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Jul 01, 2024
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Actress Phương Anh Đào's 5-Year Journey Defining Success

Phương Anh Đào reflected, "It's not just one drink that defines me, but the entire journey of discovering my favorite drink adorns my portrait."
Actress Phương Anh Đào's 5-Year Journey Defining Success

Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Phương Anh Đào has starred as the female lead in several blockbuster movies, including Summer in Closed Eyes, Glorious Ashes, Invisible Evidence, and the recent box office hit Mai, which was a great success this Tet. She captivates audiences with her stunning, sharp, and fresh appearance.

Starting as a student at the University of Theatre and Cinema Ho Chi Minh City, Phương Anh Đào's path to stardom was marked by years of struggle and a tumultuous journey. Today, she is a name that guarantees box office success for Vietnamese movies.

In the Have A Sip podcast, Phương Anh Đào shares insights into what has made her the charismatic, radiant, and attractive actress she is today.

The 5-year deadline that defined success

Phương Anh Đào's decision to set a 5-year limit for her acting career was inspired by her teacher's advice: five years after graduation, return to visit and discuss achievements and setbacks. This period would help determine her suitability for the profession. As a newcomer with only one or two movies, she initially had little to discuss.

Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Six months before reaching her 5-year deadline, Phương Anh Đào was still struggling, without any significant achievements in her career. However, her breakthrough came in the summer of 2018 with the role of Nhật Hạ in Summer in Closed Eyes.

This role marked a turning point, leading to her subsequent acclaimed performances in films like Glorious Ashes and Mai. Thanks to her perseverance and her teacher's guidance, Phương Anh Đào has delivered numerous quality works for audiences to enjoy.

Phương Anh Đào's toughest roles revealed!

Reflecting on her journey as an actress, Phương Anh Đào identified three particularly challenging roles.

The first was the role of Thu, a blind police officer in Invisible Evidence. In this movie, she had to portray a character burdened with hurt and regret. At that time, Phương Anh Đào felt she lacked the experience and emotional depth required for such a complex role.

The second challenging role was Nhàn in Glorious Ashes, directed by Bùi Thạc Chuyên. Nhàn is described as a woman who makes men feel like they want to return home to be with her. While the director's instruction seemed simple, Phương Anh Đào had to work hard to convey the character's emotional nuances effectively.

The most recent difficult role was Mai in the film of the same name. This character demanded a high level of technical skill and concentration. However, this project also marked a period of significant growth for Phương Anh Đào, showcasing her development in acting skills, experience, and personal mindset.

Actress Phương Anh Đào in the movie 'Mai' | Source: 24H

What drink choice talks about Phương Anh Đào?

Phương Anh Đào's drink of choice on the Have A Sip podcast is peach cold brew, a type of cold brew coffee with fruit. Initially, she couldn't drink this type of coffee and started her journey with Vietnamese milk coffee to stay alert.

However, she eventually found the high sugar content in milk coffee to be unhealthy, prompting her to switch to iced coffee. Over time, she found iced coffee too bitter for her taste and eventually discovered that cold brew was a perfect fit for her.

Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

This journey depicts that every choice, whether successful or not, involves a process of exploration. Finding her preferred drink reflects her broader journey, balancing reason and personal preferences to discover what suits her.

Healthy is the new sexy

Despite her stunning appearance, Phương Anh Đào once struggled with self-esteem, feeling less feminine and gentle compared to her peers. Through her acting roles and accumulated knowledge and experience, she realized that true beauty comes from inner confidence.

She also believes that good health is crucial to enhancing one's beauty. Maintaining good health in mind, spirit, and body is essential for nurturing passions and ambitions. This involves persistent habits in diet, exercise, and continuous learning.

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