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Mar 23, 2024

Vietcetera Launches New Content Channel, Vietnam Innovators: An Ecosystem About Business, Entrepreneurship, Careers, And Leadership

Listeners can expect new shows such as BizFF, a refreshed Vietnam Innovators Podcast, and more.
Vietcetera Launches New Content Channel, Vietnam Innovators: An Ecosystem About Business, Entrepreneurship, Careers, And Leadership

The new Youtube Channel: Vietnam Innovators by Vietcetera.

On a simple set where Vietcetera CEO Hao Tran and former CEO of Gojek Vietnam Phung Tuan Duc discussed the future of mobility in Vietnam, the first podcast episode of Vietnam Innovators was born.

That 30-minute recording was a rare occasion for the audience at that time to tune in for an open, unscripted conversation between two business leaders in Vietnam.

The number of podcast guests increased from 2 to 50 within a year of Vietcetera regularly recording podcasts. And since late 2020, the platform has gone on to feature more than 500 leaders, hailing from around Vietnam and the world.

Vietnam Innovators Summit 2022 | Source: Bobby Vũ

For the first time since late 2020 though, the podcast will evolve into a whole content ecosystem from 2024 onwards, headlined by a whole new dedicated content channel, featuring live events, new content programs, and a Vietnam Innovators Network membership launching later in the year.

So what’s in the new ecosystem?

Vietnam Innovators, a new and independent channel, will kickstart a fresh drive at Vietcetera to lead the conversation in Vietnam for business, entrepreneurship, careers, and leadership in the Vietcetera production-level and unscripted style that our followers have come to love.

The arrow icon symbolizes the progressive nature of Vietnam Innovators.

Vietnam Innovators by Vietcetera will feature more than just the original, flagship podcast Vietnam Innovators hosted by our CEO Hao Tran.

1. Podcast BizFF with a name playing off the shorthand pun of BFF (Best Friends Forever), the show will feature a warm and open meeting between beloved friends who all love business.

Under the guidance of host Minh Beta, President of Beta Group, experts from diverse fields will join in for a game of Lô Tô, a Vietnamese traditional game, while discussing the main theme of the program.

This format opens up a space for comfortable exchange, encouraging interaction between the hosts, with the expectation of making business stories easily accessible to the mass audience.

Like Lô Tô, the journey of business, entrepreneurship is always a journey full of emotions and variables. Stay tuned for lively debates, deep conversations, witty and humorous exchanges between like-minded souls in a unique program never seen before in Vietnam.

BizFF – “Business” Best Friends - Vietnam Innovators' next program is expected to air in April 2024.| Image Source: Khooa Nguyen

2. "Kết-Nối" (Match & Connect) is a podcast revolving around the relationship between employers and job seekers, where they share the criteria they seek in their other half.

Profiles will appear akin to the Tinder dating app, where both sides can "swipe right" if they feel compatible. Each episode brings audiences stories from various industries, understanding the unique characteristics of each field and how to bridge the expectations of employees and companies.

The program is scheduled to air in the second quarter of 2024 on the Vietnam Innovators channel.

3. Not limited to business stories, career guidance, and recruitment, Leadership will be a theme explored in a new program, hosted by Cát Thảo, founder, CEO of Global Ready, a provider of HR training and leadership solutions.

She is also the Chair of the Board and co-founder of the Australia-Vietnam Leadership Dialogue. She has appeared on the Vietnam Innovators podcast as well as the Have A Sip podcast. She is the first Vietnamese to receive the Cultural Intelligence certification awarded by the Cultural Intelligence Center (USA). Stay tuned for surprises ahead with the introduction of this new program.

Aside from these four new programs, and more to come, what about the flagship Vietnam Innovators Podcast? What will be new?

Season Five of our flagship Vietnam Innovators Podcast is all about Resilience.

The season will serve as a guiding light for in-depth discussions among resilient business leaders facing difficult times. The English version of the series will continue to be led by host Hao Tran, while the Vietnamese version welcomes a new host, Hoang Thi Kim Dung, National Director of Genesia Ventures Vietnam.

Hoang Thi Kim Dung – National Director of Genesia Ventures Vietnam, will become the next host of the Vietnam Innovators podcast. | Source: Khooa Nguyen

Aside from the main theme, we will also highlight three new focuses:

  • Vietnam Innovators Masterclass: This version of the podcast embodies a league of changemakers and successful entrepreneurs who are spearheading sustainable innovation in Vietnam. By sharing their insights and experiences, this series looks like a ‘mini-MBA’ course where the audience can learn, grow, and apply these lessons to make meaningful contributions in their own endeavors.
  • Vietnam Innovators ESG: The "greenest" version of the Vietnam Innovators series with multidimensional perspectives, updates on sustainable business models, visions, and initiatives promoting sustainable development in Vietnam with discussions revolving around the environment, society, and economy.
  • Vietnam Innovators Start-up: A version that focuses on spotlighting startups inside and outside the country, sharing the entrepreneurial spirit, new business models, and a comprehensive picture of the start-up landscape. From ideas, experiments, failures, ego, co-founders, and difficulties in capital flow to the success of startups operating in Vietnam, each story will help our audience discover new business models and entrepreneurs

To not miss out on interesting and valuable content surrounding business lessons, leadership, socio-economics, visit the Vietnam Innovators YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button at this link.