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Top Five Wedding Dress Brands In Saigon


A wedding dress marks the beginning of every woman’s married life. In the past, owning an expensive wedding dress was unimaginable. Vietnamese brides often times rented and then returned dresses. Now, with the average income of Vietnamese people on the rise and the rapid development of local wedding dress brands, buying a dress for the big day and then having it as a keepsake is no longer a luxury.

Vietcetera introduces five Vietnamese wedding dress brands that have been gaining popularity recently thanks to custom tailoring services and diverse, modern dress styles.

Chung Thanh Phong Bridal

Bridal-Chung Thanh Phong
Chung Thanh Phong Bridal is owned by talented designer Chung Thanh
Phong, along with MEUW Menswear, TEE LE Studio, and IAM Cosmetics.

Designer Chung Thanh Phong is one of the many talents in the Vietnamese fashion industry. Following success with his brand RIN By Chung Thanh Phong in 2012, he continues to challenge wedding fashion with Chung Thanh Phong Bridal.

With luxurious, elegant, and attractive styles, Chung Thanh Phong Bridal designs are a harmonious combination of chiffon material and net lace, which enhances the graceful beauty of women on their big day. The crystal and feather details are hand-embroidered onto the dresses, creating eye-catching accents.

Currently, Chung Thanh Phong Bridal is one of Vietnam’s premium wedding dress brands and is trusted by many celebrities. In addition, new collections come out on a regular basis, helping brides stay up to date on wedding dress trends to suit each person’s physique, taste, and personality.

Address: 189/1B Cống Quỳnh, phường Nguyễn Cư Trinh, quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Facebook | Website | Instagram

Truong Thanh Hai

Bridal-Truong Thanh Hai
A design in a collection by Trương Thanh Hải, one of the few wedding dress designers on the
Vietnamese wedding fashion market.

Speaking of wedding dresses that are both minimalist and mesmerizing, it is impossible not to mention designer Trương Thanh Hải. Pure white has always been a signature of his designs since his very first collection, but they never dull due to his ingenious arrangement and patterns. In addition to meticulously hand-sewn embroidery, stone, and lace details on the silk fabric, Trương Thanh Hải’s wedding dresses are the perfect dress for brides who are aiming for sexy yet moderate beauty.

Trương Thanh Hải designs are carefully tailored. He believes that a well-matched, fitted wedding dress is the resonant element that creates the perfect wedding for couples. Besides impressive cutting techniques, the designs are also popular thanks to the stylization and unique handling of materials, creating a light and comfortable feeling for the bride.

Address: 31A Nguyễn Văn Mai, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh


Bridal-Cream.Y 1
Cream.Y is a fairly new wedding dress brand, created by Minh Trang. Before entering the
wedding fashion market, Trang had many years of experience in the interior design business with her
Mơ Concept.

From an early age, Nguyen Minh Trang has nurtured her dream of helping brides confidently shine during the biggest day of their lives. After years of hard work, she founded the brand Cream.Y, finally fulfilling her childhood dream. Although still quite new, Cream.Y has already conquered the hearts of many Vietnamese brides. The designs create smooth, elegant lines, and thanks to the delicate cut-out line that combines the lace-up technique into body-hugging patterns, the wedding dress designs at Cream.Y cleverly show off the bride’s thin shoulders and slim waist while still remaining modest.

In addition to dresses tailored to each customer’s size, Cream.Y also scores big points thanks to its flexible design that can be converted into different styles. Brides can retain their classic and feminine lace sleeves, or disassemble the sleeves to transform the dress into a sexy, open-shoulder. In addition, Cream.Y also provides complimentary beauty care services to help the bride look even more radiant for her wedding day.

Address: 65 C Hồ Xuân Hương, phường 6, quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Facebook | Instagram

Lumière Bridal

The name “Lumière” is French and means “light.”

Lumière Bridal’s characteristic dress designs by Ly Khanh Ha are liberal and attractive but still maintain the romantic vibe of urban Saigon. Here, young brides can find romance in flowers and soft details, intermingled with a few seductive charms through the delicate lace. It’s not difficult to understand why Lumière Bridal has become a brand that many brides choose. Recently, Vlogger Giang Oi also chose Lumière Bridal’s wedding dress for her big day.

Not only contributing to the emotions during the big day through innocent and beautiful wedding dresses, Lumière Bridal also focuses on the customer’s experience during the preparation for their wedding. Hence, the trusted brand always tries to bring a warm and relaxed atmosphere with smooth jazz pieces, allowing couples to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere before their happy day.

Address: B.01 Số 9 Lý Văn Phức, phường Tân Định, quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Facebook | Website | Instagram

Layla Bridal

Bridal-Layla 1
Layla Bridal’s wedding dresses often incorporates soft colors such as white, nude, and pastel,
combined with simple appliqué details and delicate accessories.

Image of brides smiling brightly in charming wedding dresses is an inspiration for Layla Bridal. Vietnamese brides now prefer a lighter, more sophisticated style, and attractive look compared to previously bulky, colorful wedding dress designs . Understanding this mentality, Layla Bridal always makes minimalism a main point in their designs.

First launching in 2017, Layla Bridal wishes to bring a new aura to the Vietnamese wedding fashion market. Layla Bridal’s wedding dresses often incorporate soft colors such as white, nude, and pastel, combined with simple appliqué details and delicate accessories. This not only highlighting the bride’s figure but also brings out her pure and gentle beauty.

Another plus for these designs is the ability to reuse the dress for another occasion or the reception. With just a few adjustments to the body, skirt, and other details, a new dress will be born that is both different and beautiful.

Address: 483/20 Lê Văn Sĩ, phường 12, quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Facebook  | Instagram

Adapted by Lauren Nguyen

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