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Vietnamese Students Are Into Financial Investments Now More Than Ever

With financial investments becoming more accessible and comprehensible, many university students are now choosing to invest in the stock market.
Vietnamese Students Are Into Financial Investments Now More Than Ever

Students are wielding their knowledge to take part in the stock market | Source: Shutterstock

Thanks to technological innovations in the field of finance, more people stand greater chances at getting access to individual investments. The number of people with interest in putting their money into businesses that have the potential to grow have grown over the years — and these don’t just involve people with business or finance backgrounds. Even university students, who have most probably learned that saving money for their future shouldn’t necessarily begin when they get their first official paycheck, have found their way into financial investments.

Juggling part time jobs at cafes or the bookstore after class sure is a good source of income, too. In fact, students nowadays try to get themselves jobs that would pay for their tuition and apartments. But because these jobs don’t really require an academic background, they also don’t pay that much.

With financial investments becoming more accessible and comprehensible, many university students are now choosing to invest in the stock market. And an increasing number of young traders take part in the cryptocurrency playground, and into forex. Each market has its own characteristics and unique demands, focusing only on short-term, long-term orientation, or a combination of both.

Realistically speaking, investing in stocks doesn’t come with no risk — like with any other investment or endeavors in life. But when it’s approached in a disciplined manner, it is one of the most efficient ways to build up one's net worth.

So it’s okay to start small. Investing with a small amount of capital — say a modest $20 or $30 — brings a more comfortable mood, which also does not yield much anxiety. For most students who are trying their luck in investing, what they want to get is more than just profits, it’s also about experiences and lessons.

Getting into the actual stock investment game feels different from what's taught in school, student investors said. | Source: Shutterstock

GenZ’s financial literacy

A financial investment is an asset that you put money into with the hope that it will grow or appreciate into a larger sum of money. The idea is that you can later sell it at a higher price or earn money on it while you own it.

The topic of investing doesn’t seem to be that overwhelming anymore, nor is it reserved for just the wealthy. Vietnamese students are now, in fact, very much into stocks, bitcoin, or even NFTs, a brand new kind of digital asset.

Quoc Huy, a sophomore student at Hanoi Foreign Trade University and a member of Securities Club, shared that he officially set foot in this market at the beginning of 2021. After carefully learning about the stock market in high school, he went to university and joined the Securities Club. This is a great base for him to get equipped with a lot of precious knowledge, by which he could jump high from in his career path later on.

“Challenges are inevitable,” he said. “Probably because it's the first time I use my own money to invest, so feeling nervous is reasonable on any ground. One month after I joined the market, it witnessed a drop. At that time I was quite scared because I had no experience and had not yet determined an investment tactic for myself. I entered the market with the "buy and hold" strategy, but when the market went down, I sold out right away. Looking back, I was quite sad about that, but in the later part, it turned out to be a great lesson for me.”

With the lessons Huy got from his first investment experience, he has this to say: “Any university student aiming to invest should thoroughly have a good grasp of the market first, and then participate in the market. The feeling of actually taking part in it will be very different from the theory we have learned at university.”

From newbie to expert | Source: Shutterstock

Another sticking point is that, no matter who you are, there are always opportunities for the one who dares to dream.

“I think the stock market helps me to grow up a lot, because it requires us to keep a stable mind towards every market movements, and a large amount of information needs to be analyzed to make the most sensible final decision,” Hoa Nguyen shared. Hoa currently majors in International Finance at Foreign Trade University in HCMC.

“Perhaps because I studied this major, I fell in love with stock investment thanks to early access to it. The goal is to explore and conquer this vibrant market,” he said.

There are quite a few difficulties, because investing definitely requires a lot of knowledge and practice to get the best results. “I have to seek balance between studying, club activities and working at a securities company. In the process of working, I try to both work and participate to learn more, besides, I also participate in external courses so I get to learn more.”

"I feel blessed and proud, because I can pay for my studies on my own and can learn a lot, too,” said Hoa.