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Dec 21, 2022

Vietcetera’s Biggest Events Of 2022

From the massively successful Flavors 2022 to the recently concluded month-long Vietnam Innovators Summit, here’s a summary of what Vietcetera has been up to in 2022.
Vietcetera’s Biggest Events Of 2022

Here we list our biggest events of 2022 and hope to replicate the success in the year to come. | Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Putting together an event — from determining the audience size to budget and production — is a huge deal and, indeed, is demanding in all ways. It gets easier, though, with the help of a reliable and responsible team, a cautiously devised plan, and the right tools in your hands.

“Hosting events is like an ambush,” said Victoria Tran, Vietcetera’s Campaigns Director. For the past three years and the years before, pulling off events (all things considered) is no easy matter, and it just got more complicated with the threat of the virus still looming.

As an “event wizard,” Victoria knows that “event organizers are always flexible and have to be ready for any last-minute changes.” However, even when the government eased Vietnam’s health protocols during the first quarter of this year, her team had to remain cautious and extra prepared for any adjustments.

Victoria Tran (2-R) and the Vietcetera events team | Source: Vietcetera

Their mantra was: “If anything happens, let it happen and adapt to it.” Teamwork always makes the dream work, and to Victoria’s team, whatever and however they had to overcome things, they just stuck together and worked on solving everything with one goal in mind — make it a success.

“We are fortunate enough to pull through numerous events and also very lucky to have attendees who believed in us,” Victoria said. “We taught ourselves not to be discouraged easily, and we learned to be patient and ready to do everything again and again.”

When asked what’s in store for 2023, Victoria couldn’t share the specifics but promised “bigger and more surprises.” The Campaigns Director also said they plan to cover more industries with a broader range of activities — concerts, workshops, more brand partnerships, and collaboration opportunities.

But before we jump into the new year, let’s look at what transpired this year — 12 events that include partnerships with the US and Australia government agencies, a culinary showcase with renowned chefs, branded insight discussions, university tours, an in-house summit and many more.

Here we list our biggest events of 2022 and hope to replicate the success in the year to come.

Flavors Vietnam 2022

Flavors Vietnam's Food & Beverage Conference | Source: Vietcetera

Despite the many schedule delays because of COVID-19, the celebration of Vietnam’s Food & Beverage Industry must go on. From the regular features on up-and-coming diners to the prestigious Banh Mi Awards we’ve been staging since 2018, this year’s Flavors Vietnam was indeed a celebration, not only in Ho Chi Minh City, but we also brought the festivities in Hanoi.

In 2020, Vietcetera decided to make this an annual event adding the Food & Beverage Conference on top of the Banh Mi Awards. Vietcetera and Mastercard are making it even bigger — by adding more flavors. This year’s a 4-month series of exciting and gastronomic activities in Hanoi and HCMC, including Vietnamese F&B players across the globe.

Flavors Vietnam is a series of mouthwatering activities — dining experience, culinary challenges, conferences, and awards. If you think Flavors 2022 was huge, brace yourself for what’s coming in 2023!

Mastercard Customer Forum

Mastercard Customer Forum in Da Nang | Source: Vietcetera

With the theme “A World Beyond Cash – Accelerating, Innovating, Connecting you to Priceless Possibilities,” Mastercard Customer Forum helped sketch the big picture of the current payment landscape, drawing the ways how Mastercard and its key partners join hands to increase the capability of payment and better serve the population of 100-million people in Vietnam.

Vietcetera curated the gala dinner and welcoming reception, from design requirements and audio-visual support to hosting the actual event and tailoring the key people for the gathering. Mastercard’s partnered with Vietcetera for a while now, and in the coming year, there will be more!

Coi Mo Di Unitour

(L-R) Minh Trang, Thuy Minh, and Ky Nam | Source: Vietcetera

“A journey to discover the real you” is the goal of Coi Mo Di Unitour. With the desire to open a journey among young people who share many questions about themselves, Durex partnered with Vietcetera to organize the Coi Mo di Unitour in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Each stop was an opportunity for participants to discover themselves and uncover the potentials they have within.

