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Jan 28, 2022
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Six Shows And Concerts To Watch This Tet

From Táo Quân to Gala Cười, here are the most essential Tet TV shows and concerts to get cozy with your family and friends.
Six Shows And Concerts To Watch This Tet

Watching Tet shows is one of the best ways for family bonding.

Tet, or Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the pinnacle of Vietnamese culture. During the holiday, hundreds of activities occur along the S-shaped country, creating a fantastic festive atmosphere and a time of inclusion and togetherness.

While there is no shortage of outdoor activities to take part in, one of the most popular forms of family bonding is watching Tet shows together and discussing afterward. Don’t know what to watch? Here are the six Tet shows and concerts to enjoy from the comfort of home.

Source: Táo Quân

Gặp Nhau Cuối Năm (Táo Quân)

Applauded by many as one of the best shows on national television, Gặp Nhau Cuối Năm (widely known as Táo Quân) is a satirical comedy aired every New Year’s Eve. It is based on Vietnamese folk tales where the Kitchen God (Ông Táo) goes back to Heaven every Lunar year-end to report to the Jade Emperor about all the affairs of human life in Vietnam. Unlike the original version, the show has a number of Táos named after the division they are responsible for, such as transportation, education, economy, health, and culture, all performed by the country's top artists. There are also Nam Tào and Bắc Đẩu, two Jade Emperor’s assistants, who bring a lot of fun with their sarcastic and mocking comments on Taos’ report.

The show makes light of major socio-political and economic issues of the year, from memorable pop performances to bad governance, often through prose, adaptations of popular Vietnamese songs and translated international songs. With great life lessons and high entertainment value, Táo Quân has become a television staple of the Tet holiday that you can still hear people talking about for weeks into the new year.

How to watch: VTV, January 31, 20:00

Source: Cảm Hứng Bất Tận

Cảm Hứng Bất Tận

Cảm Hứng Bất Tận is a New Year’s Eve countdown concert with many of Vietnam’s top stars in the music industry. In addition to the songs, the program features springtime trips around the country that showcase Tet traditions and the festive atmosphere in different cities and villages.

By capturing the picturesque landscapes and the story of people’s lives in every region of Vietnam, the show this year hopes to serve as an inspiration for viewers to take post-pandemic trips across the country.The music section of Cảm Hứng Bất Tận, performed by Vietnam’s most famous singers such as Đông Nhi, Văn Mai Hương, Đức Phúc, Hòa Minzy, is sure to deliver joy for the season.

How to watch: VTV1, February 1, 1:00

Source: Mùa Đoàn Tụ

Mùa Đoàn Tụ

Mùa Đoàn Tụ is another ideal option if you want to reflect on the past year and the values ​​that unite Vietnamese people. The highlight of Mùa Đoàn Tụ 2022 is the story of selfless heroes on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle – volunteers, the army, doctors, nurses and other health care workers – all risking their lives to save others. The show hopes to showcase the courage, hard work and solidarity of the Vietnamese community during the pandemic, along with the resilience and creativity behind the post-lockdown economic recovery for the country. The program has a novel stage space and unique art performances that will perfectly wrap up the old year and welcome all the fortunes ahead.

The show will feature famous singers such as Hà Trần, Uyên Linh, Đoan Trang, Trọng Hiếu, and Miss Grand International Thuỳ Tiên.

How to watch: VTVGo!, January 31, 22:25

Source: Gala Cười 2022

Gala Cười

As the VTV3 Tet show on the second day of the Lunar New Year, Gala Cười has become an indispensable spiritual show for Vietnamese audiences to spend time with their family at the beginning of the new year. The show will not only bring you a good and witty laugh but there's also a number of modern issues to be discussed and conveyed into lifelong lessons and messages.

This year, Gala Cười will be performed as one 120-minute musical play instead of its traditional short plays. Music will be the staple of the show, in which more than 100 artists will perform as animals in a forest setting. The stage will be elaborately designed with six different scenes.

How to watch: VTV3, February 2, 20:00

Source: 12 Con Giáp

12 Con Giáp

The show, 12 Con Giáp, is aired on the third day of the Lunar New Year and brings to the audience a variety of artists, each representing a zodiac animal. The special singing and dancing performances, exciting games and meaningful conversations between the artists will immerse us into the thrilling Tet atmosphere — a right push to kick off the holiday season.

This year’s famous artists include MC Quyền Linh, singer Hoàng Thuỳ Linh, singer Erik, actor Bảo Thanh, dancer Quang Đăng, actor Quỳnh Kool, dancesport queen KhánhThi and director Phan Gia Nhật Linh. The guests will have the opportunity to play traditional Vietnamese folk games and share many interesting stories about themselves as well as their plans and hopes for 2022.

How to watch: VTV3, February 3, 20:00

Source: Sóng 22

Sóng 22

Here's why Sóng 22 should be considered one of the essential Tet shows: It's all about leaving the past behind to rebuild our lives with faith and optimism. The show aims to promote breakthrough contributions and achievements of young talents in the past year, both in the local industry and in the international arena. From Thuỳ Tiên being the winner of Miss Grand International 2021 to singer Mỹ Anh representing Vietnam to perform at Korea’s “Round in Korea,” Vietnamese artists are recognized for their talents and hard work.

With more than 100 artists performing this year, Sóng 22 will take you to an immersive sound party with a ballad, pop, R&B as well as rap and comedy plays. Besides the duo Trấn Thành and actress Thuý Ngân who have led the show for years, Sóng 22 also features new and outstanding faces such as Thuỳ Tiên, actress Kaity Nguyễn and talented MC Khánh Vy.

How to watch: Vie Channel-HTV2, Vie GiảiTrí, Vie Dramas, and VieOn app, January 31, 21:00