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Dec 07, 2023

Introducing The ‘Overseas Vietnamese Summit: Homecoming’ 

From January 23 to 25, 2024, Ho Chi Minh City is set to host the first-ever ‘reunion’ for overseas Vietnamese, bringing together connection, inspiration, and shared successes.
Introducing The ‘Overseas Vietnamese Summit: Homecoming’ 

Connect with OV members worldwide, each with a unique story and shared Vietnamese identity.

Introducing The ‘Overseas Vietnamese Summit: Homecoming’ 

They say you don’t belong somewhere until you find your tribe. That is why having a community away from home is like having friends who feel like family, especially when you’re a Vietnamese exploring (or born in) foreign places. It’s crucial because these are the folks who share the same cultural nods and understand the nostalgia for a bowl of pho or the warmth of Tet celebrations.

When the going gets tough, this sense of connection becomes your lifeline, your go-to for a bit of home when you’re far away. It’s not just a network; it’s your comfort, your laughter, and your shared love for banh mi in a place that might not quite get it. It matters because, amidst the hustle of being Vietnamese abroad, having these connections is like having a piece of your hometown wherever you are, making the journey a bit cozier and less terrifying.

OV meetup in Paris | Source: OV / Facebook
‘Graduate Survival Kit’ event organized by OV Melbourne | Source: OV / Facebook

The Overseas Vietnamese (OV) community is a shining example of a global family in a world where connections transcend borders. With over 30,000 members spanning 40+ cities, OV is more than just a network; it celebrates shared identity, success stories, and the entrepreneurial spirit that defines the Vietnamese people.

Picture this - a gathering of professionals, from students to CEOs, scattered around the globe yet bound by a common Vietnamese heritage. This diverse community, connected by an invisible thread of shared experiences, brings the idea of belongingness to life.

Building Bridges: OV’s Journey from Connection to Global Triumph

OV’s story began with Quang Do’s ambition to create a professional network for Vietnamese entrepreneurs. Starting as a humble LinkedIn group, OV evolved into a global force under the collaborative spirit of Quang and his co-founders, uniting Vietnamese professionals worldwide.

As Quang shares, “OV is about expanding our collective understanding of the world and strengthening our bonds as Vietnamese people. We’re the first generation that can come together in this way.”

What makes the Vietnamese community stand out? It’s the entrepreneurial drive and unwavering grit that defines them. From tackling challenges head-on to planning out sufferings with resilience, the Vietnamese community, as Quang puts it, is a natural go-getter.

“We do it for ourselves and for our families,” Quang adds, emphasizing the powerful spirit that ties the community together.

Despite this entrepreneurial DNA, the younger Vietnamese generation often hesitates to embrace entrepreneurship fully. Quang’s advice to them is simple yet profound - dare to dream big. OV seeks to inspire confidence, celebrate success, and tell stories that resonate with those facing challenges against all odds.

As OV spotlights Vietnamese entrepreneurs in their podcasts and articles, they aim to build the confidence Vietnamese people need to pursue their ambitious dreams. More Viet Kieus than ever, with a diaspora of 4.5 million Vietnamese in North America, Europe, and Australia, have an eye on Vietnam.

The OV Summit: Homecoming - A Celebration of Connection and Success

OV’s community is woven with threads of diversity, connecting people from different parts of the world, industries, and dreams. With a shared Vietnamese identity, OV provides a support system that transcends geographical boundaries, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual understanding.

OV’s recent Founders & Investors event with Asian Hustle Network in HCMC | Source: OV / Facebook
OV Boston meetup | Source: Linh Le / LinkedIn

“We are part of a support system for each other, no matter where we are. With our shared identity, we can find common ground in an often divided world,” the OV said.

Now, imagine the stage is set for a grand reunion – the Overseas Vietnamese Summit: Homecoming, a celebration like no other. Whether you’re an OV who has made the successful transition back to shape your career in Vietnam, or an explorer residing abroad, curious about the potential waiting for you in Vietnam, or maybe you’re part of a forward-thinking enterprise eyeing Vietnam’s blooming market - you are invited.

Connect with OV members worldwide, each with a unique story and shared Vietnamese identity. Gain firsthand knowledge about thriving sectors in Vietnam, engage in conversations loaded with insights, and learn from the experiences of those who’ve paved the way back to Vietnam.

Still not convinced? You don’t want to miss the insightful dialogues, a dynamic career fair ripe with opportunities, exclusive company tours giving you a sneak peek into Vietnam’s business heartbeat and a celebration that bridges the gap between the thriving Vietnamese community abroad and local success stories.

OV meetup in Singapore | Source: OV / Facebook

This isn’t just an event; it’s a homecoming, an opportunity to reunite with the essence of being an Overseas Vietnamese. Explore career prospects, hear success stories echoing your journey, and dive into Vietnam’s lively business scene.

Think beyond just attending an event; consider it a unique chapter in your OV journey. Join us for a special homecoming that ignites ambitions and enhances our global Vietnamese connections. Mark the date and explore further details about the Overseas Vietnamese Summit: Homecoming.

Overseas Vietnamese Summit - HOMECOMING

Join our special “homecoming” reunion as overseas Vietnamese and returnees share personal stories about working and succeeding in Vietnam's dynamic business landscape.

Date: 23-25 January 2024
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Get your tickets here.

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