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May 27, 2024

Boutique Event Spaces In Ho Chi Minh City: Places To Host A Party

Saigon’s event scene is rapidly evolving, with an increasing demand for unique and stylish venues. From trendy restaurants to flexible office spaces, there’s a spot for every type of event.
Boutique Event Spaces In Ho Chi Minh City: Places To Host A Party

Source: The Brix - Eatery & Bar Lounge

Ho Chi Minh City’s event scene is thriving, offering a diverse array of boutique spaces perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re planning a corporate function, a social gathering, or a creative workshop, these venues provide the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

CTY Kitchen & Bar is a top choice for business events and casual meetings, while The Sentry Sonatus (P and Z, included) offers a warm, relaxed vibe for the new generation of workers. Zumwhere brings a “Modern Japanese” concept to the city center, ideal for various gatherings. The Brix - Eatery & Bar Lounge provides a tropical-inspired oasis for private events, and Sóno Grill & Bar combines upscale Vietnamese fusion with a Bohemian Chic atmosphere. Each of these venues offers a unique experience, ensuring your event will be memorable and enjoyable.

From business conferences to intimate gatherings, organizers are on the lookout for boutique event spaces that offer more than just a place—they seek an experience.

CTY Kitchen & Bar

Source: CTY Kitchen & Bar

CTY Kitchen & Bar is a Vietnamese restaurant known for its innovative and delicious menu. It’s a top choice for business events and casual meetings, capable of hosting over 200 guests. Located conveniently near District 1, CTY offers a large open space shaded by trees, perfect for al fresco dining with minimal outdoor noise.

With a diverse menu featuring Vietnamese and international flavors, CTY is a versatile choice for any occasion. Their best-seller, the Watermelon Cake, along with oysters and flavorful cocktails like Tango Mango, are highly recommended. Whether you're stopping by for a quiet weekday lunch or enjoying a cocktail in the evening, CTY's outdoor dining area is a wonderful choice for any time of day.

The Sentry Sonatus

Source: The Sentry

The Sentry at Sonatus welcomes you with a vast, bright space that exudes a warm and relaxed vibe. This flexible office space houses over 70 startups and firms in various sectors, including tech and finance. The Sentry has evolved into a community developer focused on building an exclusive community of creatives and tech entrepreneurs.

With additional locations like The Sentry P in District 2 and The Sentry Z in District 1, the brand offers advanced technologies and innovative designs across the city. The Sentry P features inspiring and functional workspaces, while The Sentry Z is an eco-friendly coworking space with Lotus Gold accreditation, making it a top choice for those seeking sustainable work environments.


Source: Zumwhere

Zumwhere, with its seven branches in the city center, brings the concept of "Modern Japanese" to Ho Chi Minh City. This venue is perfect for escaping the pressures of life and enjoying delicious food in a modern, airy space with a tropical style.

Zumwhere meets all space requirements, from outdoor to indoor, intimate to luxurious. It’s an ideal meeting place for birthday parties, year-end parties, weddings, outdoor parties, and networking events, offering a great ambiance for memorable moments with loved ones.

The Brix - Eatery & Bar Lounge

Source: Fika, The Brix

The Brix is a contemporary restaurant and bar that offers a tropical-inspired oasis in Saigon. Known for its beautiful landscape, great service, and satisfying food, The Brix is perfect for private events, brunches, and dinner parties.

With DJs available for parties, poolside gatherings, and a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere, The Brix provides an excellent setting for creating memorable moments. Escape the city and step into this tropical haven for your next event.

Sóno Grill & Bar

Source: Sóno Grill & Bar

Sóno Grill & Bar is an upscale Vietnamese fusion grill restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows, blonde wood tones, and minimalistic rattan decor. The sleek, dimly lit interior creates a Bohemian Chic vibe that is both welcoming and sophisticated.

Sono Grill features an open kitchen and bar, allowing guests to observe the culinary and bartending teams in action. The menu celebrates local Vietnamese ingredients, focusing on high-quality cuts of meat and fish. The staff's friendly approach makes guests feel at a cozy dinner party, perfect for any gathering.