2022 has seen two batches of tours from May to October; the program went to 16 universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to equip students with knowledge and experiences to discover and express themselves. There’s more to come in 2023, and perhaps we’ll reach more schools outside the major cities.

Viglacera Event - Touch the Future

Touch the Future event at the VietBuild Exhibition | Source: Vietcetera

Amidst heavy downpours on June 24, dozens of experts and enthusiasts in architecture and design gathered at Viglacera’s booth at the VietBuild Exhibition in Saigon’s District 12.

Centered on the theme “Touch The Future,” the networking event was an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas on the different trends in the field, new design technologies, and how the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change have reshaped the industry as a whole.

With exclusive technology from Italy, Viglacera is the first manufacturer in Vietnam to offer large-sized porcelain panels. Viglacera has made a new stride ahead as a pioneer in applying this innovative technology, as well as the ethos of interest in developing its connection with partners.

On display at the 360-sqm exhibition, booth are some of Viglacera’s world-class products — from the granite and porcelain tiles to touchless smart toilets and a matte-glazed black bathtub — all exhibiting elegance and quality, and future-proof features.

Taste of Australia

(L-R) Hao Tran, Helly Tong, Chef Chris Donnellan, Rebecca Ball, and Le Quoc Vinh for the Taste of Australia series | Source: Vietcetera

From May 13 to June 5, the annual celebration of Australian premium food and beverages, dubbed the “Taste of Australia,” took place. The series of events was also about building on Australia’s international reputation as a supplier of high-quality F&B products.

This year’s program kicked off with a launch in Ho Chi Minh City on 20 April through June with a range of official events run by the Australian Embassy in Hanoi, the Australian Consulate-General in HCMC, and Austrade.

The Taste of Australia partnership also featured Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner Rebecca Ball with Hao Tran speaking to a few influential names in the F&B industry and entrepreneurs. Chef Chris Donnellan from Stoker Woodfired Grill & Bar, entrepreneur and environmental speaker Helly Tong, and restaurateur Le Quoc Vinh joined the conversation.

United Tastes: Saigon Burger Showcase

The Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), in partnership with the USDA Cooperators and as part of the United Tastes series, Vietcetera helped put together the "Saigon Burger Showcase” to promote American food and culture and the high-quality, high-value U.S. agricultural products.

United Tastes is a digital marketing campaign meant to connect, educate, and inspire Vietnamese consumers with a wide range of high-value, high-quality, safe, and healthy products from the United States.

Featuring Vietnam’s best of the best in the kitchen, the Saigon Burger Showcase was graced by Chef Harold Ngo, Vietnam’s first-ever Masterchef winner, Chef Tristan Ngo, dubbed the “OG (original gangster, which means original or first of its kind) Chef” in Ho Chi Minh City, and Chef Tommy Tran, who made a name for himself when he joined the phenomenally successful international chef show Top Chef.

Vietnam Innovators Summit

Vietnam Innovators Summit | Source: Vietcetera

The Vietnam Innovators Summit is a Vietcetera-initiated live event series inspired by the media firm’s top-rated business podcast Vietnam Innovators. And this year’s biggest one!

The Vietnam Innovators Summit event series comprises The Conference (main event) and four Industry Insights Sessions spread throughout November. The whole-day gathering, dubbed ‘The Conference, ’ saw 17 industry experts, including the US Consul-General in HCMC Susan Burns, AIA Vietnam’s CEO Wayne Besant, and Alexander Koch from HEINEKEN Vietnam, talk about Vietnam’s massive economic and social transformation, the innovations happening right here and now, and why the future of the country must be centered around sustainability.

With the number of influential minds and exemplary innovators we brought together this year, we’re confident that 2023 will be a whole lot better and bigger.