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Jun 12, 2021

The Vietnamese City For You, Based On Your Western Zodiac Sign

Contemplating where in the country to move to find more like-minded people, or spend a soul-searching vacation when the pandemic ends? Let the stars guide you.
The Vietnamese City For You, Based On Your Western Zodiac Sign

Do you believe in sun sign astrology? | Source: Shutterstock

If you’re here reading with us, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about astrology before. It is the divine study of celestial motions and placements, though most Vietnamese are more familiar with the Chinese zodiac system.

While there exists quite a handful of controversies surrounding the merits of this pseudoscience, the zodiac signs can be a fun and relatable way to draw connections between ourselves and the things around us.

In this article, we’re going to find out which Vietnamese city corresponds to each western zodiac sign, in terms of the ambiance and most typical traits among residents.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the author’s research and personal understanding of astrology, taking a more simplified approach that only accounts for sun signs and hence potential stelliums rather than a person’s entire natal chart. For this reason, total accuracy cannot be guaranteed in every case.

Aries (21/03 - 19/04): Hải Phòng

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Hải Phòng | Source: Shutterstock

Hải Phòng, or “the city of flame flowers”, is perfect to represent you, fiery Aries, whose signature color is red. The busy port city of the north is Vietnam’s third most populated city after HCMC and Hà Nội.

To many, Hải Phòng people have somewhat of a bad reputation for being aggressive, intimidating and most notably combative, just like our ram who’s ruled by the warrior planet Mars. Both can also be too hasty for their own good, and while headstrong and direct, have a tendency to let their mouth run wild, which often easily causes them regrettable misunderstandings.

Underneath that exterior, however, Hải Phòng and Aries natives are enthusiastic and carefree spirits who won’t care to hold a grudge and never fail to pursue their passions to the end of time, admirably so.

Taurus (20/04 - 20/05): Hà Nội

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Hà Nội | Source: Shutterstock

A thousand-year-old capital city, Hà Nội is all about traditions, where the people are practical and economical in everything they do. Don’t you relate, conservative and risk-averse Taurus? And while both Hanoians and the bull often keep to themselves and are highly tolerant, these two are most definitely not to be messed with — things can go down ruthlessly once they see red.

Due to the fact that Taurus is ruled by the planet of beauty and pleasure — Venus, you certainly know how to enjoy luxury living, fine dining and being the best-dressed person in the room. This proves to be a true match with Hà Nội, where the street food scene is bustling and the society puts utmost importance into appearances.

Gemini (21/05 - 20/06): Đà Nẵng & Hội An

Đà Nẵng and Hội An | Source: Shutterstock

Gemini, since you’re embodied by the twins, we’re going to assign you the inseparable duo of Đà Nẵng and Hội An on the central coast. Both cities are popular tourist destinations, often tied together because of their close proximity. But they can be very different fundamentally, just like your unpredictable nature.

While lively Đà Nẵng represents your airy and sociable side, Hội An makes a fitting retreat for when you need some peace and quiet to stimulate your mind — through writing, researching, or any other intellectual pursuits that your wise ruler Mercury has dictated for you to excel at. In the long run, perhaps you and your quick wit will particularly enjoy life in modern and ever-changing Đà Nẵng, the only metropolis to be given the Vietnam Smart City Award in 2020.

Cancer (21/06 - 22/07): Cần Thơ

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Cần Thơ City | Source: Shutterstock

Tender and loving Cancer isn’t considered the mom of the zodiac for no reason: caring for others comes naturally for you, especially when they’re family. This symbolism is something you share with Cần Thơ City, epicenter of the Mekong Delta in the southernmost of Vietnam — more commonly known as the rice bowl feeding the nation, responsible for over half of its total rice yield every year.

The floating markets, aquatic farms and paddy fields in this region thrive thanks to the nurturing Mekong river, similar to how you, the crab, feel at home in the water. Although Cần Thơ is one of Vietnam’s five municipalities (centrally-governed economic and political centers), the pace of life here is very relaxed, just like how Cancer natives prefer to take things slow, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

Leo (23/07 - 22/08): Huế

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Huế | Source: Shutterstock

Under the Sun’s ruling, Leo is true zodiac royalty, so what’s possibly a better match for you than where the royals of Vietnam actually lived? We’re talking about the once imperial city of Huế, where the Nguyễn — Vietnam’s last dynasty — settled for over a century from 1802 to 1945. Interestingly, Huế cuisine is exemplary of the central region, characterized by blazing hot dishes, and as a fire sign, Leos are no stranger to the heat.

Like the lion, people of Huế are known to be stern yet graceful, preferring to keep a majestic air of mystique and composure over their public image. Huế and Leo natives are both capable of dreaming big, but they’ll be very realistic about what they want — however contradictory that might sound. These two are also loyal to time-honored traditions, and it can take a long time to introduce a change into their lives, as Leo carries in it the sustaining power of the fixed modality.

Virgo (23/08 - 22/09): Sa Pa

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Sa Pa | Source: Shutterstock

Earthy Virgo shall find sanctuary in the mountainous town of Sa Pa, nestled in the great Tonkinese Alps in the northernmost of Vietnam. The small town, where Vietnam's ethnic minorities roam, has managed to retain a much-untouched beauty in its indigenous lifestyle despite a booming tourism industry. This is perhaps most fitting for Virgo, who represents an image of purity.

