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May 31, 2024
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Navigating a Global Career: Thuong's Heartfelt Journey Through Education and Professional Excellence

Meet Thuong, the inaugural recipient of the prestigious Young Talent Program scholarship at Andros.
Navigating a Global Career: Thuong's Heartfelt Journey Through Education and Professional Excellence

Source: Young Talent Program at Andros

This promising young woman won an opportunity to study Supply Chain Management at ESDES Lyon Business School. Her journey from an uncertain student to a potential global leader encapsulates not just the pursuit of academic and professional excellence but also a deep, emotional commitment to personal growth and community impact.

Embarking on the Young Talent Journey

The decision to join the Young Talent Program at Andros was a turning point for Thuong. "The program promised not just skill development but a profound integration of academic theory with real-life applications, preparing us for the challenges of a dynamic business world," Thuong reflects.

The Young Talent Program offers a formal and structured tailored program combining studies and internships. Participants will pursue their Bachelor's or Master's degree in France and complete a minimum of three internships in Vietnam, France, or another Andros subsidiary.

Source: Young Talent Program at Andros

In France, Thuong specialized in Supply Chain Management, mastering a field that demands both precision and strategic foresight. Her achievement as top of the year graduated student for 2023—a Vietnamese young woman from Long An, whose parents run a Pho store in Saigon—was a historic moment for ESDES, marking the first time a student from such a background led the class amidst peers from over 200 different nationalities.

But Thuong's path wasn’t without its challenges. Overcoming a significant language barrier and adapting to various cultural settings were hurdles that she navigated with grace and resilience. "These experiences didn’t just teach me about business; they taught me about life, about understanding and valuing different perspectives," Thuong shares, her voice reflecting the depth of her emotional and professional growth during these formative years.

Now fully integrated into her role at Andros, Thuong is not just focusing on her responsibilities but is also passionately mentoring new entrants to the Young Talent Program. "It’s about giving back, about sharing the knowledge and support that helped me during my journey," she says, her commitment reflecting a deep-seated gratitude and a desire to uplift others.

Source: Andros

Visionary Leadership: Insights from CEO Valentin Trần

Valentin Trần, CEO of Andros Vietnam, passionately articulates the company’s commitment to nurturing global leaders. "Andros, rooted in France but flourishing in Vietnam, aims to harness the potential of brilliant, motivated students and mold them into tomorrow's leaders. The Young Talent Program is a cornerstone of this vision, identifying potential leaders early and nurturing their growth through targeted education and practical experience," he explains.

Trần envisions a future where Andros staff from Vietnam take on roles across the company’s worldwide subsidiaries—from the USA to Australia and across Europe—positions that have traditionally been held by expats.

Reflecting on Thuong’s accomplishments, Valentin adds, "From our first meeting, when Thuong was yet unsure of her path, to now, seeing her as a leader in the making, showcases the transformative power of the Young Talent Program.

Her journey—marked by encouragement, mentoring, and sometimes tough love during her time in France amidst the pandemic—underscores our commitment to nurturing talent that can lead Andros into the future. Her success is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and the potential we see in her to lead and innovate."

A Visit That Resonates

A recent highlight for Thuong was the visit from Caroline Duval, the International Director from ESDES, to Andros' office.

"Her visit demonstrated the ongoing commitment between our educational and professional realms," Thuong states. This interaction not only reinforced the bond between ESDES and Andros but also provided Thuong and her peers with invaluable insights into how their academic experiences align with and prepare them for their professional roles.

Source: Andros

Thuong's story is not just one of personal achievement but also of emotional depth and professional integrity. It highlights the profound impact of supportive educational and professional environments that recognize and nurture potential.

As Thuong continues to grow within Andros, she remains committed to her personal and professional development, aspiring to fulfill her role not only as a leader within Andros but also as an influential figure in the global business community, embodying the spirit of resilience and leadership that Andros strives to cultivate worldwide.