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Jun 08, 2024

Miss H'Hen Niê On Nurturing Sincerity From Within

In this episode of Have A Sip, H'Hen Niê shares her journey from a student who relied on scholarships to a Miss Universe committed to community service.
Miss H'Hen Niê On Nurturing Sincerity From Within

Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

H'Hen Niê, crowned Miss Universe Vietnam in 2017, achieved an incredible feat by reaching the Top 5 of Miss Universe 2018—marking one of Vietnam's proudest moments in the global beauty scene.

When H'Hen Niê first took the crown, her unconventional beauty sparked widespread debate. Her dark skin and short hair stood in stark contrast to Vietnam's traditional beauty ideals at the time. Despite the initial controversy and gossip, H'Hen Niê remained undeterred, steadily redefining beauty on her own terms.

Now, eight years after her coronation, H'Hen Niê continues to dedicate herself to societal contributions. Through her tireless volunteer work and community projects, she continues to shine, embodying grace and compassion.

From scholarship awardee to charity advocate

In her adolescence, H'Hen Niê cherished the scholarships that eased her financial burdens. Each time she received support, scholarship organizations would tell her that repayment wasn't necessary; instead, she should find a way to give back when she had the means. As a struggling student who had just moved to the city, she fretted over basic needs like food, clothing, and money, never imagining she could one day help others financially.

Gradually, the joy and lessons from journeys have become the driving force behind her charitable activities. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

The turning point came when H'Hen Niê was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam in 2017. With the prize money she received, she realized her newfound ability and responsibility to support her community. Her journey began with donating the entirety of her prize winnings to those in need, setting a precedent for her subsequent six years of volunteerism.

Each journey brings H'Hen Niê face-to-face with unique stories and lives, offering her countless valuable lessons. This is how she expresses her gratitude and appreciation toward the people who selflessly serve their families and communities.

Cultivate sincerity from within

Many people carry the scars of childhood trauma throughout their lives, while others draw strength and joy from their early years. For H'Hen Niê, those priceless memories are treasures that enrich her life with happiness. Even now, she finds solace in simple things tied to her childhood, like a tractor that reminds her of her farming days or eating ice cream and chatting to forget her troubles.

She has realized that happiness comes from how we perceive and enjoy life. And for her, sincerity lies not only in one's manners but also in the way they embrace life.

When dining alone, instead of feeling lonely, H'Hen Niê sees it as an opportunity to enjoy her favorite dishes freely. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

To grow is to accept discomfort

Discomfort is inevitable on the path to personal growth. Just as a snake endures the pain of shedding its own skin, every innovation and development comes with challenges.

H'Hen Niê's story during her participation in Sisters Who Make Waves beautifully illustrates this truth. Before the show, she consistently declined high-paying jobs involving dancing due to her lack of confidence in her dancing abilities. However, the rigorous training process on the show revealed hidden talents within her.

She realized that we often limit our abilities due to inexperience. Inner strength can be unlocked with persistence, perseverance, and diligence. As she prepared for her performances, H'Hen Niê studied dance and singing to deliver the best performance possible.

Despite the upheaval in her work schedule and daily activities caused by the show, H'Hen Niê embraced the changes and completed her performances. This experience has not only improved her ability to adapt to time zone changes when traveling but has also prepared her to take on new challenges with confidence in the future.

Translated by Thúy An

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