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Dec 28, 2020
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Jio Health: A 3-Year Journey To A Complete Health Ecosystem

Jio Health officially launched Jio Smart Clinic - a core element of the healthcare ecosystem it is building.

Jio Health: A 3-Year Journey To A Complete Health Ecosystem

Source: Han Nguyen for Vietcetera

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The future of healthcare is now

As the end of 2020 draws near, we are left with an old but nonetheless valuable lesson: “Prevention is key”. 

Instead of a passive scenario where you consult a doctor when you’re already sick, people are increasingly becoming more proactive in how they approach healthcare: seeking more control in managing their wellbeing to prevent health risks such as those posed by the current pandemic. 

Among the uncertainties and challenges brought about by COVID-19, there are also a number of positive changes, such as the emergence of new technology that is helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle; from how they study and work to how they relax and consume entertainment.

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People are becoming increasingly more proactive in how they approach healthcare. | Source: Jio Health

This trend for prioritizing self-care as part of a broader wellness-first culture, means putting one’s physical and mental needs first, including controlling mild health problems and chronic issues. Not only that, but self-care is also the most practical way for us as individuals to markedly reduce the pressure on the health sector. 

In Vietnam, where the population is gradually aging, promoting self-care among the general public is seen as a useful tool in alleviating the pressure on the economy. According to a recent study by KPMG, Vietnam can expect to save USD 2.5-4.2 billion on medical expenses a year (up to USD 6 billion by 2025) should the self-care trend take hold.

So how can we practice self-care wisely? 

According to Deloitte's analysis for the 2020 Global Health Care Outlook, “transparent, convenient, personalized and accessible products and services are what people need to take good care of themselves.”

The core factors that make self-care possible are:

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Faced with new demands, more and more units within Vietnam’s health sector are investing in the development of just such a selfcare-centric ecosystem. 

With traditional institutions looking to digitize operations, there are successful models already in existence that offer ready-made solutions. Jio Health’s efforts, for example, has been blurring the line between online and offline healthcare through services such as home visits, medicine delivery and online reservations even before the covid-19 outbreak. These steps lead towards a more completed healthcare ecosystem for the Vietnamese population.

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Doctor is making a home visit. | Source: Jio Health

Doctor Duong Nguyen Viet Huong, a Jio Health representative and Head of the Clinical Division, emphasised the necessary factors to promote the self-care trend: “Although it is the responsibility of each individual and family, self-care still needs to be supported by health units by offering guidance and creating a comprehensive and accessible healthcare environment for everyone.”

Perfecting Vietnam’s healthcare ecosystem with Jio Smart Clinic 

Launched in 2016, Jio Health is one of the leading digital health services in Vietnam. After more than three years in operation listening to market demands, Jio Health operates a multi-dimensional healthcare ecosystem that encompasses a range of services such as: home visits; Jio online pharmacy; 24/7 virtual care; year-long healthcare packages for individuals, families and businesses; Direct billing coverage, etc. 

Most recently, Jio Health officially launched Jio Smart Clinic - a core element of the healthcare ecosystem it is building. 

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Jio Smart Clinic’s opening ceremony. | Source: Jio Health

When asked about the vision for the clinic, the Managing Director of Jio Health Nguyen Hoai Nam (Nathan) commented: “By taking inspiration from the model adopted by developed countries, Jio Health continues to build a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem that meets the population’s need for convenience”. 

Jio Smart Clinic is a tangible ‘touch point’ with all the necessary technology and services in place, as well as ample physical space allowing patients and doctors to interact in ways that are no longer limited.

As the leading “home of technology-based healthcare” in the age of 4.0 in the market, Jio Smart Clinic operates at the full capacity of a multi-specialty clinic with a team of elite doctors and the support of modern technology.


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Speaking of the growth momentum in Vietnam’s digital health sector, Jio Health representatives confirmed plans of continued market expansion, bringing the Jio Smart Clinic model to even more Vietnamese people.

Efforts to improve quality of service

Jio Health pays as much attention to improving customer experience as it does to upgrading its facilities and investing in technology. This is achieved through continuous training for all care providers and customer service teams based on customer feedback that is analyzed, then turned into action and results. With customers’ input, building a robust healthcare model for the new age becomes a true healthcare provider-public partnership.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts with Jio Health in order for them to improve their services. You can do this through their hotline 1900636893 or Facebook page.


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