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Sep 20, 2023

Vietnamese Coffee Craftsmanship Now Brewing In Southern California

Trung Nguyên Legend Cafe debuts its inaugural US location in sunny Southern California.
Vietnamese Coffee Craftsmanship Now Brewing In Southern California

Source: Trung Nguyên Legend Cafe

Vietnam’s very own coffee establishment, Trung Nguyên Legend Cafe, is making its US debut in Westminster at 9039 Bolsa Avenue on Thursday, September 21. With a rich history of pleasing coffee enthusiasts in Vietnam and over 60 countries for nearly 30 years, Trung Nguyên Legend Cafe is now bringing the charm of Vietnamese coffee culture to Americans. Backed by four factories and 110 stores in Vietnam, this café is poised to delight the taste buds of Southern Californians.

What’s on the menu? A delightful range of coffee options, including phin- and espresso-based drinks made with 100% Vietnamese-grown Robusta and Arabica beans from Buôn Ma Thuột, a city in the Central Highlands. You can enjoy classics like lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos or opt for a truly authentic experience with Vietnamese egg coffee (cà phê trứng) and civet coffee (cà phê chồn). Don’t miss the signature dine-in coffee service, beautifully presented on wooden trays, adding a touch of elegance to your coffee experience.

Jennie Tang, from H & L Wholesale Food Corporation, the Los Angeles-based distribution company behind this franchise, shares the café’s vision: “We want to bring Vietnamese coffee culture to the US. It’s more than just a beverage; it’s about coming together, enjoying each other’s company, and building connections.” With over 20 years of exporting to US retailers, Trung Nguyên aims to create a unique space for Americans to savor the rich coffee traditions of Vietnam, the world’s largest exporter of Robusta coffee beans.

Trung Nguyên Legend Cafe in Westminster at 9039 Bolsa Avenue | Source: Trung Nguyên Legend Cafe

For Westminster residents, there’s an extra treat with unique menu items like cold brew coffee and iced Vietnamese egg coffee tailored to local tastes. While there are hints of future expansion in Little Saigon and beyond, the focus is on a seamless and delightful grand opening.

Beyond its homeland, Trung Nguyên already has a presence in Shanghai, with three vibrant stores.

For those eager to explore Vietnamese flavors and culture, visit Trung Nguyên at 9039 Bolsa Avenue #101, Westminster, CA 92683. They’re ready to welcome you daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Prepare to embark on a coffee journey like no other, where every cup is a sip of Vietnamese warmth and hospitality.