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Jun 30, 2021

DIY Projects To Spice Up Housebound Days

Now coming in sets with bundled tools and dedicated manuals, do-it-yourself projects like candle or perfume making can be much less laborious than you thought.

DIY Projects To Spice Up Housebound Days

Source: Hân Nguyễn for Vietcetera

What do you do when you have too much time on your hands but nowhere to go, and the eat-sleep-wake-repeat loop has really worn you out? 

How about using those very hands to get crafty?

Let Vietcetera help you headstart past the lengthy preparation process and straight to checking out some of the DIY kits sold and shipped by these eight manufacturers across the country. Psst: there's something for everyone!

Get dirty with clay

From Hey Camel...

If you’re a pottery enthusiast living in Saigon, chances are you’ve come across Hey Camel. They put together an impressive set of 11 tools and materials to create your own homemade ceramics, fee for firing in their kiln included. 

Hey Camel's "Premium Set" | Source: Hey Camel

Price: 660.000 VND (delivery excluded)

To purchase: Limited quantity. Order one day in advance through their social media pages.

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… to Crabit Notebuck

One interesting fact about Crabit is that they sell air dry clay that doesn’t need the help of heat like traditional types do. With their “Be Happier” box, making your own accessories, clothing pins or house decors are no longer a far-fetched dream.

The “Be Happier” box comes in sizes for one and two people.

Crabit's "Be Happier" set comes with paints and tools | Source: Crabit

Price: 210.000 - 279.000 VND

To purchase: Order through their social media pages or website

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Be a romantic scientist

Make scented candles with Heny Garden...

If you’ve been on the search for supplies to make scented candles at home, look no further than Heny Garden.

Their essential oil selection ranges from sweet candy to rustic wood scents. Don’t forget to add to your cart some decorative crystals or pixie dusts as a finishing touch.

Price: 199.000 - 299.000 VND

To purchase: 

  • Order through their social media pages or website
  • Tools like candle wick holders are highly recommended for beginners
  • Hotline: 0938 102 922

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… or distill perfume at Olfactozoom

Olfactozoom will take care of your perfume making needs with their kits of tools, raw ingredients and an instruction booklet. 

You can also sign up for their live classes on Zoom on top of a kit purchase to learn more about perfume.

Olfactozoom's materials and booklet | Source: Olfactozoom

Price: 599.000 - 1.248.000 VND

To purchase:

  • Pre-order only, including for class sign up
  • Hotline: 0833 88 99 09

Facebook | Website

Cook up some yummy desserts

Cool off with sâm bổ lượng by Nous

Sâm bổ lượng, or Vietnamese ching bo leung, is the ultimate summer dessert and a unique take on Vietnam’s beloved chè

Nous’ version features lotus seed ice cream floating in candied red jujubes, dried seaweed jelly and longan shaved ice. Everything comes cooked and ready, but there are instructions to plate the dessert just how the restaurant would if you were dining in, so give it your best!

Take-away sâm bổ lượng | Source: Nous

Price: 180.000 VND

To purchase: 

  • Order through their social media pages or website
  • Hotline: 0909 654 096

Facebook | Instagram  | Website

Baking made easy with Godmother

Godmother Bake & Brunch blesses you with all the ingredients needed to whip up a sweet batch in a box, from cake mix to eggs and butter. The only question left is, are you more of a pancakes or cookies person?

Baking made easy with Godmother's guide | Source: Godmother

Price: 180.000 - 220.000 VND

To purchase: 

  • Free delivery within HCMC's D1, D3 and D4
  • Hotline: 0909 654 096

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Grow a green thumb

Build a terrarium with The Yên Concept

A terrarium, or a miniature ecosystem in a (typically) sealed glass container, is a great idea if you’d love to have your own garden but run short on space. Yên is here to help you get started, with their signature DIY terrarium kits.

A picturesque terrarium will make a great decor piece on your desk set-up at home, a soothing sight for the eyes in between what seems like endless hours of looking at a screen.

Price: 300.000 VND

To purchase:

  • Order through their social media pages or website
  • Hotline: 028 3925 0251

Facebook | Website | Instagram

Plant Ôm in a pot 

There’s something special about the gleeful anticipation that comes from sowing a seed and waiting for it to sprout, and Ôm can give you exactly that. They offer fully-packaged kits with all the seeds, pot and soil to help you plant a new life.

Take your time with their herb, flower or fruit options and you’ll have a whole mini garden on your window shelf before you realize it!

A planting kit by Ôm | Source: Ôm

Price: 55.000 - 115.000 VND

To purchase: Order through their social media pages or Shopee

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Translated by Jennifer Nguyen