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Mar 21, 2024

Chi Pu’s Journey To Affirming Belief In Love And Career

In her conversation with the Have A Sip podcast, Chi Pu reflects on her career journey over the past 15 years and shares her unwavering belief in love.
Chi Pu’s Journey To Affirming Belief In Love And Career

Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

It’s been five years since Chi Pu made the declaration, “From now on, I’m a singer.” In this time frame, she’s maintained a serious demeanor, consistently delivering high-quality music and projects. Most notably, she recently appeared on the popular reality TV show Sisters Who Make Waves in China.

In this episode of the Have A Sip podcast, viewers will learn how to perceive Chi Pu’s role.

Maintaining faith in your career

Consistently believing in her career, Chi Pu shares her strong conviction that if one path doesn’t work out, she’ll explore another. Grounded in professionalism and dedication, she believes that her commitment will eventually connect with audiences.

There wasn’t any undue pressure or stress, contrary to rumors. During her participation in the Sisters Who Make Waves reality show in China, Chi Pu found genuine enjoyment in every moment on stage. Her relative anonymity among the Chinese audience allowed her to approach the experience with a fresh perspective, viewing herself as a newcomer and focusing solely on delivering her best performance.

Maybe someday, she won’t be in the spotlight as an artist. However, she desires to keep contributing positively to the community. Though not striving to be an inspiration, she wishes that her contributions and stories could unintentionally uplift others, offering support to many.

Chi Pu is now managing two Vietnamese pho restaurants in Shanghai, aiming to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to a global audience. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

“In the past, my aim was to bring value to my family, friends, and those around me,” she explained. “And as my reach has grown, I continue to strive for my projects to positively impact the community, even if they don’t involve singing or performing.”

Solving problems using logical techniques

She frequently tackles psychological challenges with a logical approach, seeking guidance from studies or experts to unravel complexities and alleviate stress. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of discipline, maintaining strict schedules, and adhering steadfastly to them, which fosters self-motivation and fortifies her mental resilience.

To calm herself, she often turns to writing down her thoughts. Doing so allows her to release negativity that could otherwise impact her mental and physical well-being. Moreover, reflecting on her writings provides her with the chance to revisit past experiences, assess her emotions, and recognize valuable insights gained along the way.

Putting all problems under a scientific perspective helps her explain and understand herself better. | Source: Khooa Nguyen

Not confining your potential

For Chi Pu, setting limits means restricting her potential. It hinders her from exploring new territories beyond her comfort zone. Although there are goals she aspires to achieve, she refuses to confine herself. Instead, she embraces opportunities as they arise and continuously pushes herself to test her limits.

Compared to five years ago, Chi Pu remains true to the image she envisioned for herself. She holds a strong belief in her capabilities, which helps clarify her goals.

Even though love is no longer rosy, I still believe in it

The romantic experiences of this female artist evolve with each stage of life. In youth, love may be carefree, passionate, and somewhat self-centered. However, challenges have reshaped her perception of love, revealing its complexities beyond idealism.

However, she asserts that despite enduring the highs and lows of love, she remains open to it. Yet, she approaches it with a composed mindset, welcoming a love characterized by tranquility, gentleness, and longevity rather than one filled with tumultuous drama.

Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

In contrast to previous episodes of Have A Sip, this time, Thuy Minh and Chi Pu were seated together in a car, driving around the city for nearly two hours. It’s important to note that there might have been occasional car honks, street sounds, or moments of distraction during the journey.

Chi Pu’s insights into maintaining balance amidst life’s challenges and her sincere reflections offstage aim to provide some comfort and guidance for navigating life’s journey toward your desired destination.

Translated by Thúy An

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