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Jun 19, 2024

Empowering Confidence And Self-Esteem: Seek Your Potential With KBank

KASIKORNBANK (KBank) strongly promotes confidence among KBank’s employees and KBank’s working environment, based on practical tips and techniques inspired by the bank’s four values.
Empowering Confidence And Self-Esteem: Seek Your Potential With KBank

Source: KBank.

Self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. Strong self-esteem and a belief in our abilities are essential for reaching our full potential. They empower us to take initiative, contribute our unique voices, and achieve our career goals. Everyone deserves to feel confident in all aspects of their life, especially in the workplace.

With KBank’s employer brand mission is to ‘Make Working with KBank Meaningful and Fulfil People’s Self-esteem’, at KBank, we believe building self-esteem and confidence at work is crucial to unlocking our full potential and achieving success.

Let’s explore why this is crucial and how we can take the first step towards becoming more confident in the workplace through practical tips and techniques below to help their employees build self-esteem and thrive in.

Push Beyond the Limits – Embrace Challenges

Embracing workplace challenges enhances confidence and performance, as stepping out of comfort zones strengthens problem-solving skills and resilience. Common methods include tackling stretch projects, setting career goals, and recognizing progress. At KBank, the value of 'Push Beyond the Limits' encourages employees to set ambitious goals and overcome limitations with innovative solutions.

Source: KBank.

“Working with the Deposit and Debit team has been a rewarding experience. I’m inspired by their collaboration and effective leadership, which fosters a positive and energetic environment. The team’s effective communication, support, and coordinated effort ensure that we consistently achieve our goals” - shared Ms. Van Anh, EDC & Card Operation, KBank Ho Chi Minh City.

Their exceptional performance was recognized with the VISA Rising Star Award, highlighting their significant contributions to KBank customers, including digital simplification and 24/7 accessibility through KPLUS.

Win as a Team – Foster Collaboration

Effective workplace collaboration leads to better outcomes and innovation by leveraging diverse skills and perspectives, fostering confidence in expressing ideas, and promoting healthy conflict for growth.

Source: KBank.

At KBank, the KPLUS teams in Vietnam and Thailand exemplify this by staying connected, sharing information, discussing challenges, and supporting each other to provide the best experience for over 1 million KPLUS users despite the physical distance.

“KBank’s regional digital expansion strategy aims to make it one of the top 20 banks in Vietnam by 2027, providing exceptional service and streamlining the digital lives of Vietnamese citizens. As a member of the K PLUS Vietnam Team, I believe collaboration is crucial.

We work closely with diverse teams and everyone contributes towards our shared goal. We not only reviewed the regulations but also the logic and solution behind them.” - shared Ms. Loyda-Hanh, Product and Channel Management, KBank Ho Chi Minh City.

Learn and Develop – Gain Resilience

Continuous learning and development are key to building resilience and adapting to change. Employees who engage in ongoing education and skill development are better equipped to handle setbacks and take advantage of new opportunities.

Embracing continuous learning, seeking feedback, and learning from mistakes are crucial practices at KBank. These practices not only enhance individual performance but also contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Source: KBank.

“KBank’s ‘learn and develop’ culture has empowered me and fueled my career growth. Working with inspiring leaders and supportive colleagues who encourage creativity and innovation has boosted my confidence to take initiative and contribute.

For people whose interests are credit cards, working at KBank’s Credit Card team is being surrounded by talented and energetic individuals who constantly inspire others to develop and improve.” - Ms. Julia-Hai, Product and Channel Management, KBank Ho Chi Minh City.

Create a Better Tomorrow – Make a Positive Impact

Connecting work to a larger purpose can significantly enhance motivation and job satisfaction. Employees who see how their efforts contribute to positive outcomes are more likely to be engaged and productive. Aligning work with values and focusing on solutions are essential for creating a positive impact.

At KBank, the mission of ‘Creating a Better Tomorrow’ guides efforts to integrate positive change into every aspect of operations.

Source: KBank.

"I believe in building a sustainable future for both people and businesses. As a foreign bank in Vietnam, we can leverage the local culture to serve the community best. KBank Ho Chi Minh City has been recognized by the State Bank of Vietnam for its contribution to digital transformation. This is evidence of our mission 'Creating a Better Tomorrow,' improving convenience and security for everyone." - shared Mr. Chatuporn Boozaya-angool, General Director of KBank Ho Chi Minh City Branch.

At KBank, we deeply care about the well-being and personal growth of our employees. By fostering a supportive and empowering work environment, we ensure that every team member feels valued and confident in their abilities.