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Sep 06, 2023

South Korea Offers Free Education To Vietnamese Students

To help combat its aging population issue, South Korea invites young Vietnamese students to live and work after graduation.
South Korea Offers Free Education To Vietnamese Students

High school students in South Korea. | Source: Shutterstock

In a bold move to address South Korea’s demographic challenge of an aging population, an exciting program is extending a warm invitation to young Vietnamese students, offering them a unique opportunity to study tuition-free in South Korea and potentially contribute to the nation’s workforce upon graduation.

The project, spearheaded by South Korea’s North Gyeongsang Province, is set to welcome 72 talented applicants from six countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Cambodia, and China. These promising students will embark on their educational journey in the upcoming school year, commencing in March 2024, as reported by The Korea Herald.

“Like Korean students attending school, tuition will be free for overseas students, but they would have to pay for living expenses such as dormitory fees,” Kim Mi-jeong, the program’s head at the North Gyeongsang Office of Education, told The Korea Herald.

A total of nine schools are poised to receive these international scholars, with a focus on vocational education and boarding facilities. Four schools, including Uiseong Unitech High School, Korea International Culinary Arts High School, Korea Railroad High School, and Gimcheon High School, have already completed their admissions processes. Notably, 32 students hailing from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Cambodia, and Mongolia have already secured their spots in this prestigious program.

For those aspiring to join this exciting endeavor, the application deadline for the remaining schools is set for September 8. Anticipated institutions such as Silla Technical High School in Gyeongju, Gyeongju Business High School, Gyeongju Girls Information High School, and Myeongin High School in Seongju are expected to collectively enroll an additional 36 Vietnamese students.

Furthermore, students selected for this remarkable program will have the opportunity to apply for a specialized D-4 general trainee visa subtype, granting them a one-year stay in South Korea. To continue their educational journey and secure their graduation, they will need to renew their visas annually.

This initiative not only promotes cross-cultural exchange but also offers a promising solution to South Korea’s demographic challenges by tapping into the rich pool of international talent.