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Mar 28, 2024

Huỳnh Lập’s Quest To Avoid A Clichéd Life Motto

Behind the lively and funny demeanor Huynh Lap shows on screen, there's a question: With all his success and fame, does he carry any worries in his heart?
Huỳnh Lập’s Quest To Avoid A Clichéd Life Motto

Source: Khooa Nguyễn for Vietcetera

Huỳnh Lập, a popular artist known for his diverse roles on screen and behind the scenes, openly admits that his biggest dream is to be acknowledged primarily as an actor.

In this episode of the Have A Sip podcast, while chatting with Huỳnh Lập, we reflect on his career journey. It starts from our days as eager students, creating “homegrown comedy” with limited resources, to the present day, where he has achieved numerous milestones. Despite his success, Huỳnh Lập remains true to himself, retaining his abstention from luxury items while investing 10 billion in film projects.

He consistently shows dedication to the audience and a strong enthusiasm for art. Behind the lively energy on screen, aimed at bringing joy to viewers, are the constant thoughts and concerns of an artist deeply devoted to his craft.

Huỳnh Lập’s Professional Journey

Huỳnh Lập once experienced a significant accident that broke his four front teeth and left several scars. “I became funnier after being hit by a car,” Lập humorously remarks, reflecting on the incident. He expresses that he has never felt self-conscious about his physical attributes, such as his height, having porcelain teeth, or undergoing a nose job. Instead, he considers the lessons that have taught him to appreciate his body more.

Before reaching his current mindset, Huỳnh Lập went through a particularly sensitive period during puberty. There were days when he had to return home from school to replace a forgotten tooth. He also harbored a constant fear that his tooth might fall out while speaking. During those times, he often sat alone, refrained from speaking to others, and was preoccupied with numerous thoughts.

Lập perceived himself as merely the inner comedian within his social circle but felt awkward when it came to performing in public. Nevertheless, his friends provided unwavering support, encouraging him to take on roles such as art vice class, while his teachers entrusted him with responsibilities in performing arts. With time, he started to garner praise for his commendable efforts and endearing demeanor.

That’s when Huỳnh Lập realized, “Oh, I also have that talent.” Over time, it bolstered the actor’s confidence, enabling him to be more assertive when facing an audience.

During his student days, when he met and formed a group with Dam TV, known for viral parody clips with millions of views, Lập admitted that he couldn’t assess them as works of art. However, this experience affirmed that he was suited for this path.

Huỳnh Lập realized he had chosen the right path when he won the championship of the Cười Xuyên Việt comedy competition. It was through conquering more advanced and refined skits that he felt more professional.

Appreciating behind-the-scenes contributions

Viewing himself as someone prone to worrying, Huỳnh Lập tries to gain knowledge across various fields. This approach ensures that if he were to face unemployment someday, he would possess the skills to transition into another job. As a result, the actor demonstrates proficiency across different domains, facilitating the creation of products infused with distinct characteristics and personal touches reflective of his identity.

Huỳnh Lập’s confidence in leading a team to follow his ideas stems not from a blind, inflated ego but from his deep understanding. He knows what he’s doing, how to implement ideas effectively, and understands the desires of the audience.

Expanding his range of roles has also allowed Lập to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the efforts of everyone involved. He often reflects, “I didn’t achieve my current position on my own. I always value those who work behind the scenes, unseen by the audience. I’m fortunate that the audience recognizes my face, but they aren’t aware of the hard work put in by everyone else.”

Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

Moreover, the actor also concerns himself with the younger generation following in his footsteps. Reflecting on his journey, transitioning from a YouTuber to a professional artist, he acknowledges that he has diverged from the conventional path, which has led to his facing criticism.

Observing the emergence of new actors from TikTok being deemed unfit for the profession, he offers advice: “I was once in your shoes. So, focus on creating quality content; with time, the audience will acknowledge your work. Despite facing criticism myself, I remained steadfast; it’s part of the journey.”

Nurture your career with theater

Huỳnh Lập cherishes every environment and platform for its potential to connect with the audience. Yet, when it comes to choosing between amassing millions of online views and captivating a few hundred theater spectators, he opts for the stage, where he can exert 200% of his effort.

The stage is where the essence of the profession flourishes; here, one can directly experience the audience’s laughter during comedic moments and hear their sobs during tragic scenes. It’s a realm where the emotions of actors, characters, and spectators intersect, an experience that can only be fully grasped by attending the theater.

While watching a movie involves witnessing a portrayal on the screen, the stage offers a live experience where everything unfolds in real time. The actor’s breath is palpable and unaffected even if the stage power fails; they must persist in embodying their role.

Whenever a colleague struggles with their artistic journey, I always suggest they attend a high-quality play. I believe that witnessing such performances can reignite their passion for their career. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

In a movie, the director plays a crucial role, as actors can rely on editing, music, and effects to enhance their performances. However, in a play, it’s solely the actors who carry the show. Regardless of their performance quality, the actors themselves express emotions like joy and sorrow.

For Huỳnh Lập, the stage is intriguing because each performance offers a chance to refine his acting skills. Every show, lasting three hours, presents a new opportunity for him to engage and captivate the audience.

Sow the seeds of virtue

Huỳnh Lập shared that he takes after his mother in being emotional. Consequently, he strives to give his all in everything he does, fearing misunderstandings and relationship failures. Despite not facing significant hardships himself, he remains mindful of life’s impermanence and the struggles others may endure.

Huỳnh Lập derived insights into pain from others’ experiences, including anecdotes from friends and content on social media, which he then incorporated into his work. Consequently, whether he’s producing comedy or horror, the message he conveys consistently revolves around themes of love, understanding, and humanity, reflecting his humanity. He believes that human love is the cornerstone of the world’s existence and will endure as timeless values passed down through generations.

I don’t impose my message on others; I focus on doing my job well and creating works that convey a message. | Source: Khooa Nguyen for Vietcetera

Reading controversial comments from the audience, like, “You don’t study much, so you don’t get the joke,” weighed heavily on him. He always wanted to focus on themes that were profoundly human and relatable to everyone.

Huỳnh Lập feared creating a clichéd life motto. He believes the artist must tune into the pulse of the times. Being mindful of societal trends isn’t about selfish gain; rather, it's about understanding societal evolution to adapt and better serve a diverse audience.

He mentioned that if a day of his life feels mundane, it’s meaningless, lacking in value. However, creating value doesn’t necessarily require grand gestures; it’s often found in everyday actions.

Translated by Thúy An

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