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Life Insurance Meets the On-demand Economy.


Over the last few years, disruptive start-ups transformed almost every traditional industry in Vietnam. Netflix revolutionized television. Airbnb challenged legacy hotels. And ride-sharing platforms made taxi operators rethink the customer journey.

AIA Vietnam — by coincidence and by design — questions traditional market rules to better serve customers.

To learn what they want, when, and how they want it. Innovate to meet their demands faster and more efficiently.

Say hello to OptimA, AIA Vietnam’s answer to the life insurance industry, reframing the rules (read: throwing out the rules) to meet demands of the modern workplace.

A passport to comfort.

A passport to comfort

Some customers such as employees at KPMG and CBRE have discovered one thing: it’s nice to have people come to your office for a change. Other Customers such as employees at KPMG and 2RES have discovered another: a thoughtful service center can make the trip worthwhile to nest by AIA.

OptimA is offered directly to working professionals, wherever is most convenient for them. No more procedural hurdles to discourage employees from pursuing their long-term benefits. One call and AIA consultants come to their desk. Or host them at Nest by AIA with a healthy meal, and a view into their protection and investment opportunities.

 Transparency, the new leadership.

“I’m a firm believer that transparency goes hand in hand with collective intelligence.” — Rana El Kaliouby.

The well-defined rules and processes of the financial industry help minimize risks for customers, but can at times raise questions from those unfamiliar with insurance and finance. OptimA solves this problem with simple numbers, clean and clear on an iPad.

This eliminates everything between employees and the financial product, and come with the exact itinerary and step-by-step guide to their protection and investment destination. They know where they’re heading from the start.

If Amazon did insurance.

If Amazon did insurance

Similar to how Amazon is able to offer great prices at razor-thin margins because of the millions of products flying off their digital shelves everyday, AIA leverages OptimA’s large transaction volume and efficient processes for cost reduction, which equals superior returns for customers.

OptimA shifts the focus from budgeting to the people. To what really matters in building and retaining a workforce.

Driver seat.

In a time of constant changes and high opportunity costs, customers prefer to have a hand on the proverbial wheel at all times.

OptimA lets you pick and choose, add on or opt out at any point during the ride. It’s easier to maximize returns with a flexible investment package, providing a greater sense of security. This proactive approach increases individual capital as much as it does a company’s.

What does AIA Vietnam and taxi-hailing apps have in common?


And everything.

“A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better” — Richard Branson

Transparency, value, control, simplicity and convenience are now the basic requirements to improve customers’ life – that is true in finance as it is in transportation. From one business to another, a mutual understanding (and therefore, trust) makes reaching this destination easier than ever before.



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