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Apr 05, 2024

Introducing The 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference: Building A Resilient Future For Vietnam

The 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference focuses on the core of investing in resilience, stressing its vital role in protecting Vietnam’s future amid the unpredictable global environment.
Introducing The 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference: Building A Resilient Future For Vietnam

Themed ‘Building a Resilient Future for Vietnam,’ the conference aims to spark groundbreaking discussions and foster partnerships for sustainable growth.

2024 ESG Conference's sponsors

As Vietnam finds itself at a crossroads of economic, environmental, and social development, the upcoming 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference, presented by Raise Partners and Vietnam Innovators by Vietcetera, couldn’t come at a more crucial time.

Themed “Building a Resilient Future for Vietnam,” the conference is set to spark groundbreaking discussions and foster partnerships aimed at steering the nation toward sustainable and resilient growth. Mark your calendars for May 16-17th at the New World Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City and be part of the conversation shaping Vietnam’s tomorrow.

Looking back at the inaugural event last year, the conference has established itself as a transformative event in shaping Vietnam’s approach to ESG and sustainable finance, illuminating a path filled with insightful investment strategies and opportunities. Craig Martin, Executive Chairman of Dynam Capital, urged the audience to think about an uncertain future: “If a child was born this year, what would their life look like in 27 years? We don’t know, but all changes can start today as we sit here discussing sustainable development and the impact of ESG investment on the lives of the next generation.”

This thought-provoking question encapsulated the essence of last year’s gathering—sparking conversations that challenge the status quo. By holding space for important conversations that build a community around responsible and transparent investing, ESG, and sustainable finance and development, the conference sets the stage for impactful business practices and the shaping of a sustainable future.

This Year’s Theme: A Resilient Future

This year’s conference theme, “Building a Resilient Future for Vietnam,” emerges at a pivotal moment, addressing the critical balance between rapid growth and the necessity for a firm foundation. In the past, Vietnam’s swift development pace often bypassed vital steps in fortifying institutions and infrastructure essential for enduring growth.

As Mimi Vu, Partner at Raise Partners, comments, “In today’s globalized world, we are more interconnected than ever, and Vietnam is not insulated from geopolitical or economic issues. The focus on resiliency then becomes not just a strategy but a necessity. It’s about implementing resilient frameworks and systems that equip Vietnam to better absorb and adapt to external pressures, ensuring that growth is not just rapid but also sustainable and inclusive.”

This year, the conference delves into the essence of investing in such resiliency, emphasizing its importance in safeguarding Vietnam’s future against the backdrop of an unpredictable global landscape.

Mimi Vu, Partner at Raise Partners, at the 2023 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference | Source: Vietcetera

Leveraging Investment for Climate Transition, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Resilient Supply Chains

The second annual Vietnam ESG Investor Conference embarks on a thought-provoking journey over two days, delving into the heart of investing in resilience and sustainable development. Day 1 poses critical inquiries into the essence of resilient systems: How are they defined, and what role can investors play in catalyzing a broad transformation across Vietnam’s ecosystems, communities, financial systems, and social fabric? We’ll navigate through the latest innovation and investment opportunities that can foster sustainable growth amid global uncertainties and explore market trends and avenues for bolstering Vietnam’s resilience.

Transitioning into Day 2, the focus shifts to Vietnam’s important role in the global supply chain as a key nexus for manufacturing and agriculture. The day’s discussions are centered around empowering the backbone of these sectors - factory workers and farmers - through investment initiatives in education, financial inclusion, climate-smart agriculture, and inclusive financing. Experts and leaders in manufacturing, agriculture, education, and development will drive insightful conversations to help investors tease out where the opportunities are to spur the needed development financing and private sector investment that will help Vietnam ascend the value chain and develop a skilled workforce able meet the demands of a robust, green and inclusive future.

2023 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference | Source: Vietcetera

Introducing New Sessions: Immersive Field Trip and Investor Matching

ESG is an ever-evolving journey that continues to shape our collective path forward. Reflecting on the innovative program set for this year, Hao Tran, CEO of Vietcetera, emphasizes the enhanced participant experience: “This year, we’re elevating the conversation with innovative engagements designed to inspire our community. From immersive field trips to curated investor matching sessions, we’re introducing dynamic ways for attendees to connect, learn, and grow together. It’s about more than just dialogue; it’s about crafting an experience that’s as impactful as it is empowering.”

For this year’s conference, we will launch new event features to foster deeper engagement with Vietnam’s ESG landscape for investors, companies, and other ESG community members. Among these is the Half-Day Field Trip for Investors. Embark on an exclusive journey, with limited spots available, to visit successful partnerships springing from innovative enterprises, investors, and communities just outside of Ho Chi Minh City. This immersive expedition promises to be a journey of discovery, showcasing the tangible impacts of sustainable practices in real-world settings and offering a unique glimpse into the future of ESG in action.

In addition, we are excited to introduce a meticulously tailored Investor Matching Session. This session is not just an event but a curated experience designed to align investors with participating organizations through a focused and strategic matching process. It’s an opportunity for meaningful connections, opening doors to potential collaboration and investments that resonate with the goals and values of both investors and ESG-focused entities.

Van Ly, a Partner at Raise Partners, at the 2023 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference | Source: Vietcetera

Join us to Connect, Innovate, and Shape Vietnam’s ESG Future

“What was initially viewed as an offshoot of CSR or a marketing exercise is now taken seriously as an integral part of business operations and planning, investment strategies, and compliance with international due diligence laws,” emphasizes Van Ly, Partner at Raise Partners.

As we approach this transformative event, the invitation to participate is more than just a call to attend—it’s a call to action for enterprising and innovative change-makers, investors, and visionary startups to unite and contribute to a resilient future for Vietnam. This is an opportunity to gain invaluable insights, engage in networking, and be part of the movement for sustainable finance and development.

Don’t let this chance slip by. Secure your spot at the 2nd Vietnam ESG Investor Conference on May 16-17th, and join us in charting a course for a resilient, sustainable, and inclusive future for Vietnam. Your participation is a step towards making a tangible difference in the world of ESG investing in Vietnam. Get your tickets HERE.

The 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference by Raise Partners and Vietnam Innovators by Vietcetera

Join us in the two-day conference to engage with investors and funds, business leaders, Vietnamese and international governments, start-ups, experts, academia, and the media to spark meaningful collaboration and accelerate green and inclusive growth in Vietnam.

When: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, 16-17th May 2024
Where: New World Saigon Hotel76 Le Lai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Event details: find out more HERE

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