials and Gen Z which attracts a lot of attention both online and offline: Rebirth Exhibition, young people going vegetarians, usage of fabric bags, bamboo straws, etc. Sustainable messages and lifestyles are spreading around in the most unique way ever.

One of of the representative for Millennials, Tom Trandt, one of Forbes “30 under 30” 2020, a Founder of Moi Dien Studio, a leading brand in sustainable fashion, said “Moi Dien is going after sustainable fashion not for financial purposes, but was created with real demands as well as a real goal and a real vision. Once a customer has realized this core value, I will be able to obtain more trusts and responsibilities to chase this goal till forever.”

Not only Tom Trandt, a lot of young people have a mindset of contribution in every action, creating opportunities for them to practice and raise social responsibility awareness.

“Sharing is Caring”: From ideas to reality

With no hesitation when new chances are presented, the majority of Millennials and Gen Z take part in programs and competitions with the hope of transforming their ideas into reality. Global social project “Sharing is Caring” organized by Taiwan Excellence officially initiated at the beginning of September is the destination for young “hunters”.

You’re an “expert” in ideas for mankind, for the environment, for life improvements, or you have a group of “besties” with a common ambition in a great project but is lacking funds, “Sharing is Caring” will delegate you their power to carry out social and environmental responsibilities with their financial support as well as resources.

Top 3 most excellence projects will receive the cash prize of 10.000 USD/project from the Taiwan Excellence’s organizing committee. Besides that, each project will be sponsored with a budget of 150.000 USD to bring it to life. If you’re still “stuck” with the execution process, do not worry because you will be provided with all the supports from multiple partners of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

Brilliant ideas no longer only exist in a competition, but can also be utilized to improve environmental and social situations at your local areas.

With the social project “Sharing is Caring”, Millennials and Gen Z are empowered to perform their ideas of improving environmental and social situations. | Source: Taiwan Excellence

The competition has finally begun since 1/9/2021, participants have the full control of their creativity with innovative technological ideas to resolve social and environmental issues at their local areas. Do not hesitate, the opportunity is wide open for everyone until 31/10/2021.

Top 12 most excellent projects will be announced on 16/12/2021 and posted on the program’s official website for public voting. From 17/01 to 21/01/2022, each project will take turns to enter a Q&A session in order to finalize the top 3 champions and will be announced at the end of 01/2022.

Project “Sharing is Caring” has officially begun from 1/9/2021 to 22:59 on 31/10/2021

Access the program’s official information portal to find out more and send in your application.