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Jun 30, 2024

Stay Cool This Summer: Fun Staycation Ideas in Saigon

In the face of unusual heat, the beach might not be the ideal getaway. Consider a staycation in Saigon for a refreshing, relaxing, and fun-filled summer.
Stay Cool This Summer: Fun Staycation Ideas in Saigon

Source: New World Saigon Hotel

New World Saigon Hotel x Vietcetera

Every summer, people flock to the beach in search of a refreshing escape from the heat. However, this year begins with record-breaking temperatures due to the El Nino phenomenon. Reports from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment indicate that in 2024, the heat has arrived earlier and is more intense than in previous years.

In this sweltering heat, the thought of traveling tens of kilometers to catch a sea breeze sounds exhausting. With limited vacation days, how can you optimize your schedule to add some leisure to a mid-year getaway? This is a common concern for many Saigon residents.

Staycation: A Cool and Relaxing Summer Escape

Why leave the city when you can have the perfect summer vacation right here in Saigon? Enjoy all the luxury and excitement of a five-star resort experience without the hassle of travel.

Situated in the heart of District 1, New World Saigon Hotel has been a beloved destination for Saigon residents for the past three decades. Its prime location offers three unique and stunning views.

Facing Le Lai Street, New World Saigon overlooks the lush greenery of 23/09 Park. The other sides of the hotel provide views of the bustling financial district of District 1 and the vibrant Thu Thiem Peninsula. Moreover, the lively Phu Dong Roundabout unfolds before your eyes from another angle.

Source: New World Saigon Hotel

From May to August, New World Saigon Hotel presents the Vivid Getaway package, offering a 4-night stay at the luxurious Residence Club Premier room for the price of 3 nights. This package is perfect for groups of friends or small families looking to relax and enjoy quality time together while indulging in exciting activities.

Experience a summer like no other with a staycation at New World Saigon Hotel. Enjoy the best of both worlds: the comfort and luxury of a top-tier hotel and the convenience of staying in the city you love.

24 Hours of Luxury at New World Saigon

Sunrise Serenity

Residence Club Living Room. | Source: New World Saigon Hotel

Wake up with the sunrise in the elegant surroundings of your Residence Club Premier room and appreciate a panoramic view of bustling District 1.

On a staycation, you might allow yourself to indulge in the plush king-size bed a bit longer, but don't linger too long or you'll miss the complimentary breakfast at the Residence Club Living Room on the 10th floor. This exclusive area is open from 6 AM to 11 PM, serving free afternoon tea, coffee, and evening cocktails for guests staying in Residence Club Premier rooms.

The Residence Club Living Room is open from 6 AM to 11 PM, serving free afternoon tea, coffee, and evening cocktails for guests staying in Residence Club Premier rooms. | Source: New World Saigon Hotel

For a serene start to your day, head to the Fitness Club on the 2nd floor, which opens at 7 AM on weekends. Here, you can try yoga lessons designed to cater to all levels. The lessons are led by professional instructors, promising to enrich both body and mind.

If you spend the entire weekend at New World Saigon Hotel, you can enjoy all three offered distinctive yoga sessions. Begin your Friday with the gentle Hatha Yoga, perfect for beginners. On Saturday, experience the unique Aqua Yoga, and on Sunday, unwind with Sunshine Morning Yoga.

Enrich both body and mind with morinig yoga sessions at the Fitness Club. | Source: New World Saigon Hotel

Midday Delights

When hunger strikes at noon, it's hard to resist the flavors of Cantonese cuisine at Black Vinegar restaurant on the 1st floor. With a menu of over 40 meticulously prepared dishes by Chef Sam Liang, Black Vinegar promises a love affair with Hong Kong's renowned culinary delights from the first bite.

Enjoy a menu of over 40 meticulously prepared dishes by Chef Sam Liang at Black Vinegar. | Source: New World Saigon Hotel

Afternoon Escapades

After a leisurely morning, it's time to add some excitement to your afternoon with physical activities that boost your health and strengthen bonds with family and friends.

Besides yoga lession, the Fitness Club offers a fully equipped gym to help you maintain your workout routine. Additionally, there is a versatile sports court for tennis, badminton, and the increasingly popular pickleball. There is also an outdoor pool for you to cool off and relax after an intense workout.

Source: New World Saigon Hotel

As a Fitness Club member, you can enjoy extra perks like 2 free tickets when purchasing 10, a 20% discount on food and beverages at the pool, and free pizza for groups of 5 or more.

Source: New World Saigon Hotel

Twilight Treats

As the night falls, it’s time to celebrate. Prepare to dress up for a culinary journey to the Mediterranean at Parkview Cafe on the hotel’s ground floor. Here, awaits you a Surf and Turf dinner buffet with a wide array of seafood, beefsteak, and other gourmet dishes from around the world: salmon, tuna, green lobster, oysters, smoked pork, premium beef, and more.

Source: New World Saigon Hotel

To end your staycation day on a high note, treat yourself to a cocktail or a glass of fine wine at Whisper Bar & Lounge on the ground floor and savor the vibrant cityscape unfolding through the floor-to-ceiling windows of New World Saigon.

This meticulously crafted itinerary ensures a perfect blend of relaxation, luxury, and excitement, making your stay at New World Saigon an unforgettable experience.

Continue your vivid experience by joining New World Saigon Dining Club.

Members are welcomed with a generous VND 10,000,000 credit when paying only VND 6,000,000, perfect for indulging in culinary delights. Explore Mediterranean and Vietnamese flavors at Parkview Cafe, experience sophisticated dining at Black Vinegar Cantonese restaurant, or enjoy vibrant late-night adventures at Whisper Bar & Lounge.

Additionally, members receive a 20% cashback in points on total bills, further enhancing your dining pleasures. Exclusive room rates also enrich your stay with significant discounts across our luxurious accommodations.

Premier Room: VND 3,888,000 net/night.
Residence Club Premier: VND 4,888,000 net/night.
Executive Suite: VND 7,888,000 net/night.