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Mar 16, 2024

Singer Bích Phương Is Back With New Music After A 3-Year Break

Have a Sip: Dark Hours podcast features singer Bích Phương discussing her life after three years of inactivity and her career aspirations.
Singer Bích Phương Is Back With New Music After A 3-Year Break

Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

“Bích Phương’s music is set to release,” following a concise announcement on the female singer’s Facebook page. Thanks to her distinctive and highly cost-effective marketing strategy, Bích Phương’s imminent release of new music has ignited excitement within the online community.

In this Have a Sip: Dark Hours episode, Bích Phương had the opportunity to discuss her dormant period with host Thùy Minh and the audience. She shared insights into her invisible accomplishments during her time away from music and discussed the projects she had been nurturing after a long period of silence.

‘Help me answer these questions’

Why was there a dormant period?

The female singer’s decision to temporarily halt all activities came gradually as she felt herself drifting away from her connection with music, leading her to recognize the need for a period of introspection and self-discovery.

Bích Phương shared that she didn’t dwell much on whether the audience would still accept her after being away from the stage for so long. She expressed, “I focus solely on bringing songs to life and don’t concern myself with matters of survival or social security, so I don’t have to worry too much.”

During the 3-year hibernation period, she always made an effort to fill her time productively by taking care of her body, exercising, and... playing games | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

At that time, all plans for the singer’s debut concert had to be postponed, leaving her distraught and conflicted. While everything seemed prepared externally, internally, she felt unprepared and conflicted. Bích Phương found herself in a state of torment as she struggled with the decision of whether to proceed with the concert, facing emotional struggles within herself.

She believes organizing a concert involves more than just personal desire; it necessitates a harmonious blend of various external factors such as timing and opportunity.

How have you changed after 3 years of dormancy?

Recently, Bích Phương announced her departure from 1989s Company, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her career with the establishment of Bonghoaday Entertainment. In the past, her operations were mainly automatic, relying on a professional team to support and make decisions for her.

Now, the singer with nearly 10 years in the industry has entered a new cycle, completely independent and responsible for all her choices. This transition signifies a significant milestone in her journey, where she embraces full autonomy and accountability in steering her career forward.

I look at everything with sparkling eyes, feeling like a child having bubble gum for the first time, or drinking Coca-Cola for the first time.

After 3 years of rest, Bich Phuong has learned many valuable lessons. Now she feels stronger and more determined | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

‘Deep in me’

In terms of personal views, Bích Phương has expressed her willingness to let go of past regrets, instead prioritizing the present and future. When confronted with challenges, the female singer focuses on finding solutions rather than indulging in blame towards others. She adopts this approach because she prefers efficiency and values her time.

During her hiatus from the music scene, while awaiting the feeling of readiness to return, she seized the opportunity to meet new partners and engage in various programs. Notably, she participated in the reality show Brilliant Journey as a means to reconnect with the outside world.

Behind-the-scenes revelation: During the two-hour filming of the show, Bích Phương requested the crew to cut five paragraphs of her dialogue because they were... off-topic | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

During this time, she closely monitored the music market and observed numerous changes, particularly the emergence of many young talents. Rather than feeling pressured by the prospect of being left behind, Bích Phương remains confident in herself. She maintains her confidence by staying true to her personality and preferences, unfazed by the constant innovations in the industry.

The singer admires the determination of young people to pursue what they love and protect their individuality. This admiration encourages her to bravely express her thoughts, something she previously hesitated to do out of fear of hurting others’ feelings.

Bích Phương has learned and been inspired by the younger generation | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

In her latest comeback, Bích Phương collaborates with young talents for the first time. However, she emphasizes that her confidence doesn’t stem from collaborating with just anyone; instead, it arises from her current state of mind and her performance.

‘When will you get married?’

Despite the societal pressure from peers who have already started families and have children, Bích Phương shared that she is not ready for such commitments yet. She still has many plans and feels that the stage is where she belongs.

As she embarks on this new journey, she is prepared to dedicate all her time to her family without any hesitation or regret for leaving behind the glamorous stage. Moreover, she does not strive to indefinitely maintain the peak of her career, recognizing that she will not sing forever. “Life presents different peaks at various times, and dwelling in one place for too long would be wasteful”, she said.

‘Raising a Glass to Dispel Sorrow’

In anticipation of Have a Sip: Dark Hours session with host Thùy Minh, the female singer imagined that the focus would solely be on ‘bragging’ about her new music product. This product is expected to mark her return after three years of dormancy, displaying an entirely different Bích Phương before the public.

After several postponements due to her lack of true satisfaction and happiness with the product, Bích Phương finally delighted her fans on March 8th with the release of the music video ‘Raising a Glass to Dispel Sorrow’ (Nâng chén tiêu sầu).

With the support of composer and singer Tăng Duy Tân and visual director Phương Vũ (Antianti Art), ‘Raising a Glass to Dispel Sorrow’ showcases a fresh, youthful image while still retaining the distinctive style of the female singer. Garnering nearly 5 million views on YouTube and topping music charts, it can be said that this marks a rather satisfying conclusion for fans after a weary wait.

Translated by Thúy An

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