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Jan 18, 2023

MoT+++: A New Destination For Art Lovers

A tight-knit community where artistic experiences have been created and many intriguing dialogues have been formed.
MoT+++: A New Destination For Art Lovers

MoT+++ Opening at Centec | Source: MoT+++

How MoT+++ was born

Many of our peers, friends, and curious visitors would ask, “How do you pronounce MoT? Is it Một, MóT, or MốT, or what is it exactly?” The answers to these questions are different every single time since “MoT” is forever changing and free-spirited.

Founded in 2015, with events varied from exhibitions, open studios, artist talks, and roundtable discussions to sound performances, MoT+++ has created a tight-knit community where artistic experiences have been created, and many intriguing dialogues have been formed. MoT+++, artists, and art lovers have developed a unique bond in which artists are given a safe space to express new ideas unrestrained by social norms or expectations.

When the stars align, magic happens. As MoT+++ closed the calendar year 2022 with our move to the dynamic building of Centec Tower, we are anticipating a blooming 2023. As most countries are finally opening up, we look forward to creating conversations about art and artists in Vietnam, Europe, and beyond.

The new year will be full of hope and magic — this is what we aim to show and prove with our first show for 2023. Đông Chí is a rendezvous showcasing a collection of artworks to champion many artists we represent and is friends with. The exhibition will last until the 31st of January.

A part of the "Đông Chí" exhibition | Source: MoT+++

Showcasing a range of mediums, from oil canvas, prints, and video works to various sculptures, MoT+++’s mission still hasn’t changed. MoT+++ is here to support our Vietnamese talents and many artists from abroad who found the courage to move to Vietnam, as this country is a great source of inspiration to them.

MoT+++ mission is to support the Vietnamese talents and many artists who found the courage to move to Vietnam | Source: MoT+++

‘Plus plus plus’ to connect more artists

When the opportunity to be in Hanoi came, saying yes was easy for us at MoT+++. Tách Spaces is a cultural hub, just a few minutes' walk away from Hồ Gươm, led by three young men who want to challenge the idea of what collaboration can be, how it can flourish, and how new ideas can be expressed. Tách offers a well-curated restaurant, GOC, CHUA juice bar, a café, a nightclub (VIA20), and last but not least, an art space with such an endearing name, “Ngã.”

Tách Spaces, a cultural hub that includes "Ngã" - a beautiful art space | Source: MoT+++

And just like that, the many coincidences and engaging conversations have brought the two teams together, as MoT+++ will be at Ngã in 2023, extending our passion for bringing diverse artistic experiences and encouraging creative experimentation to the fascinating capital city of Hanoi.

And our first event, Cam Xanh’s solo show, “AiYeuAi,” did just that, with the opening reception on the 5th of January 2023. The universal language of “love” was examined by the artist herself through the lens of digital signs and symbols. With artworks spanning from the artspace of Ngã to the wall of Tách’s homey coffee shop, Tách’s audiences were charmed by the visual directness of CamXanh’s work as well as being curious about her practices as an artist.

"AiYeuAi", Cam Xanh's solo show opens from January 5th to March 5th, 2023 | Source: MoT+++

MoT+++ is extremely thankful to be in such a stimulating environment. “AiYeuAi” will be on until 5th March, with various planning events going parallel with this excellent curation of CamXanh.

We aim to bring more projects and events to both cities with our two new spaces — two different energies but somehow harmonized in the best possible way.