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Dec 11, 2018
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Vote Now For Saigon's Bar Of 2018

Saigon’s bar scene blossomed in 2018. This is the shortlist for the Vietcetera Saigon Bar of 2018 People’s Choice Award. Get voting.

Vote Now For Saigon's Bar Of 2018

Vote Now For Saigon's Bar Of 2018

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20180

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This is Vietcetera’s inaugural Saigon bar of the year list. From speakeasies and whisky dens, to brew houses and high-end cocktail bars, 2018 witnessed an explosion of places to drink in Saigon. These exciting new venues joined some more established bars—and our list represents that. This year also witnessed more pop-ups, masterclasses, and guest shifts than ever before with some of the world’s most talented bartenders touching down here which we’ve also taken into consideration.

The only downside of the booming Saigon bar scene is that making a list of the very best is getting harder and harder. So, to decide the Saigon bar of 2018, we put together this shortlist of ten of the best for you, the readers, to vote on. Honorable mentions go to Corked Tales, Below and Broma, Birdy, The Social Club, Alley Cocktail Bar & Kitchen, and a few others that fractionally missed out on the top ten.

In addition to the People’s Choice Award, there will also be a Saigon bar of the year award decided by a panel of experts. We’ll announce both results at our awards ceremony in January. Make your decision below. If you need help, read the descriptions further down the page. Polling closes at 5pm Saigon local time on Wednesday December 19th.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20181

The results will be disclosed when we announce the full range of winners of our Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018 in mid-January 2019.

Don’t forget to vote now for Saigon’s Restaurant of 2018 as well.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20182

The short list of the best bars in Saigon in 2018

Drinking & Healing

This year, Drinking & Healing was an exciting addition to the speakeasy scene. There’s the location—across the street from Bitexco Tower on the fringe of Nguyen Thai Binh ward—and the drinks, with solid classics, but also with bartenders willing to go off-menu upon request. In fact, they record every drink customers ask for, which they’re currently compiling into a recipe book.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20183
Drinking & Healing’s hushed lighting highlights their well-stocked bar in this 150-year-old building.

Then there were the masterclasses, like the one by Hidetsugu Ueno before his shift at ATM, and the guest shifts by bartenders like Monkey Shoulder’s Jay Gray. Not bad for a bar that only officially opened on 19th September.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20184
Drinking & Healing’s Dry Gin Sous-vide Lychee, with sake, acid citrid, and maraschino luxado.

What: A speakeasy in District 1’s cool Nguyen Thai Binh ward.

Where: 2nd Floor, 25 Ho Tung Mau

Why: Guest shifts and great cocktails—whether on or off-menu—in this historic building.

Layla – Eatery and Bar

Like the city itself Layla – Eatery and Bar refuses to stand still. This year they opened up another section adding a pool table and spacious smoking area with seating. At eleven-meters the bar is one of the longest in the city, but thanks to the warmth of its bartenders it’s also one of the most welcoming.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20185
Layla – Eatery and Bar, off Dong Khoi, is an old apartment conversion.

There’s a 5-8pm happy hour with an intriguing menu of eminently explorable cocktails—like the Not Any Ordinary Gimlet and the Kick Back Colada—and sharing cheese and charcuterie plates as well as Australian-infused seafood dishes. The location just off Dong Khoi helps too—who can refuse an offer of an after work drink in a bar you’ll probably be passing by anyway?

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20186
Layla’s bar manager, Thep Dinh, preparing one of his own special gin cocktails.

What: A cavernous cocktail bar and lounge in an old converted apartment.

Where: 63 Dong Du, District 1

Why: Packed out and scores high on every measure of a great bar we give it.

2 Lam Son

The Park Hyatt Saigon’s martini bar, 2 Lam Son, refuses to be dislodged from our Saigon bar of the year list regardless of the number of young upstarts that we add. This year might have been 2 Lam Son’s most exciting year ever. First, in January, they welcomed the Clumsies from Athens—the sixth best bar in the world—who made drinks like their El Draque, a mojito with its mint flavor delivered as a toothpaste.

Then, they finished the year with a visit to their Passion Week by Simone Caporale, former International Bartender of the Year (who also once kicked Justin Bieber out of his bar).

