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Mar 21, 2024

These Viet Women Are Making Waves In Global Music

In celebration of Women’s Month, we’re spotlighting talented Vietnamese female artists in music. These Vietnamese female artists are making waves with their catchy pop hits and fiery rap verses!
These Viet Women Are Making Waves In Global Music

Vietnamese female artists who are making waves globally.

The Vietnamese music scene is getting a serious boost, and guess who’s leading the charge? Yep, it’s our talented female artists! From catchy pop hits to fiery rap verses, these ladies are shaking things up and leaving their mark.

But it’s not just about the music—it’s about their drive, talent, and determination to succeed. And here’s the best part: they’re not just making waves locally; they’re putting Vietnam on the global stage. Keep an eye out for the latest sensation. She is not just gaining international recognition; she is proudly embracing her Vietnamese roots!


Emerging as a standout artist from the first season of Rap Viet, tlinh has established herself as a significant and influential figure among Gen-Z artists. Known for her relentless pursuit of art and music, she is not only a successful artist but also an inspiring role model for many young individuals.

tlinh | Source: tlinh

Before her appearance on Rap Viet, tlinh was an independent artist, sharing her music on platforms like Soundcloud. Initially, academics took precedence, leading her to focus on her studies and secure admission to VNU University of Medicine and Pharmacy. However, her time at university sparked a growing passion for music. This newfound love prompted her to delve deeper into her craft, dedicating time to writing and collaborating with other artists. Boldly registering for Rap Viet, especially given the scarcity of female rappers, earned her immense respect.

tlinh’s journey exemplifies the heights passion can reach. Her story isn’t just about pursuing dreams; it’s about self-belief and achieving regardless of odds.

After the success of Rap Viet, TLinh dropped the acclaimed album ‘Ái’ (Love), earning it a spot among the top 25 best Asian albums of 2023 by New Musical Express (NME), a British magazine. This significant achievement firmly established her in the Vietnamese music scene. Collaborating with Apple for the release of ‘Đừng Làm Nó Phức Tạp’ (Don’t Complicate It) in January 2024 further cemented her position. Notably, her music video became the second in Asia to be featured in Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign, following K-pop sensation New Jeans.

Tlinh has transcended her image as a young 20-year-old from Rap Viet, embracing her power and maturity as a female rapper. With such momentum, it’s reasonable to expect her international presence to continue expanding in the future.

Chi Pu

Chi Pu, an actress who turned into a singer, has not only become a domestic sensation but has also caught international attention. However, her journey is not as straightforward as it might seem.

Chi Pu | Source: Chi Pu

Early in her career, Chi Pu garnered attention and quickly rose to fame for her beauty. However, the star born in 1993 always puts in plenty of effort. Chi Pu gained prominence in China by joining the 2023 season of the hit Chinese reality show Sisters Who Make Waves. Her captivating performance captured the hearts and minds of the Chinese audience, resulting in a surge in her popularity. The extent of her influence is evident in videos with the hashtag #ChiPu, which have amassed an impressive 320 million views on Douyin, a popular Chinese social media platform. This wave of success has not only solidified Chi Pu’s status as a notable figure in the Chinese entertainment industry but has also opened doors for her to appear on various TV shows and public events. Chi Pu’s journey is not just her own but serves as an example of the growing cultural exchanges and people-to-people connections between China and Vietnam.

Five years ago, Chi Pu stirred controversy when she boldly declared, “Call me a singer from today.” Despite facing frequent questions about her singing career, she has demonstrated significant maturity in her artistic pursuits. Her respect for her profession and her honest, serious approach have bolstered her confidence in connecting with her audience. While her prominence as an artist may fluctuate, Chi Pu remains committed to continuously contributing positively to the community. Last year, she achieved second runner-up in the Inspirational Figure category at the We Choice Awards.

Chi Pu continues to work diligently and receives support from both international and Vietnamese fans, as evidenced by her recent film project, “Daydreamers” (Người Mặt Trời), in which she starred.

Hoang Thuy Linh

Hoang Thuy Linh, a prominent figure in the Vietnamese music scene, has turned heads internationally with her unique blend of traditional Vietnamese music and contemporary pop.

Hoang Thuy Linh’s works are profoundly intertwined with Vietnamese culture. | Source: Hoàng Thuỳ Linh

Hoang Thuy Linh embarked on her artistic journey early, gaining admission to the Vietnam Acting and Film College in 2006. In 2007, she secured a lead role in the second season of the educational drama The Oriole’s Diary, which left a profound impact on Vietnamese youth. However, her breakthrough into stardom occurred with the release of her 2019 album “Hoàng,” which garnered global acclaim. The album represents a triumph of cultural preservation and innovation, delving into the emotions of a woman at different stages of life: experiencing love, betrayal, loss, and rediscovery.

Following this success, she continued integrating traditional culture and music, appealing to foreign audiences. Incorporating rhythms from chầu văn (spiritual singing) and the sound of the Buddhist wooden fish (wooden bell), along with visually engaging music videos and stage outfits, Linh ensured that her melodies would captivate foreigners, even if they didn’t understand the lyrics. This approach encourages them to delve into the rich tapestry of Vietnamese culture.

Her song “See Tình” gained viral status on TikTok, lauded for its fusion of traditional Vietnamese music with modern pop elements. This distinctive sound has struck a chord with audiences worldwide, earning her international acclaim. South Korean volleyballer Lee Da-hyeon celebrated a point during a KBSS broadcast by dancing to “See Tình,” garnering 37 million views on KBSSport’s TikTok account. Additionally, Lee Seung-hoon from the renowned K-pop boy band Winner shared a clip of himself dancing to “See Tinh” on TikTok, amassing 5 million views. Consequently, the song and accompanying dance have become synonymous with Vietnam’s cultural influence.


Thuy (Thuỷ) sets herself apart from other Vietnamese artists who started their international careers locally.

Thuy | Source: Thuy

Growing up in America, she developed a deep passion for music from an early age. However, like many Asian families, Thuy initially put her musical aspirations on hold to pursue a stable job and support her parents. Eventually, feeling the need to explore her musical potential further, she made the bold decision to leave her job and life in San Francisco behind, relocating to Los Angeles.

As an Asian artist, Thuy encountered significant hurdles in reaching a global audience with her music. Despite this, in an industry where many artists adopt English stage names, Thuy chose to embrace her Vietnamese heritage by retaining her Vietnamese name. This decision not only honored her cultural roots but also served as a strategic move to carve out a distinct and unforgettable path in the American music scene. It reflected her pride in her Vietnamese heritage and her determination to bring a unique perspective to a predominantly Western music landscape.

Thuy’s smash hit, “Girls Like Me Don’t Cry,” skyrocketed to fame over the past year, even landing a spot in the top 10 most popular songs on TikTok worldwide in 2023. This track propelled Thuy onto her first tour across several American states and marked the release of her debut music video. Recognizing its impact, Thuy selected this song to collaborate with Min, a Vietnamese singer whose dynamic musical style resonates with her own. This collaboration served as Thuy’s “official debut” in her homeland, Vietnam. Thuy stands out as a prominent representative of the talented Vietnamese American generation.