In addition, the culture of ethnic groups in general, as well as of Sa Pa in particular, largely concerns the cycle of life — the intricacy of which is bound to tap into the curious and capable minds of philosophical Virgo natives, who like Gemini are also ruled by intellectual Mercury.

Because agriculture plays a key role in the economy of Sa Pa, local people spend the majority of their time working on the fields — the source of their livelihood. This is comparable with Virgo’s love of nature, so you can expect to be able to truly be one with your environment while immersed in the rustic and tranquil ambiance here.

Libra (23/09 - 22/10): Nha Trang

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Nha Trang | Source: Shutterstock

With the shoreline at one horizon and the mountains over another, the breezy coastal city of Nha Trang is calling to you, harmony-driven Libra. This trendy city is situated in the central region of Vietnam — just in the middle, where you like to be.

Nha Trang boasts some of Vietnam’s most gorgeous and popular beaches and is the ultimate destination of choice for luxury relaxation, where there are more highly-rated hotels and resorts than one can possibly keep track of. With such a flourishing hospitality industry, you can only expect the people here to be welcoming and cordial.

In similar fashion, not only is Libra the fair social butterfly of the zodiac, they also share with Taurus their Venusian ruling, which makes these natives especially devoted to — you guessed it — aesthetics and indulgence.

Scorpio (23/10 - 21/11): Phan Thiết

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Phan Thiết | Source: Shutterstock

Phan Thiết of Bình Thuận province is a city in the southeast region, where the tides are high and the waters run deep. It has only started gaining popularity among holidaymakers in recent years, allowing much of it to be left unexplored. Likewise, the magnetic and mystifying charm of Scorpio, a water sign, is one of the zodiac’s best-kept secrets.

Unlike festive Đà Nẵng or Nha Trang, Phan Thiết is a more secluded coastal city. If you sit down by the beach and let your mind wander, you might even be able to hear your heart beating to the rhythm of incoming waves. At the same time, Scorpio’s theme is all about seeking inner clarity and being in tune with your feelings and intuition — including those you’ve tried to bury in the past.

Phan Thiết is also home to Mũi Né ward, where Vietnam’s most spectacular sand dunes are, which you could say is the natural habitat of the scorpion.

Sagittarius (22/11 - 21/12): HCMC/Sài Gòn

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Sài Gòn | Source: Shutterstock

Sài Gòn is a splitting image of you, Sagittarius! In this vibrant metropolis, life moves at the speed of your arrow, and the people are as pleasant and easy-going as can be. In parallel, Sagittarius natives are the happy-go-lucky adventurers of the zodiac, with a burning desire to always be on the road. It’s often said that anyone can be their authentic self in Sài Gòn without fear of judgment, and for that reason the individualistic, free-spirited archer fits right in here.

Both Saigonese and Sagittarians tend to take a more simplistic approach to life, which can result in them being very blunt and straightforward with their opinions — though rarely do they ever mean real harm. At the end of the day, these two are just looking to savor every living moment to have fun — and you can certainly count on them for a very good time!

Capricorn (22/12 - 19/01): Đồng Hới

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Phong Nha Cave | Source: Shutterstock

If we were to find across Vietnam a worthy rival against diligent and persistent Capricorn, then the industrious people of the north central coast would match up perfectly.

Here, the climate can be downright brutal, resulting in many poverty-stricken townships, which is why people in this area know the value of hard work better than most and also the reason they can appear a little rough and uptight at first, just like the weather. A Capricorn native would resonate with this on many levels. On the bright side, we know we can always rely on these two during tough times.

Now, while the traits above aren’t exactly specific to anywhere in the region, Đồng Hới is the central city closest to UNESCO Heritage Site Phong Nha Cave, which exemplifies the complex nature of the mystical sea goat precisely. Both this natural beauty and Capricorn natives present to the outside world a compilation of layers formed quietly and meticulously over a long period of time, that others need to first unearth if they truly wish to see the inside.

Aquarius (20/01 - 18/02): Thủ Dầu Một

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Thủ Dầu Một | Source: Shutterstock

Thủ Dầu Một is the capital city of up-and-coming industrial hub Bình Dương province, which recently made headlines for raking in the highest monthly income per capita in Vietnam. It is home to many manufacturing facilities of both domestic and international brand names, notably Nike and McDonald’s, and with a collaborative attitude is increasingly striving to attract even more investors.

Meanwhile, Aquarius natives are the eccentric geeks and tech junkies of the zodiac, who also happen to be dedicated team players — they’re one of the three people-oriented air signs, after all. Together, these two form a match truly made in the stars, aiming straight ahead — being the progressive innovators that they are.

Pisces (19/02 - 20/03): Đà Lạt

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Đà Lạt | Source: Shutterstock

“Dreamer” is the best word to describe Pisces, for your head is always in the clouds. This is why you’ll be able to live out your greatest fantasies in the hazy, romantic uphill city of Đà Lạt, located in the central highlands of Vietnam, where the wind is chillier, the grass greener and the birds chirpier.

Similar to Piscean mannerism, Đà Lạt people are soft-spoken with a calming presence, often taking a live-and-let-live approach to life, which is slow-paced and centered around Xuân Hương Lake here — just the way the fish depends on the water. While quite average in size, this poetic lake provides an endless source of creative inspiration for local art and literature, which will allow the vivid imagination of Pisces natives to soar high.