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Nov 03, 2021

5 Vietnamese Drama Series To Binge-Watch This Winter

From 11 Tháng 5 Ngày to Phía Trước Là Bầu Trời, stream these beloved Vietnamese TV drama series from the comfort of your own home this winter.

5 Vietnamese Drama Series To Binge-Watch This Winter

These winter-friendly series have captured the hearts of Vietnamese drama fans.

Winter is here, and although it doesn’t get that cold here in Vietnam, it’s still the perfect chilly season for cozying up at the movies. With cinemas still closed, consider some of the most beloved Vietnamese drama series you can stream right from the comfort of your own home. 

As a follow-up to our list of must-watch TV series for the summer, we curated a list of must-watch Vietnamese television series for winter that will surely make you cry, laugh, root for, and hate the characters, all at once.

Thanks to major improvements in the Vietnamese TV industry in recent years, these winter-friendly series have captured the hearts of the viewers with heartfelt stories written and produced by some of the country’s most talented directors and production teams.

Whether you’re watching alone, with friends, or maybe with a special someone, here are the 5 Vietnamese drama series to binge-watch this winter. 

Về Nhà Đi Con (2019)

A real audience-favorite in 2019 and a consistent top-rated series during its run, Về Nhà Đi Con was regarded as one of the most watched television series in Vietnam. It’s storyline and the actors’ portrayals took the viewers on a rollercoaster ride, all for good reasons. 

Về Nhà Đi Con is about family — a theme that never fails to make hearts melt. The drama is set in Hanoi and revolves around the story of a single father and his three daughters, who all have distinctive personalities and are going through different paths. Amidst their differences, the family sticks together through ups and downs. They know how much they need each other, and vow to be there no matter what. 

What really makes this drama a standout is how it tackles social issues and prejudices, and how these affect lives and relationships. During its run, the viewers always had something to look forward to, as each of the over 85 30-minute episodes had something new to offer. The viewers rooted for the family to succeed and be happy — and you’d surely do the same when you watch it. 

Watch the full series here

11 Tháng 5 Ngày (2021)

Currently aired on VTV3, 11 Tháng 5 Ngày is one of the most trending series in Vietnam today. It’s always a top topic on social media and in film forums, with the majority giving the show a thumbs up.

Famous actors Kha Ngan and Thanh Son play the lead roles, a young couple experiencing the joys and pains of life together. From being mere strangers who were forced to live in the same hotel in Hanoi, to becoming lovers, the two love birds face life together. They go through heartbreaks, learn about compromise and trust, and understand the influence of the people around them. It is their sincere love for each other that prevails at the end.

Is there really true love? 11 Tháng 5 Ngày is a proof.

The series is nearing its end, so what are you waiting for — watch now and enjoy the feeling of being in love!

Where to watch: VTV3

Timeslot: Monday to Wednesday, 9:30pm

Cô Gái Xấu Xí (2008–2009)

Though released more than a decade ago, Cô Gái Xấu Xí remains one of the most celebrated series for Vietnamese drama fans, from the North to the South of the country. And why not? The series is incredibly inspiring, and has given teenagers a wider understanding of the importance of their inner strength and self-esteem. 

The series follows the story of Huyen Dieu, a smart, well-educated and capable girl but with an unappealing look and poor fashion sense. Her physical appearance becomes an obstacle for her as she tries to shine at the fashion agency where she works. Huyen Dieu is also clumsy, and easily gets nervous around people, making her more of a target of hurtful jokes from her colleagues. But she’s not the one to back down. Huyen Dieu has always dreamed of working in the fashion industry, and so she works hard and proves her worth.

In the end, she wins the hearts of her co-workers, and even her boss. Huyen Dieu becomes a star, with her glow coming from the purity of her heart. 

In today’s world where everyone gives judgment so easily, Cô Gái Xấu Xí teaches us one important lesson: more than meets the eye.

Watch the full series here

Phía Trước Là Bầu Trời (2001)

Thanks to social media, this 2001 drama has gone viral recently, and has raised curiosity among the new generation of TV viewers. Phía Trước Là Bầu Trời, starring Nguyet, Thuong and Nhung, is a story of three girls who just graduated from university but stayed in their dormitory along with undergraduates in the city of Hanoi. As they navigate through life as adults, they discover each other’s imperfections and differences. They eventually choose different paths and end their friendship, just like what happens in real life. 

It’s this realistic and relatable storyline that makes Phía Trước Là Bầu Trời still a hit among young adults and students at present time. It allows viewers to feel young, and to reminisce both the good and bad times that led them to where they are now.

Watch the full series here

Hương Vị Tình Thân (2021)

Hương Vị Tình Thân is perfect for binge-watching this winter season. The story revolves around families and their relationships, and everything that comes with them, including happiness and sorrows, fights and reconciliations. 

After discovering that she’s adopted, lead character Phuong Nam realizes that her whole life is a lie. She’s hurt, and she feels betrayed by the people whom she thought were her real family. Feeling lost, Phuong Nam tries hard to find her real parents and heal a part of herself that’s been deeply damaged. She eventually gets what she deserves, meets the love of her life, and she’s finally happy again. 

The series has just aired the second season, and its fans still want more. 

Where to watch: VTV1

Timeslot: Monday to Friday, 9pm