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May 28, 2024

Rapper HIEUTHUHAI Reflects On Life Before And After Success

In this episode, rapper HIEUTHUHAI discussed the creative process behind his debut album "Ai cũng phải bắt đầu từ đâu đó" and recounts his experiences before and after fame.
Rapper HIEUTHUHAI Reflects On Life Before And After Success

Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

HIEUTHUHAI, a standout rapper from the King of Rap contest, won over audiences with tracks like Cua, Nghe như tình yêu, Bật nhạc lên… Alongside his cool persona, he gained a significant fanbase for his endearing "naive maknae" portrayal on the reality show 2 Days 1 Night Vietnam.

On October 16, he released his debut album titled Ai cũng phải bắt đầu từ đâu đó. In this episode of Have a Sip: Dark Hours, HIEUTHUHAI discussed the creative process behind the album, from ideation to composition and release. He also opened up about life before and after being famous, expressing concerns about friendships, love, and family.

Everyone has to start somewhere

Before becoming a rapper, HIEUTHUHAI was just an ordinary student who didn't realize he was considered attractive. It wasn't until 8th grade, when a female classmate complimented him that he began to recognize his own appearance.

After being captivated by Sungha Jung's song Snow Flower, HIEUTHUHAI developed a passion for music. Inspired, he took up the guitar and quickly fell in love with it. This marked the beginning of his musical journey, which started with his first piece in 10th grade titled Mấy bước tới mùa đông.

HIEUTHUHAI shared that he had taken on various jobs to save up for recording equipment. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera.

To follow his passion, HIEUTHUHAI took on various jobs, including serving phở, waiting tables, loading, and ride hailing . While he wishes not to revisit these roles due to their difficulty, he takes pride in his experiences. He recalls his skill in serving phở, earning generous tips along the way.

Given the opportunity, HIEUTHUHAI dreams of launching his own mineral water brand due to his love for the beverage. While he initially considered opening a phở restaurant, concerns about labor safety deterred him. Instead, he envisions a chicken rice restaurant, aligning with his fondness for the dish.

On the path to fame

Since his school days, the rapper had a sense that fame awaited him and readied himself for the moment. Even when his time came, HIEUTHUHAI did not feel too pressured or overwhelmed by the sudden change and is comfortable with the reduced privacy.

Before gaining recognition, HIEUTHUHAI faced moments of self-doubt. He had applied and failed some casting rounds of entertainment companies and singing competitions. However, upon receiving notice of advancement for the King of Rap contest, he swiftly regained his confidence and prepared himself for the upcoming challenge.

Despite being thoroughly prepared, there were unforeseen moments, like when he took the stage and delivered an ill performance because he felt bloated from eating earlier.

Set KPIs to gauge saturation

HIEUTHUHAI confidently rated his album Ai cũng phải bắt đầu từ đâu đó a 9 out of 10 in terms of quality. Unfortunately, audience's reaction wasn't as enthusastic as he expected.

He didn't feel sad; instead, he viewed it as a valuable and respectful lesson. He believed that without such experiences, one might always assume they were doing well and wouldn't care to reflect on themselves.

He began preparing the album a year ago, which no longer aligns with who he is now. Back then, he admits he was quite negative, often preoccupied with malicious comments from others.

He always maintains a positive attitude in the face of life's challenges. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera.

Currently, HIEUTHUHAI considers himself fortunate because that version of him didn't linger for too long. With the support of fans and those around him, he gradually recovered confidence and is now prepared to give his all for upcoming endeavors.

NOLOVE NOLIFE - Love as life

HIEUTHUHAI's love life often sparks heated discussions on social media. When it comes to relationships, he sees himself mature enough to compromise with his partner, believing that arguments are futile. However, he also hopes his partner won't dominate him excessively, as he feels it would lead to him being too accommodating.

If given the choice between money and love, HIEUTHUHAI stated he would prioritize love first, followed by money. He believes that when you're in love, you're more motivated to succeed financially. While he affirms his commitment to protect his partner for life, he acknowledges the challenge of balancing love and work. Both love and career hold significant importance to him.

HIEUTHUHAI hesitantly shares his views on love. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera.

For HIEUTHUHAI, personal success is not only about his own achievements but also about inspiring young people passionate about rap music. He aims to nurture and strengthen this community for its future growth and development.

Translated by Thúy An

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