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Sep 21, 2023

Unraveling The Culinary Mystique Of New Zealand

Have you ever savored a dish and wondered about the nuances that distinguish various culinary traditions?
Unraveling The Culinary Mystique Of New Zealand

Source: NZTE

NZTE x Vietcetera

If you’ve ever indulged in Peter Jackson’s rendition of “The Lord of the Rings,” the striking portrayal of New Zealand’s landscape surely lingers in your memory. Even two decades post-release, the country is affectionately dubbed the “Home of Middle Earth” by fans worldwide.

Now, picture receiving a curated package from that fantasyland: Bottles of apple and golden kiwi syrup from the Shire; butter and cheese crafted from the rich milk of cows grazing in the Vales of Anduin; premium lamb, a product of the vast fields surrounding Edoras under the care of the people of Rohan; and shrimp freshly harvested from Pelargir - the great port of Gondor.

Such ingredients promise nothing short of a transcendent culinary journey, don’t they?

The Abundant Harvests of Middle Earth

New Zealand is where land, sky, and sea converge in harmony. This island nation, with its temperate climate characterized by warm summers and gentle winters, emerges as an unparalleled haven for myriad lifeforms. Its relative isolation, enveloped by vast, near-pristine oceans, fosters a vibrant marine ecosystem.

From green mussels and salmon to Antarctic toothfish, a diverse range of seafood thrives here, all harvested under strict guidelines to preserve the delicate natural balance.

Inland, expansive meadows spread across the rolling hills, offering a dreamlike habitat for cattle and sheep. Sandwiched between these hills and golden beaches are the perfect spots for fruit orchards—these narrow valleys, kissed by refreshing sea breezes and nourished by pure mountain waters, are veritable cradles of abundance.

While New Zealand might not be the first choice for those in pursuit of the exotic, it stands out uniquely. What sets its produce apart is nature’s endearing embrace coupled with its historical seclusion from the wider world.

All these elements combined have created the perfect conditions, allowing everything here to flourish in its purest and most untouched form, reminiscent of the elves’ guardianship of their hallowed forests.

Abundant Seafood from New Zealand’s Offshore Voyage | Source: NZTE

Blurring the Boundaries of Cuisine

Have you ever savored a dish and wondered what differentiates New Zealand’s flavors from France, the nuances that set Chinese gastronomy apart from Vietnamese, or the subtle tweaks that distinguish Italian dishes in the US from those in Italy itself? Within even a single country, distinct regional culinary nuances emerge. What, then, delineates these gastronomic traditions?

At heart, the singularity of each nation’s cuisine often hinges on the ingredients native to its region. The abundance or absence of particular ingredients spurs culinary creativity, sculpting a region’s unique food narrative. This encapsulates the soul of traditional cuisine – a tapestry of flavors echoing the legacy of generations past.

On the other end of the spectrum, modern gastronomy witnesses a blending of these once-defined boundaries. Exotic ingredients like tropical fruits, fish sauce, and miso, traditionally confined to specific regions, now grace European kitchens.

New Zealand, with its inclusive ethos, has seamlessly integrated the myriad culinary traditions that immigrants introduce. For instance, when the Scots and the Irish introduced a new way of preparing food – stews, the Kiwis swiftly embraced and adapted it, adding their unique twist.

Abundant Ingredients and Boundless Creativity Paint a Diverse Palette for New Zealand Cuisine | Source: NZTE

It’s not merely about New Zealand’s gastronomic melding with global flavors. Imagine a French stew without potatoes, an Italian pizza missing its tomatoes, or a Sichuan hotpot devoid of its signature chili kick – the culinary world would surely be less vibrant.

When new ingredients or ideas mix with traditional cooking, they blend together and become a part of the local culture, making the traditions even more interesting and exciting.

This ebb and flow defines the global culinary landscape. This is how the world of gastronomy evolves: new elements are embraced, integrated, and define the present, while traditions that fail to adapt become relics of the past and eventually fade into obscurity. With this in mind, how has New Zealand’s bountiful harvest blurred traditional borders to influence the contemporary Vietnamese culinary scene?

A Touch of New Zealand in Modern Vietnamese Cuisine

While Vietnam and New Zealand may not share many historical or geographical connections, the similarities between the two are more pronounced than one might assume. Both countries are rooted deeply in agriculture, placing paramount importance on the integrity of ingredients right from the cultivation stage. This dedication to quality forms the bedrock of their culinary traditions.

For the Vietnamese, the secret to a delicious chicken dish lies in selecting the right breed, fed with corn, and allowed to roam freely. For New Zealanders, the finest lamb meat is sourced from sheep raised on vast grasslands, grazing on natural grass in pristine and unspoiled environments.

New Zealand’s cuisine has always made an impression on the Vietnamese. | Source: NZTE

Thus, moving beyond mere perceptions, when we zero in on the intrinsic value of each ingredient and embrace our shared culinary sentiments, we can unlock new potentials in modern Vietnamese cuisine.

Consider the Vietnamese traditional dish of caramelized and braised fish - cá kho. I once had the pleasure of savoring salmon draped in a caramel butter glaze. Its aroma closely resembled the bittersweet caramelized sauce used in our cá kho, enhanced by browned butter’s slightly charred and rich scent of browned butter.

Imagine revisiting that experience but with nuances of ginger, fish sauce, or pepper. Isn’t this a modern reinterpretation of cá kho? Or picture perfectly seared prime lamb ribs, medium-rare, paired exquisitely with a sauce steeped in the sweet depths of Phú Quốc sim wine.

For the trending chicken and mangosteen salad, what if we swapped the traditional shredded chicken dressing with a tangy sauce crafted from golden kiwis?

These glimpses are merely the tip of the iceberg, straddling fusion and modern culinary artistry, serving as a testament to the harmonious blendings ahead. Every novel ingredient presents boundless possibilities; our only limitation is the breadth of our imagination.

Special thanks to the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Agency, accompanied by the participation of sponsoring brands from New Zealand: SHOTT Beverages, Kono Seafood, Tatua Dairy, Sanford, Meadow Fresh, Highford, Anchor Food Professionals VN for their collaboration with Flavors 2023.