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May 04, 2023

Enterprises Leverage New HR Outsourcing Solutions Amid Market Changes

Coping with the global recession, enterprises have been trying to find out flexible solutions for workforce problems so as to promptly adapt themselves to market changes.
Enterprises Leverage New HR Outsourcing Solutions Amid Market Changes

Human resource management needs to be changed and optimized budget in the context of short-termed depression. | Source: Shutterstock

Workforce running in a new trend

The global economic outlook in 2023 remains elusive, as certain businesses must scale down their production, and a high risk of short-term recession is expected. Unpredictable changes in the global economy have greatly impacted human resource strategies at many businesses, including companies in Vietnam. For example, decreases in exports and production orders cause enterprises to run at half of their production capacity, while they bear the costs of the same wages and welfare to retain staff. As a result, many enterprises have decided to lay off employees and outsource their workforce through contract staff.

This means that laborers’ habits and needs, as well as their commitment decision, have changed greatly. According to the Work Trend Index in 2022, 77% of hybrid-working laborers in Vietnam are considering moving to a fully work-from-home set up in the year to come. This poses specific challenges to leaders, especially in building and maintaining corporate workforce connections.

Two new human resource solutions are emerging

Many businesses are considering using a service for contract staff outsourcing, instead of managing the internal workforce directly. This is, in part, thanks to the enormous benefits these services provide. With years of experience and data research, coupled with seasoned consultants, the solution providers help companies save the time and cost of searching, recruiting, and managing their workforce.

It can be seen clearly that numerous domestic and foreign enterprises have come to human resource consulting companies to seek end-to-end solutions, especially as the world still finds itself in economic struggle.

Temporary/ Contract Staff Outsourcing Service and Payroll Outsourcing Service will be optimized for the time to come by the company.

One such example of the importance of contract staff outsourcing services is seen in the service providers that meet the demands of international companies, which have just got into the Vietnam market and are new to current labor regulations. Another example is businesses in need of temporary staff to ensure the productivity of major projects or orders.

Contract staff outsourcing service providers can screen and recruit candidates, implement a probationary period for new employees, complete resignation procedures, and manage monthly payroll processes, all in a timely and professional manner. They can help enterprises manage thousands of employees while guaranteeing the streamlining and quality of each process.

Additionally, payroll outsourcing services have gradually become more popular as numerous businesses are considering opting for this human resource solution. This service is expected to become a sustainable trend to help enterprises with payroll processes and optimize a series of costs related to training & managing the workforce.

Besides Contract Staff Outsourcing Service (also known as Temporary/Contract Staffing), PERSOLKELLY Vietnam also provides businesses with Payroll Outsourcing Service which utilizes a modern payroll calculating method and proper administration system, together with professional consultants who possess deep knowledge of the domestic market and current labor regulations.

Using payroll outsourcing service will help enterprises avoid interruption or influence in the context of economic fluctuations.

PERSOLKELLY Vietnam is capable of meeting complicated needs of payroll calculation with high precision for over 5,000 staff at various enterprises. Using payroll outsourcing service with professional partners, enterprises surely minimize late payment or inexact payroll calculation. For this reason, enterprises will save time to focus on core strategic targets. In the worst case, an enterprise facing employee turnover in payroll calculation department will not be interrupted or influenced if using payroll outsourcing service by PERSOLKELLY Vietnam.

This means that businesses can save time and focus on their core strategic targets instead. In the worst case, when an enterprise faces sudden employee turnover in the payroll calculation department, the overall process will not be interrupted or influenced.


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