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Nov 28, 2023

Chef Takeover 2: Where Vietnamese And Malaysian Michelin-Starred Flavors Meet

Chef Takeover Season 2 is back, featuring an unprecedented collaboration between Chef Hoang Tung and Chef Lee Zhe Xi. What culinary delights will they bring to this fine dining experience?
Chef Takeover 2: Where Vietnamese And Malaysian Michelin-Starred Flavors Meet

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When we think about fine dining, it often brings to mind visions of crisp white tablecloths, soft candlelight, pleasant background music, and a menu full of delicious dishes. However, the dining experience at Chef Takeover extends beyond these traditional elements.

Hosted by Vietcetera, Chef Takeover is an annual culinary event featuring two leading chefs from distinct global culinary backgrounds. These chefs are not just any cooks; they are selected from the prestigious Michelin Guide and The World’s 50 Best Chefs. In this event, the two chefs collaborate on a shared kitchen stage, offering guests a live demonstration of their culinary prowess.

Building on the success of its first season, which attracted over 60 participants and garnered 220,000 media impressions, Chef Takeover’s second season is set to make its grand return on November 29-30 of this year at the Å by TUNG restaurant.

Source: Å by TUNG.

This season’s theme, “Melting Pot - A Joyful Culinary Voyage!” promises a gastronomic journey, where the Chef Takeover's chefs guide diners through a flavorful exploration of cuisines, ranging from the authentic tastes of Vietnam to the rich culinary heritage of Malaysia.

So, who are these culinary artists?

The two distinguished chefs gracing Chef Takeover 2 are:

Chef Hoang Tung

A luminary in the culinary scene, Chef Hoang Tung has earned a place in Forbes Vietnam Under 30 in 2022. As the co-founder and head chef of two acclaimed fine-dining establishments, TUNG Dining and Å by TUNG, his expertise is widely recognized. His culinary prowess was further acknowledged when he received the title “Best Chef of the Year” at the Vietnam Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 hosted by Vietcetera.

Chef Hoang Tung | Source: Å by TUNG.

Pioneering the concept of the Tasting Menu in Vietnam, Chef Hoang Tung is at the forefront of a culinary revolution. This innovative approach involves serving a sequence of 6 to 20 small courses, each designed to be consumed in just one or two bites. This method is based on the understanding that the brain forms a lasting impression of a flavor after only 3-4 tastings, ensuring that each dish remains intriguing and satisfying even in small quantities.

Chef Tung’s Tasting Menu is a masterclass in balance and refinement, offering guests meticulously curated small portions. His menus are known for their precision and unpredictability, inviting guests on a sensory journey that combines taste, aroma, and visual presentation with exceptional ingredients.

Chef Lee Zhe Xi

Chef Lee Zhe Xi, chef-owner of Eat & Cook in Malaysia, is another culinary virtuoso participating in Chef Takeover 2. His restaurant is not only ranked 79th among the Top 100 Best Restaurants in Asia 2023 by Michelin but also features in the Top 20 Best Restaurants in Malaysia, according to Tatler’s Dining Malaysia 2022.

Chef Lee has made a significant mark by successfully introducing the Omakase model to Malaysia. In his Eat & Cook restaurant, each session caters to 20 guests, with the kitchen centrally located to allow diners to witness the intricate preparation of the Omakase menu.

Chef Lee Zhe Xi | Source: Eat & Cook.

Currently, Eat and Cook is a hotspot for gourmet enthusiasts and a symbol of Malaysian pride in the international culinary landscape, thanks to Chef Lee's sophisticated Omakase skills. At Chef Takeover 2, Chef Lee Zhe Xi is set to offer a unique culinary experience, infusing his dishes with the rich, traditional flavors of his Malaysian heritage.

What Gastronomic Delights Await at Chef Takeover 2

At Chef Takeover 2, guests are treated to an exceptional culinary fusion of Vietnamese and Malaysian flavors, creating a premium gastronomic experience led by Chef Tung and Chef Lee. This unique event presents a carefully curated 16-course menu, with each chef contributing eight distinct dishes. These are thoughtfully paired with a selection of fine wines and cocktails, ensuring a comprehensive and fulfilling taste experience

The serene, ocean-themed ambiance of Å by TUNG will further enrich the dining experience of Chef Takeover 2. | Source: Å by TUNG

The event is hosted in the serene, ocean-themed ambiance of Å by TUNG, further enriching the dining experience. The 16 dishes offered are not just meals; they are stories, each one reflecting the creativity and culinary philosophy of the chefs. Guests have the unique opportunity to delve into these narratives, learning about the intricate cooking techniques, the inspiration behind the ingredients, the intent of each dish, and much more.

Source: Eat & Cook

The tranquil, sea-toned environment of Å by TUNG sets the stage for a menu that resonates with the essence of the ocean, featuring exquisite seafood such as scallops, squid, oysters, and more. The culinary presentation at each stage is a harmonious blend of the robust, spicy flavors characteristic of Malaysian cuisine and the refreshing, herbal notes of Vietnamese dishes. This combination allows diners to experience a delicate and artful fusion of two rich Southeast Asian cultures.

Chef Takeover stands out as a pioneering event series that showcases the collaboration of two Michelin-starred chefs in a single culinary space. The event, featuring prominent figures from the F&B industry, is a significant initiative by Vietcetera to promote Vietnamese cuisine globally and introduce international flavors to Vietnam.

This festive season, we invite you to embark on this extraordinary Vietnamese-Malaysian culinary journey with us.

Chef Takeover 2: Å by TUNG x Eat and Cook is an event made possible by Vietcetera, featuring two Michelin-starred chefs, Hoang Tung and Lee Zhe Xi.

The event will take place on:
Date: November 29 and 30, 2023.
Location: Å by TUNG, 31-33 Dang Dung Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1.

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