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Mar 23, 2024

Coach Cát Thảo And The Bliss Of Helping Others Find Their Path

Tune in to the latest Have A Sip podcast episode as Coach Cát Thảo delves into the path to true happiness through ‘becoming yourself.’
Coach Cát Thảo And The Bliss Of Helping Others Find Their Path

Nguyễn Cát Thảo, a consultant for Vietcetera’s Board of Directors, joined host Thuy Minh to share her insights as a life coach for business leaders. | Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Everyone can benefit from meeting a life coach at some point. They serve as companions on our path of personal growth, offering guidance and support during tough times. Particularly for leaders, a life coach can be a valuable ally, aiding in self-awareness and clarifying responsibilities, enabling them to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

In the most recent episode of the Have A Sip podcast, lawyer Nguyễn Cát Thảo, who currently serves as a consultant for Vietcetera’s Board of Directors, had the chance to discuss her experiences as a life coach for business leaders with host Thuỳ Minh.

Changing doesn’t require an inflated ego

If you aim to grow and attain greater success through change, you need strong motivation to drive yourself forward. Self-discovery is a continuous process of identifying your weaknesses, understanding your responses to stress, and examining your attitudes.

The initial lesson involves releasing your ego. A high ego can hinder your willingness to listen and learn, especially making it challenging to guide those in positions of authority. Achieving significant success may lead to a reluctance to listen humbly or embrace new experiences. Therefore, it’s important to explore self-discovery and seek happiness without hesitation.

Don’t hesitate to take yourself on journeys to discover your happiness and find ways to boost it. | Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Balancing personal desires with societal expectations

She believes balancing these two aspects is challenging, particularly for young people who face various pressures: earning more money, gaining social approval, getting married by 30, and achieving success. However, when asked about their definition of success, many struggle to articulate it or conflate it with societal norms.

The solution to this issue centers on the process of ‘becoming yourself.’ This journey remains ongoing, with each individual having their own timeline to explore themselves, find peace, and address challenges. Whether this journey takes a long or short time, it’s crucial to honor and respect both the process and oneself.

Legacy is the values we leave behind

When we remain authentic and contribute positively to society, we allow space for nurturing positive thoughts and showing kindness to others. She questioned, “How can you find happiness in your relationships when you’re struggling with depression?”

When someone is hurt and suffering, they often have a low level of awareness and unconsciously hurt others as well. | Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Living in alignment with one’s desires and bringing happiness to oneself and others signifies leaving behind a meaningful legacy.

True achievements stem from influence, not just resumes

Cát Thảo thinks success stems not from titles or connections but from how people live their lives. Even those who live modestly and quietly can inspire others through their integrity and moral values, serving as beacons of guidance and inspiration for her.

In her role as a consultant, her goal is to assist leaders or young individuals in embracing their authentic selves rather than conforming to an idealized image. She believes that true happiness comes from being true to oneself. Thus, achievements listed on a resume cease to be the primary measure of influence over others.

Translated by Thúy An

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