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Mar 25, 2024

Learning In An AI World - From A Son's Gratitude To A Man On A Mission

“LearningOS isn’t just a product name - it’s my way of paying forward the gift of learning and making sure it reaches as many people as possible.”
Learning In An AI World - From A Son's Gratitude To A Man On A Mission

OOOLAB was honored at SME100®Awards for being one of the fastest growing companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. | Source: OOOLAB

This piece, written by Cedric Le Quellec and edited by Daniel Farrell from OOOLAB, highlights the profound impact of lifelong learning and the innovative strides in educational technology.

I was the lucky one.

My heroes weren’t some distant figures but rather a loving French couple who adopted me, a Vietnamese baby, over thirty years ago.

The Ripple Effect of Learning

My parents didn’t just provide a home; they sparked a lifelong love of learning. It wasn’t the kind confined to textbooks, but the kind that kindles curiosity, which says your potential is limitless.

That spark became my fire. Inspired by their entrepreneurial drive to create opportunities for education, I knew I’d follow a similar path.

LearningOS isn’t just a product name—it’s my way of paying forward the gift of learning and ensuring that it reaches as many people as possible.

AI’s Learning Revolution

The world of global education is being increasingly shaped by AI. AI-powered adaptive learning can boost learning outcomes by as much as 40%, and the demand for new skills in formal and corporate education has never been greater.

AI is helping teachers and learning and development managers personalize learning and gain meaningful insights from data that help educators provide targeted support.

Educational and corporate institutions will need to develop a learning ecosystem to benefit from the promising potential of AI.

Over the years, my team and I have become software specialists. We see the increased demand for skills as an opportunity to give people new tools to deliver learning.

Source: OOOLAB

What Preceded AI?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been powering learning successfully for decades.

An LMS, in principle, helps simplify, structure, and deliver learning. It automates operations and helps educational and corporate institutions create more frequent and effective learning opportunities that maximize effort and improve learning outcomes for all learners.

Having the stability of an LMS in the wake of AI will further help democratize learning opportunities and make education more effective, efficient, and accessible for all.

The Lifelong Learner - In Classrooms and Beyond

Learning isn’t something that starts and ends in a school building.

Self-development shouldn’t be restricted to traditional ways of learning or training. It should be a personal journey.

According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of workers globally will potentially need reskilling and upskilling by 2025. McKinsey Global Institute projects up to 800 million potentially displaced workers.

The new lifelong learners might be middle-aged professionals who need to upskill because their jobs are being transformed by automation…and unfortunately, lots of jobs out there will be.

For many, staying relevant in the job market means staying open to learning and becoming lifelong learners.

LMS systems have been able to develop a lifelong learner mindset. Their constant presence in educational institutions has enabled students to create passion, perseverance, and realize their limitless potential.

Valuable characteristics for any future employer.

I believe this trait I inherited from my parents enabled me to persevere despite my many setbacks. It’s not just about raw talent or intelligence; it involves the dedication to keep improving and the resilience to work through difficulties.

Corporate organizations need learning to continue after formal education ends. LMS platforms support organizations in addressing skill gaps while developing a culture of ongoing improvement.

Companies that develop this mindset now will benefit from a highly resilient and adaptable workforce in the future.

Learning Technology Without Limits

It’s been my mission to create an Enterprise LMS system that can power learning programs in any industry.

This dedication to improving learning is deeply personal. My parents showed me that education isn’t a means to an end but a fulfilling journey in itself. Everyone deserves the chance to take it, regardless of their background or circumstances.

That’s why we built LearningOS.

It has been designed by educators for educators. Its unique accessibility means learning can reach remote villages and busy cities, and its flexibility means you can offer learning to employees with hectic schedules, parents juggling jobs, night owl students, or retirees brushing up on old skills.

Our software transforms learning for any demographic, in any location empowering educators to focus on their strengths; nurturing creativity, igniting curiosity, and promoting human-centric skills that AI, at its core, lacks.

A Family Legacy And A Shared Mission

OOOLAB isn’t just a single founder’s vision. Our team has created a diverse LearningOS community that started here in Vietnam - we share tools and knowledge and we’re building bridges between traditional education and the ever-evolving world of work.

We’ve built a platform for pioneers, and we’re here to empower the next wave of edtech innovators, because when we collaborate, the ripple effect of learning compounds.

Source: OOOLAB

A Vision For the Future of Learning

OOOLAB’s CEO, Cedric Le Quellec, imagines a world where technology serves as a catalyst for learning, not an obstacle, and where every individual is given the chance to unlock their potential and let lifelong learning guide their career.

For him, this is the catalyst that started from a son’s gratitude to his parents, but it extends to everyone. LearningOS has already opened doors in 21 countries and unlocked learning opportunities for 100,000 learners with no signs of slowing down.

Having been honored at the SME100®Awards for being one of the fastest growing companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, they’ve got their aims set high as they hope to transform the learning experience for 1,000,000 learners by 2026.

If you share the same vision, OOOLAB wants to have that conversation.