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Jun 01, 2024

Producer Touliver On Expanding His Horizons In A New Art Form

This Have A Sip’s episode features Touliver, a DJ and music producer, discussing various aspects of the creative process and the range of emotions it brings about.
Producer Touliver On Expanding His Horizons In A New Art Form

Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Those who wield words and those who weave melodies inhabit distinct yet intersecting realms. Despite their differences, both spheres thrive on collaboration. Take host Thuỳ Minh, who seeks eloquent guests for her show, Have A Sip. Similarly, in the music world, Touliver—dubbed a "music wizard"—follows a parallel path.

As the leader of SpaceSpeakers, Touliver has been the creative mastermind behind hits like SOOBIN's Vài Lần Đón Đưa, Binz's Hit Me Up, and collaborations with his wife, Tóc Tiên, such as CATENA and Ngày Tận Thế.

On a rainy afternoon in Saigon, host Thuỳ Minh finally secured a conversation she had pursued for years with the elusive Touliver. Her persistence paid off, resulting in the shortest yet perhaps most captivating episode of Have A Sip, clocking in at just under an hour.

Expressing through music and art

Touliver's eloquence shines through his music and paintings rather than words. His deep connection to music ties him closely to the SpaceSpeakers collective. Reflecting on his journey, Touliver shared that his path to making music began naturally, without specific intentions. Yet, his passion for cultivating a lively Vietnamese music scene played a vital role in building the strong SpaceSpeakers team we see today.

Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Different mediums, different emotions

Recently, Touliver curated the Midlife Crisis art exhibition, showcasing his paintings. While both music and painting fall under the art umbrella, they evoke unique emotions for him.

The exhibition reignited the mix of excitement, anxiety, and thrill he experienced when he first dove into music—emotions reminiscent of his wedding day.

Touliver and his two artworks featured at the Midlife Crisis exhibition | Source: Touliver's Facebook

His dedication was evident as he was seen sweeping the exhibition floor late into the night, keenly observing visitors' reactions to his work. Despite being self-taught, Touliver embraces the challenges of painting, advising creatives to continually enrich their knowledge with diverse experiences.

Mental and physical health: Two sides of the same coin

Defying the stereotype of erratic artist schedules, Touliver promotes a routine at SpaceSpeakers that prioritizes sleep and physical exercise, such as running. While exercise might not instantly spark creativity, it fosters discipline, reduces stress, and boosts dopamine levels, ultimately enhancing mental well-being.

Currently, Touliver modestly rates his achievements at 4 out of 10 and is eagerly planning future projects. He envisions a future where young Vietnamese artists achieve international acclaim and is committed to supporting them. His cherished advice for aspiring creatives is to take everything you love seriously and embrace the opportunity to make mistakes, as sometimes success follows after multiple failures.

Translated by Thúy An