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OfficeHaus Looks To Gain Momentum Heading To Q4 2022 Opening

OfficeHaus will officially open its doors in the fourth quarter of 2022, ushering in a new era of modern workplaces that are future-proof and centered on sustainability and functionality.
OfficeHaus Looks To Gain Momentum Heading To Q4 2022 Opening

OfficeHaus held its groundbreaking ceremony on March 7 in Celadon City.

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The first quarter of the year marks significant milestones for OfficeHaus, one of Saigon’s most anticipated real estate projects. Even with the recent lockdowns and effects of the pandemic, OfficeHaus managed to obtain its construction permit and successfully proceed with its groundbreaking ceremony on March 7, 2022. The shovel ritual, held in Celadon City, was attended by OfficeHaus’ representatives and partners.

The ceremony marks the beginning of the construction of the building expected to become the “future of the workplace.” Inspired by Bauhaus design and in adherence to the expression ‘form follows function’, OfficeHaus is the modern-day, minimalist answer to the growing demands of Vietnam’s new generation of workforce.

Mr. Oliver Brazier, Director of OfficeHaus: “This groundbreaking crystallizes our teams, consultants and contractors combined efforts to bring a modern, contactless building to the Saigon market that is uniquely centered on the tenants’ and visitors’ need for a modern, stimulating, safe and efficient workplace. Combining a traditional building groundbreaking ceremony with a panel discussion on Gen Zs’ and future workers’ needs and what makes them tick is exactly what this building is about: Providing workers and their employers with a superb base for unfolding and nurturing their talents and success.”

As the 23,000-sqm GFA building starts to take shape in the heart of Tan Phu District, OfficeHaus gathered hiring experts and industry leaders at the Deutsches Haus on March 9, 2022, for an insightful talk on recruiting Gen Z and Millennials.

According to the 2020 data from the General Statistics Office, the young labor force aged from 15 to 39 accounted for 50.5% of the total workforce, making them a significant driving force in Vietnam’s economic growth. These workers will soon become leaders in the industries, and will be leading the country towards the imminent digital revolution.

Source: OfficeHaus

Hosted by Vietcetera CEO Hao Tran, the “Recruiting Gen Z and Millennials to your Company” event was graced by Ms. Thao Tran, Head of HR at Pizza Hut, Digital Ventures; Ms. Alexis Pham, Chief People Officer at Home Credit Vietnam; Mr. Abhishek Mathur, Vice-president of Human Resources at VNG Corporation; and Mr. Oliver Brazier, Director of OfficeHaus.

The three-hour event tackled important matters concerning the young workforce — attracting and retaining young talents across different sectors, promoting employee engagement, and the future of work.

“We hear a lot about the changing needs of Gen Z and future generations and need to look further than just trying to anticipate how much less time (and space) these future generations will need or want to use in office buildings,” said Mr. Oliver Brazier, director of OfficeHaus.

“We need to further develop (office) real estate into a tool an employer has at its disposal to make their staff happy and benefit from increased productivity. Even today, in Saigon, by providing sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient building designs to which we then add a well-judged dose of (contactless access) technology and LEED Gold sustainability we can still make a huge difference and help provide solutions for the new, more flexible mixed work forms that are developing.”

One of the speakers, Ms. Alexis Pham from Home Credit Vietnam, also highlighted the importance of building a compelling employee value proposition that matches what the new generation of employees are looking for. As the organization continues to build a modern and tech-forward brand, Home Credit finds ways to appeal to different generations, and designing financial services that fit their needs and demands.

“To get a better sense of what Gen Z workers want and how to retain these talents, companies must be able to answer these questions: What is it that Generation Z is looking for? What motivates them? And what are their expectations about the future of work?,” explained Alexis, “from there we design the professional journey and experience that taps into what really matters for Gen Z. Furthermore, we need to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment that gives employees a sense of purpose, attractive perks, a well-defined career path, and numerous possibilities for growth.”

Source: OfficeHaus

OfficeHaus understands the needs of modern workers. Besides being designed for efficiency and productivity, OfficeHaus uses smart technology for contactless gates and lifts, and hands-free office, pantry, and restroom access to keep tenants and guests safe.

The flexible layouts that can be created on Saigon’s largest floorplates guarantee the building’s adaptability to future generations’ needs. OfficeHaus combines that with high but well-judged degrees of technology and sustainability to create safe, contactless access to a workspace that benefits from very good air and climate quality (LEED Gold certification) — a very interesting place for Gen Z to develop their careers and employers to nurture their staff’s talents.

And as work-life balance becomes more of a necessity than an incentive — as it should be — the building sits in an integrated lifestyle township where a sports club, green park, mall, and cultural village are just a few steps away. OfficeHaus is also ideally situated next door to Vietnam’s largest Aeon Mall and a few kilometers from the Tan Son Nhat International Airport and most of Saigon’s most prominent locations and lifestyle amenities.

OfficeHaus will officially open its doors in the fourth quarter of 2022, ushering in a new era of modern workplaces that are future-proof and centered on sustainability and functionality. In the coming months leading up to the handover of the fully built-out tenant units, OfficeHaus will be initiating some exciting events and panel discussions on the new normal of work and how OfficeHaus is pioneering modern office space.

BRG Capital, investor of OfficeHaus, will continue to invest in Vietnam’s still young and very dynamic real estate markets. There are still a lot of innovative things to do both in residential and commercial (office) real estate to help this nation and its people develop successfully.