There were a number of other exciting guests in between, but the esteemed visitors just complimented a bar that has remained on top of its game for a long time now.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20187
The mezzanine floor of the Park Hyatt Saigon’s 2 Lam Son martini bar. The bar refuses to be dislodged from best-bar lists, despite the number of newcomers.

The bars signature cocktails elevate local ingredients and ideas, like the bitter melon Khổ Qua Negroni. There’s also classics, like the Lychee Martini, and a corner of the menu dedicated to the recipes of the special guests who have dropped by.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20188
The Clumsies’ Nikos Bakoulis during the sixth best bar in the world’s pop-up at 2 Lam Son in January.

What: The Park Hyatt Saigon’s timeless martini bar.

Where: 2 Lam Son, District 1

Why: Some of the best guest shifts of the year, and a perennial favorite.

Rabbit Hole

True to its name, Rabbit Hole is an underground hideaway. A stone’s throw from the Reunification Palace and beneath this branch of the ever-popular Ngon Restaurant, they make cocktails with the kind of precision that takes a classic and reminds us why we fell in love with it in the first place—just try their Ramos Gin Fizz for proof. They also make Alice in Wonderland-themed specials at their L-shaped bar beneath pictures in the style of Belgian Surrealist Rene Magritte.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 20189
Rabbit Hole’s Haunted Pumpkin made specially for Halloween with cognac, sweet vermout infused with cocoa nibs, pumpkin syrup and cream.

Plus, they were also generous enough to extend an invite to The Rabbit Hole, Bangkok—no relation except for the name—who won a special award from Asia Top 50 Bars.

Saigon’s Rabbit Hole is another new bar, opened in June, that hit the ground running.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201810
Rabbit Hole’s Dat Nguyen serving up the classics and some specials with precision.

What: A hidden Alice-themed cocktail bar and lounge.

Where: 138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 1

Why: The place for cocktail purists.

Sake Central Saigon

The opening of Sake Central Saigon signalled a shift in Saigon’s bar scene.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201811
Sake Central’s Elliot Faber, one of the Eight Four Collective who have brought a new concept to Saigon’s bar scene with this new bar that focuses on the Japanese fermented rice beverage.

This is a specialist sake joint backed by Sake Samurai Elliot Faber and the Eight Four Collective with a shared-table concept and some next-level design by Hong Kong’s Sean Dix—the creative behind Yardbird, Ronin, and Chom Chom, among many others.

Here, Sake Central show the impressive range of sake available, from rich, nutty nama sakes like the Narutotai Ginjo Nama Genshu to the light, fruity Tatenokawa ‘Seiryu’ Junmai Daiginjo. Just like its Cantonese sibling, Sake Central Hong Kong, this place is an education in Japanese culture…especially its beverages with bar manager and sake expert Jesse Selvagne as its benevolent head teacher.

What: A hub for Japanese culture that showcases its sake.

Where: 59 Dong Du, District 1

Why: Sean Dix design and a schooling in Japanese fermented rice beverage.


Japanese influence loomed large across the city this year and the renovation of Play was no exception. Despite evolving tastes Saigon’s residents still prefer to be roadside or in the open air to hidden or hard to find locations and so everyone always gravitated to Glow Skybar a floor above. Hyde, designed by MIA Design Studio, gave them a reason to start the night one floor down.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201812
Hyde’s 360-degree bar topped with a dramatic single curve of lighting.

Here, the 360-degree bar is the star topped with a dramatic single curve of lighting. There’s rain-washed Tokyo signage. And the drinks and food add to the ambience, with some fascinating highballs and conceptual cocktails by The Studio Saigon’s Richie Fawcett, and small plates of hotate scallops and salmon sashimi.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201813
A neo-Japanese mural at the bar below Glow that feels like a rain-washed alley of Tokyo.

What: A neo-Tokyo themed cocktail bar and lounge.

Where: 93 Nguyen Du, District 1

Why: Futuristic decor and an ingenious drink and dinner menu.

