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Oct 28, 2022

5 Vietnamese Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween Season

From stories of revenge to blood-sucking plants, here are some of Vietnam’s best horror films for some spine-tingling fun.
5 Vietnamese Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween Season

Nothing beats a good old horror movie on the scariest night of the year. | Source: Shutterstock

There could be so many ways to celebrate Halloween – you can dress up in costumes (it can be fun or terrifying), go trick-or-treating, or spend time with friends at midnight parties. And although Halloween is not a holiday in Vietnam, it has become super popular in major cities. Adults and teens go all out with their outfits and gatherings.

However, nothing beats a good old horror movie on the scariest night of the year. If you are tired of Western horrors full of familiar troops and jump scares, why not switch it up and watch these 5 Vietnamese scary movies for a change?



Muoi follows Yoon-hee, a Korean writer who could not publish a book after so many attempts. After hearing a Vietnamese tale about Muoi from a friend, she decided to travel to Vietnam to explore the story for her book. This has led Yoon-hee into a never-ending battle for revenge. Fifteen years later, the second part of “Muoi" was brought to life by director Hang Trinh. You can stream the first movie on Netflix.

Lời Nguyền Huyết Ngải (RH108)


Three students from Hanoi Medical University - Binh, Khai, and Tuy accidentally found a strange plant that sucks human blood. Interested in this new specie, they chose it for their research project. Little did they know, they got intertwined into a mystery that could put their lives at risk. “Loi Nguyen Huyet Ngai" is inspired by the short story “Huyet Dang."

Quả Tim Máu (Vengeful Heart)


Victor Vu is a talented director in the Vietnamese film industry. Every movie with his name gets a stamp of approval for the high quality he delivers. Therefore, “Vengeful Heart" won’t disappoint adrenaline junkies. In the beginning, viewers are introduced to Linh - a woman who has just had an operation to replace her heart. The incident triggers a series of strange events, leading to a plot twist that makes the audience gasp.

Ngôi Nhà Trong Hẻm (House In The Alley)


On Valentine's Day in 2012, amidst the massive amount of romantic movies, a horror film was released called “House In The Alley." The film begins with the love story between Thanh and Thao - a married couple. However, after the miscarriage, Thao was depressed and started to show strange behaviors. At the same time, the house was suddenly possessed by mysterious forces. Watch “House In The Alley" to see whether the couple can survive this tragedy.

Đoạt Hồn (Hollow)


“Hollow" made its debut in 2014, exploiting the topic of religious rituals and exorcism. The movie can scare viewers not because of ghosts or jumpscares but rather an intricate and disturbing plot. In addition, the convincing performance of the actors in “Hollow" adds another layer of scaredness. The film is available to watch on Netflix.