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Jun 20, 2024

BEYOND Expo: Bridging Greater Asia with the World Through Innovation and Sustainability

Hao Tran, CEO at Vietcetera attended BEYOND EXPO in Macau and spoke with Dr. Lu Gang, Co-Founder of BEYOND EXPO.
BEYOND Expo: Bridging Greater Asia with the World Through Innovation and Sustainability


On my visit to Macau for the BEYOND EXPO, one of Asia’s premier cross-border conferences for tech, I had the chance to speak with Dr. Lu Gang, co-founder of BEYOND Expo, about the vision and impact of the program held in Macau.

Dr. Lu shares the expo's objectives, highlights breakthrough technologies, and emphasizes the importance of sustainability and innovation in driving the tech industry forward.

The expo is crucial in connecting Vietnam and Southeast Asia with the global tech landscape, particularly greater Asia, fostering collaboration and showcasing the region's potential. I have for you below the detailed Q&A from the conversation.

1. Can you share the key objectives and vision behind the Beyond EXPO Macau?

The key objectives of BEYOND Expo are to create a premier platform for innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange in the tech industry. Our vision is to bring together global leaders, innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs to explore emerging technologies, foster business partnerships, and drive sustainable growth.

We aim to position Macao as a central hub for technological advancement and international cooperation in Asia, enhancing its role in the global tech ecosystem.

2. How does the Beyond EXPO aim to foster innovation and collaboration in the tech industry?

BEYOND Expo fosters innovation and collaboration by providing a dynamic environment where startups, established companies, investors, and thought leaders can connect and interact. This year we have over 20,000 attendees and 820 exhibitors, with 40% of them representing international companies and overseas startups. Through a variety of events, including 160+ panel discussions, Fund at First Pitch, and networking sessions, we facilitate the exchange of ideas, project presentations, and the latest innovations.


Our diverse forums and sessions address the latest trends and challenges, encouraging cross-industry collaboration and the development of groundbreaking solutions across the three key sub-brands: ConsumerTech, ClimateTech, and Healthcare.

3. What role does sustainability play in the projects showcased at the Beyond EXPO?

Sustainability is a core focus of the projects showcased at BEYOND Expo. This year, we have rebranded our sub-brand BEYOND Sustainability to BEYOND ClimateTech. We highlight initiatives that promote environmentally friendly technologies, sustainable business practices, and innovative solutions to global challenges such as climate change and resource management.

By emphasizing sustainability, we aim to inspire companies and entrepreneurs to integrate sustainable practices into their operations and to develop technologies that contribute to a more sustainable future. We are delighted to see many companies and partners participate in the ClimateTech Forum this year, making it one of the most impactful sessions at BEYOND Expo 2024.

4. Can you highlight any breakthrough technologies or startups featured in this year's expo?

At the BEYOND Awards 2024, we recognized the limitless possibilities of technological innovation and its influence on the global community.

The winners were selected by the BEYOND Awards Committee based on a comprehensive evaluation of technical content, commercial value, and innovation.


For the ConsumerTech Innovation Awards, the recognized projects include Nothing Phone, AI² Robotics, IFLYREC, Loona AI Petbot, Dataa Robotics, ZENO TACOS, GENEINNO T2 Underwater Robot, AEROFUGIA’s AE200 eVTOL, and FrictionX.

For the BEYOND ClimateTech Innovation Awards, the selected projects are China State Construction International Holdings Limited’s Carbon Neutrality Cloud Platform, Mauo Energy Community, WeRide Robobus, RePlasTerial, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, DeepCtrls, CCECC Digital Intelligence Construction Management System Platform DIC Pro 4.0, and Originnovation LTD’s Twenty-fifty.

Additionally, for the BEYOND BioTech Innovation Awards, the winners include Insilico Medicine, BioGeometry, Bellagen, SYNBIOLAB’s Green Raw Materials, PackGene Biotech, and HEMOGEN’s Stem Cell Gene Therapy Platform, etc.

5. How does Beyond EXPO support the integration of emerging technologies into traditional industries?

BEYOND Expo supports the integration of emerging technologies into traditional industries by facilitating discussions and collaborations between tech innovators and industry leaders and sessions such as Funds at First Pitch, where we aim to bridge ideas with capital. We provide platforms for showcasing successful case studies of technology adoption in traditional sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare.


Additionally, our targeted forums offer insights and strategies for effectively implementing new technologies, helping traditional industries to modernize and enhance their efficiency.

6. What are your expectations for the future impact of Beyond EXPO on the global tech landscape?

We expect BEYOND Expo to have a profound impact on the global tech landscape by accelerating innovation, fostering international collaborations, and driving sustainable development. As we continue to expand our reach and influence, we aim to be a key catalyst for technological advancement and economic growth worldwide.

In 2025, we hope to attract even more attendees and exhibitors from a wider range of countries. By bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders, BEYOND Expo will help shape the future of technology, addressing global challenges and creating opportunities for all.