Firkin Bar

The team behind Racha Room and Stoker Woodfired Bar & Grill, both on Mac Thi Buoi, imposed their influence on the street even more with the opening of Firkin Bar late last year. In 2018, Saigon embraced the speakeasy, but Firkin took the trend to the next level.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201814
The team behind Firkin describe it as an “unconventional bar with conventional elements.”

The imposing door and vertiginous flight of stairs recalls Racha’s enntrance. But unlike at Racha, Firkin’s focus is its drinks. There’s whisky, served by dram and half dram, or in a three-serving tasting flight, and cocktails like the Four Pillars Negroni and the mint julep-inspired Bronze Bullet. Plus they have a few hand-picked cigars that you can enjoy out on the balcony.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201815
Firkin’s “Cafe Ba” created by their bar manager, Grace, for the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition Southeast Asia contains Bacardi 8, Jumping Goat coffee liqueur, Frangelico, cold brew coffee, salted caramel, and tonka bean.

What: A whisky and cocktail bar in downtown District 1.

Where: 20 Mac Thi Buoi, District 1

Why: An impeccable whisky selection and flawless mixology.

Nhau Nhau

What comes after eat, eat? Drink, drink, of course. Anan Saigon—whose name translates as “eat, eat”—created a destination dining experience among the buzz of District 1’s last wet market on Ton That Dam. But the “new” Vietnamese restaurant only took up the ground floor, the first floor, and the rooftop of the building so chef and founder Peter Cuong Franklin opened an 18-seat dining bar on the second floor.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201816
Some of the tasty modern Vietnamese bites Nhau Nhau serve alongside locally-inspired cocktails and shots like their balut cut lon—or feotus egg shot.

It’s also another project by designer Sean Dix that distilled everything that was good about Anan—innovative cuisine and locally-themed cocktails—into a cooler, more eye-catching space called Nhau Nhau, or “drink, drink.”

And nowhere else will you find a balut cut lon, a shot with a quail foetus egg inside.

What: A “new” Vietnamese dining bar.

Where: 89 Ton That Dam, District 1

Why: Truly innovative modern Vietnamese drinks and dishes.

Qui – Cuisine Mixology

From Vise Hospitality, who also created Envy Club, Qui – Cuisine Mixology is all woods and welcoming warm tones. Impressively, Qui – Cuisine Mixology reclaimed a location that had never quite taken off at 22 Le Thanh Ton, added DJs and good cocktails, and opened up the front to the chaos of Le Thanh Ton…and became a rip-roaring success.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201817
Qui Cuisine Mixology reinvented a location that never took off with a concept that balances creative cocktails and Asian-inspired cuisine.

There are small plates filled with Asian flavors, like the edamame with chilli garlic sauce, and the wok-charred chicken sate. There are classic cocktails too, like their Old Fashioned, and their Ramos Gin Fizz, and signatures including their Long Goodbye with Zacapa 23 rum and lavender and ginger. But then, it always takes a long time to say goodbye at Qui – Cuisine Mixology.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201818
One of Qui – Cuisine Mixology’s impressive cocktails and their bartender’s choice for September, the Monkey Panky.

What: Cuisine, mixology, and music.

Where: 22 Le Thanh Ton, District 1

Why: Mainstream but never mediocre.

Gin House

Hidden down an alley and curtained off from plain sight—like any self-respecting speakeasy should be—is the Gin House. The bar stocks around 125 gins, from the simple, clean Hendricks, to the Riesling-grape accented Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin. It’s a perfect place for concocting obscure gin and tonics or delving into their creative cocktail menu of signatures like the market inspired Ben Thanh.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201819
Gin House is a true speakeasy, hidden behind curtains in an alley off Nguyen Trai.

It’s a sign of the Gin House’s skills that its bartenders have starting winning recognition—like Nguyen Thanh Trung, the Vietnam and Asia representative at the Opihr World Adventure Cocktail Competition 2018.

Vote Now For Saigons Bar Of 201820
The Gin House’s The Rose with gin infused with rose and hibicus, thyme, and cranberry.

What: A Gin House with around 125 bottles of the botanical liquor.

Where: 28/3A Ton That Tung, District 1

Why: Packed nightly with regular live music…and those artisanal gins.

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