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Summer Delights — Five High-end Furniture Brands To Instantly Refresh Your Home


The world as we know it has radically shifted. No longer outward-bound, we are now homebodies, more invested in our living space than ever. A home is not simply a place to return to, but also a creative nest, a mini escape from the daily hustle. 

Inspired by the arrival of summer, we stop by Eurasia Concept in search of the most luxurious interior products, made from natural materials, with vivid motifs and delightful colors to bring a new, relaxed and lush look to your living space.

Below are the top 5 brands that we have curated and fallen in love with.

Cassina — Timeless Original Design

Cassina (founded in 1927) was one of the first brands in Italy to lay the groundwork for Industrial Design, crafting products that combine aesthetics and applicability since the 1950s.

Throughout its history, Cassina has constantly strived to research, innovate and work with eminent interior designers and architects to deliver contemporary designs. This is what helps it stand out among competitors and to be considered a champion of the industry.

Cassina's charm lies in the delicate and sophisticated combination of technology and traditional craftsmanship. Cassina’s collections include classic designs by leading contemporary architects and interior designers such as Le Corbusier, Mackintosh, Wright, Rietveld, Perriand, Albini and Zanuso, among others.

In 2015, Patricia Urquiola, one of Cassina’s architects/interior designers, was named the brand’s new Art Director. Since then, Patricia has brought her own touch to Cassina's designs — gentle, with a dash of femininity, but still well-constructed and practical.

A year after her commencement, Patricia introduced her first collection for Cassina, a part of which is the Beam sofa, which she designed herself.

In 2017, Patricia launched the Floe Insel sofa set. Available in a variety of colors, the set takes inspiration from icebergs with a contemporary twist.

The Cassina LC4 is part of "Le Corbusier" (LC) collection, a name that has been well-known in the interior design world since the 1970s.

Cappellini — A Limitless Artistic Vision

“Cappellini is a vision

Cappellini is innovation

Cappellini is home

Cappellini is a world

Smart people love Cappellini!” 

— Cappellini, an ode to the brand.  

Founded in 1946, Cappellini is known for its avant-garde contemporary designs. Cappellini collections focus on tapping new creative ideas from young designers working across many different styles.

At Cappellini, designers are encouraged to forget all inhibitions and explore colors, forms and materials. The resulting eclectic pieces combine elements from different styles to create something new and original.

Cappellini lets you discover and experience a new and unique lifestyle.

Alessandro Mendini's Cappellini Proust armchair is a recreation of the original 1978 design, dedicated to the enduring beauty of intricacy. Its wooden frame is meticulously carved and hand painted.

The limited autumn edition of the Embroidery chair (outermost left). The frame is built with ash plywood coated in walnut veneer; the cushion is cross-stitched with a serene autumn forest scenery.

Capo chair - a creation of Doshi Levien design studio in London, inspired by the shapes of hats and seashells. Leather-covered exterior, cloth-covered interior. The metal frame is painted in blueish gray with a matte finish.

ETRO Home — New Tradition

Launched just a little over three years ago, the Italian furniture brand ETRO Home is part of the legacy of the Etros, one of the very few family-managed fashion houses. In 1968, Gimmo Etro founded ETRO as a textile company focusing on pattern design. In 2017 after launching product lines including bags, suitcases, as well as men's and women's clothing, ETRO collaborated with Jumbo Group to produce and distribute interior and decorative products, all under the name of ETRO Home.

Field experts have characterized ETRO Home's collections as "New Tradition", which has served as an endless source of inspiration for enthusiastic fans, especially those who buy into the eclectic style. The most recognizable among them is the Paisley pattern. Launched 1981, the metal-printed line is a hallmark of the brand's unique identity. 

ETRO Home furniture and decorations are not limited to a certain style. Each year, designers will choose a land to inspire the new collection, an expression of the brand's nomadic spirit and an ode to the beauty of these unique cultures. Look more closely, and you'll see an “E" logo, which is subtly integrated into all of ETRO Home’s designs to mark its innovation.

Frida Chair by ETRO Home, with a monkey symbol stapled in the back and metal legs inspired by bamboo.

Sofa by ETRO Home. Paisley Patterned.

Giorgetti — World-class Woodwork

Giorgetti was founded in 1898 by Luigi Giorgetti. Throughout its 100 years of operation, the brand has been committed to innovation and application of technological advances to create easily integratable interior products that are classic, unique and authentic.

It is no coincidence that Giorgetti is dubbed the world's most prestigious furniture brand. Utilizing more than 10 different types of precious wood, Giorgetti relies on a proprietary technique that takes 12 - 24 months to assess the quality of wood before putting it into production.

During the manufacturing process, the brand uses the technique of interlocking, with an algorithm controlling the cutting of separate wooden parts into convex / concave joints, so that they fit snugly when fitted and can be assembled without using screws. With this technique, the joints will remain solid even after many years of use, preserving the design's beauty. 

Erasmo desk with walnut-inlaid wood frame; dark brown ebony-inlaid top; walnut-inlaid adjustable Erasmo footrest.

The Mizar dining table with a dark brown marble table top with a yellow undertone. Its base is made of copper.

Barry chair with a semi-classical design, chestnut wooden frame, dark gray leather, adjustable back seat tilt and seat height.

Promemoria — The Beauty Workshop

Thanks to its superb craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and endless passion for beauty lasting nearly three decades (since 1988), Promemoria has earned a reputation as the "Beauty Workshop". The symbol of Promemoria is a frog - a symbol of progress, a leap toward the future. It is also a symbol that Romeo Sozzi, Promemoria's founder, is so enamoured with that he finds a way of incorporating it into all of his designs.

Despite its modern style and minimalist design, every detail of Promemoria's pieces, even the smallest, is produced and completed entirely by hand. In particular, the furniture of Promemoria aims to honor the traditional bronze casting of the Sozzi family (dating from the 19th century), combining rare materials such as ebony, calfskin and textiles to ensure aesthetics and functionality.

It can be said that every product of Promemoria is an ingenious infusion of art and industry; order and freedom; principles and flexibility.

Currently, Promemoria is managed by Romeo Sozzi’s three sons, with the second son, Mr. Davide Sozzi, holding the position of Creative Director of the brand.

A three-seater sofa, Elan, with a metal frame combined with fir tree and poplar plywood. The seat cushion is made of polyurethane, covered in Trentino Stretto beige-colored fine velvet fabric. The metal legs are painted in charcoal gray.

Balbianello headboard, made of oak; the bed frame is covered in light gray calf leather linen upholstery.

Pervinca swivel chair. The swivel base is made from oak and the frame from brass. The cushion is wrapped in Extra Campionario dark blue velvet cotton.

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