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Skyloft By Glow On Elevating The Nightlife Scene In Saigon


Since 2015, Glow Skybar has become one of the top destinations for party lovers in Ho Chi Minh City. Located on the rooftop of the President Place Tower on Nguyen Du Street, Glow boasted a unique, wide angle view towards the Independence Palace with a bird’s eye view of the beautiful vintage architecture of Saigon.

With the bustle of the downtown area just below, Glow offers the party vibe of being above it all in a modern and sophisticated space.

After four years of operation, Glow recently introduced a touch-up to its brand – a refreshing design renovation, as Glow transformed into Skyloft by Glow. We sat down with Shalay Chau, Managing Partner of Skyloft and Timothy Ching, Group Head Mixologist from Hong Kong, to learn about their vision.

What made you decide on this rebranding?

Shalay: Saigon is a fast-paced city, so after 4 years of non-stop activity in the nightlife field, we thought it was time to renovate. As new trends were emerging, we decided on a comprehensive brand restructuring, elevating the nightlife experience here to a new level. Not just renovating the venue, but also rebrand to Skyloft by Glow. 

Timothy: We officially introduced Skyloft by Glow in early October 2019. Since then, we’ve received so much love. Not only a rooftop lounge bar, this is also where we perform world-class handcrafted cocktail art.

Please describe Skyloft by Glow to those who have never been here.

Shalay: Skyloft by Glow is a rooftop lounge bar that will wow you with the panoramic view of Saigon. Our music, lighting, beverage and bottle service here is all top-notched. We’re invested in creating an ideal spot for you to meet, socialize and party. In addition to the spectacular mixing mixology, our bartenders and staff are always ready to interact with customers.

What are some of the factors that make Skyloft by Glow different?

Shalay: Our concept identity is that we are a true rooftop lounge bar, distinguished by our sofas – an asset that other rooftop bars don’t have.

Next is music and entertainment. We focus on discovering and introducing new artists, creating opportunities for them to showcase their talents. We’re a go-to spot for Deep House, Vocal Sexy House after a long day at work. From 10 pm onwards, we’ll transit into Commercial House, Hip Hop… so that everyone can enjoy the exciting party vibes.

Timothy: For me, drinks alone aren’t enough, we focus on the customer experience from the moment they enter this place. I always ask myself, how do we bring the most personalized experience to each customer? The view, the music, the service all have to make guests feel loved.

What’s the idea behind the new design at Skyloft?

Shalay: Skyloft’s idea is to create a social platform of music, lighting, visuals, and people. We want everyone to let loose at our parties. We want to be inclusive through our variety of unique product offerings catering to all needs. 

Timothy, can you share a bit about the drinks at Skyloft? What are you doing differently?

Timothy: Developing the beverage menu for Skyloft is one of my toughest but most exciting challenges. Usually, in other places, people will serve cocktails made from liqueur and syrup. At Skyloft, everything is homemade and sophisticated. You will never spot us mixing lemonade with sugar. Instead, there will be 5 citrus fruits, including limes, lemons, tangerines, oranges and grapefruit, balanced with cranberry juice.

Where do you get inspiration for your drinks?

Timothy: My mixing style is influenced by art and film, especially fiction. From the shaking rhythm to the contrasting colors between the red dragon fruit skin and the green pineapple leaves–everything has to be well-balanced.

What’s your signature in the drinks at Skyloft?

Timothy: My signature in the cocktails at Skyloft is the unique innovation of classic formulas. For example, with pineapple juice, we cut the acid content in half to create a fresh, sweet juice, recreating the natural acid balance.

Please recommend us your top three cocktails at Skyloft.

Timothy: My first choice would be Bird is a Word. It’s a twist from the classic Tom Collin, boasting a flavor profile that is complex, yet light as a hummingbird in the air with a hint of carbonation. 

My second recommendation is Dawn of the Walking. It’s a twist from the legendary TIKI cocktail Zombie, named after the famous TV drama Dawn of the Dead and The Walking Dead.

My third choice is Fish out of water. It’s a unique ritual to champion the traditional Tepache combined with other brilliant ingredients to fill your palate with joy.

What is your favorite thing about working at Skyloft?

Timothy: What I like the most is the opportunity to make new friends every day, receiving new requests, and listening to my guests’ stories. I learn so much about life from them. It’s been 18 years since I started working in this field, and I’m still counting the years ahead.

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