Art Enthusiasts, Eyes Here! There’s A New Artful Vibe Taking Over Saigon | Vietcetera
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Jan 08, 2024

Art Enthusiasts, Eyes Here! There’s A New Artful Vibe Taking Over Saigon

Wiking Salon blends formality with comfort and revives the spirit of “salon”  in its contemporary exhibition space with three areas: Event Hall, Meeting Room, and VIP Lounge.
Art Enthusiasts, Eyes Here! There’s A New Artful Vibe Taking Over Saigon

Source: Wiking Salon

Wiking Salon x Vietcetera

Wiking Salon isn’t just an art space; it’s a hub for artistic minds to meet and connect. It’s where people with similar interests, hobbies, and a love for art hang out. It’s not just for showing and swapping art; it’s a lively spot where music, fashion, and food come together.

You can find Wiking Salon in Centec Tower, and it’s a fancy ‘living room’ for members of the Wiking Private Club to chill with their important friends.

Right in the heart of the city, Wiking Salon is a hidden gem in busy Saigon. Stepping inside feels like entering a totally different world. It’s all warm yellow lights and modern style, with cool walls that make it feel private, free, and super inspiring.

Wiking Salon is versatile. It’s great for various events, conferences, performances, parties, and business meetings. But why do they call it a “salon”? What artistic ideas make this place so awesome?

Immerse yourself in a sophisticated art-infused dining experience | Source: Wiking Salon

The Essence of ‘Salon’

“Salon,” contrary to the common association with beauty parlors, has its roots in the 17th-century French nobility’s culture of intellectual gatherings and conversations.

These salons explored and discussed diverse topics like culture, art, science, and philosophy. Hosts meticulously orchestrated these gatherings, ensuring both formality and a private, exclusive environment for all attendees.

A glimpse into a 17th-century French noble “salon” gathering | Source: The Collector

These gatherings were known for their open and respectful discussions, emphasizing the quality of conversation. Typically set up a cozy living room, with a large central table and chairs arranged around it, these salons fostered an intimate and engaging atmosphere for a select few.

The evolution of these meetings profoundly impacted European culture, thought, and art over the centuries. Modern iterations of the salon culture have since permeated various artistic mediums like poetry, music, and painting, evolving beyond their 18th-century origins.

Wiking Salon blends formality with comfort and revives the salon’s spirit in its contemporary exhibition space. Comprising three primary areas – the Event Hall, Meeting Room, and VIP Lounge – Wiking Salon caters to diverse artistic events and clientele, each space offering a unique encounter with art.

The Event Ecosystem at Wiking Salon: Three Distinct Zones with Unique Artistic Characteristics

Wiking Salon, true to the ethos of the salon culture, is a nexus for individuals and organizations united by their love for art. Here, people from diverse backgrounds converge in an exquisitely designed space to revel in the beauty of art.

This event ecosystem at Wiking Salon is a purposeful blend of dining, dialogue, and relaxation in a singular, harmonious location. This setting allows like-minded individuals to intersect and engage with each other on their shared artistic journey.

Source: Wiking Salon

Event Hall - A Grand Banquet Hall Illuminated by Warm Lights

The Event Hall is the most expansive area in Wiking Salon, showcasing a blend of artistic layout and romantic, ambient lighting.

The Even Hall’s ample space is perfect for hosting elegant dinners,

It is the welcoming area and exudes modern sophistication, making it an ideal backdrop for art exhibitions and immersive artistic experiences.

The room’s ample space is perfect for hosting elegant dinners, with secluded walls offering a private haven detached from the outer world.

Meeting Room - A Private Chamber for Thoughtful Deliberations

While the Event Hall offers grandeur, the Meeting Room is tailored for formal and intimate partner meetings.

Source: Wiking Salon.

It’s the perfect spot for strategic discussions and engaging conferences, bathed in natural light streaming through large windows and furnished with a cozy seating arrangement.

The room’s wooden interiors and touches of greenery bring a sense of freshness and elegance, fostering a refined and contemplative environment.

VIP Lounge - An Intimate Retreat Echoing a Personal Living Room

The VIP Lounge, serene and softly lit, mirrors the comfort of one’s living room, offering a tranquil escape. Its decor, focusing on soft velvet and subtle shimmer, creates an inviting and intimate atmosphere.

The VIP Lounge stands as a testament to exclusivity and refined taste. | Source: Wiking Salon

This area serves as a cultural and artistic intersection and beautifully captures the essence of the traditional French salon culture.

Dedicated to Wiking Private Club members, the VIP Lounge stands as a testament to exclusivity and refined taste.

Wiking Salon - A Realm of Aesthetic Exploration

Wiking Salon is set to host "Traversing Realms," an enlightening art exhibition that initiates thought-provoking dialogues and deep reflections on the concept of boundaries in today’s world.

This exhibition, "Traversing Realms," embarks on an exploratory journey into the boundaries of contemporary society. It delves into not just tangible, physical borders but also the intangible frontiers of ideology and thought.

Featuring at Wiking Salon | Source: Wiking Salon

The exhibition showcases the work of renowned artists Nguyen Thuy Hang, Nguyen Thi Chau Giang, Duong Thuy Duong, and Nguyen Quoc Dung. Together, they weave a narrative that challenges and expands the traditional confines of contemporary art and human perception.

"Traversing Realms" is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM, between December 23, 2023, and February 4, 2024, at Wiking Salon’s ground floor space in Centec Tower. Admission is free with mandatory pre-registration, ensuring an immersive and fulfilling experience for all visitors.

Embodying the ethos of fostering rich, multi-faceted discussions, Wiking Salon ensures a convergence of ideas among art lovers. This environment not only deepens connections among art enthusiasts but also elevates the experience of the banquets at Wiking Salon, rendering them more sophisticated and unforgettable.