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Vietnam Innovator: Doctor Anywhere Lands a $30M USD Investment For Digital Health As Demand In Vietnam Surges

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Doctor Anywhere is a company in the right place at the right time. As seeking medical advice online is becoming as common as making an appointment at a physical location, the kingpin of Southeast Asia’s digital health ecosystem is seeing usage surge.

Earlier this month, Doctor Anywhere announced a hefty $30 million Series B financing. A significant portion of these resources is earmarked for beefing up operations in Vietnam — one of the startup’s top markets. 

Singapore-based telehealth and wellness company has been delivering convenient healthcare solutions tailored to the needs of the Vietnamese people since Q2 2019. Amid sweeping healthcare protocol reviews, Doctor Anywhere’s vision fits hand-in-glove with the region’s plans to pivot to telemedicine.

For Phan Nguyen, the CEO of Doctor Anywhere Vietnam, joining the company became the high-water mark of a career that helped shape Vietnam’s healthcare system over the past 10 years. Looking ahead at the year that is shaping up to become a breakout one for one of the region’s fastest-growing startups, Phan shares with us the company’s plans.

There are a number of other players in the healthcare space, from traditional providers to well-funded digital startups such as Jio Health. How is Doctor Anywhere building its edge to stand out in the market in 2020?

Through prolonged lockdowns and social distancing, not only has the covid-19 pandemic put traditional businesses into a standstill, but it has also forced consumers to rethink how they engage with offline service providers, including those in healthcare.

This presents tech companies with huge opportunities, as it will help accelerate consumer adoption of their digital solutions. In the field of healthcare, Doctor Anywhere is in the lead thanks to our digital platform that gives consumers access to medical services in a safe and germ-free environment — via our Doctor Anywhere app.

We offer video consultations with GPs and specialist doctors at a click of a button, prescription refills, medicine delivery and home-based lab diagnostics — with consumers’ medical records safely stored on the platform.

Doctor Anywhere has a number of offline clinics – what’s the vision for it and how does it add to the existing ecosystem you have already built? 

In parallel to the digital platform that is our Doctor Anywhere app, we have established DA Clinics and DA Pharmacies in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. We plan on expanding our offline healthcare infrastructure to provide our users with the full suite of online/offline healthcare services, while optimizing the quality of care we offer. 

What USPs does Doctor Anywhere have over some of the other similar competitors? 

Doctor Anywhere aims to become a healthcare super app — a one-stop-shop solution for all of our users’ medical and wellness needs. We collaborate with an extensive network of allied healthcare professionals, meaning we are able to provide individual and corporate consumers with a wide variety of medical and wellness products and services throughout the entire healthcare lifecycle.

What other initiatives can we expect from your team this year? 

As a health-tech company, Doctor Anywhere will continue to expand DA’s digital platform’s capabilities as well as building up our offline healthcare infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to be able to provide more diversified medical and wellness products and services and optimize our users’ experience throughout the DA ecosystem.

Five years from now, where do you see Doctor Anywhere’s presence in Vietnam to be? 

Taking into account rapid developments in the digital space and the speed of consumer adoption of medtech in Vietnam, five years from now we hope to see Doctor Anywhere in every household, in all the major cities of Vietnam.

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