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From Fermenter To Taproom: Beervana On Borderless Craft Beer

Beervana has been sniffing out impressive international craft beers and importing them to Southeast Asia since 2012. During that time, they’ve also been busying themselves throwing massive bashes and, more importantly, working to welcome Asian consumers to join the global craft beer revolution. It’s raining heavily when we meet Beervana’s global frontiers director Chad Mitchell at Rogue Saigon, but that doesn’t stop us from going up to the rooftop to have a conversation about our favorite thing in life—craft beer. One […]

BiaCraft Artisan Ales On What The F*ck Is In Vietnam’s Craft Beer?

Durian, papaya, dragon fruit, breast milk fruit, and the Buddha hand citron fruit are just a few regional ingredients that Vietnam-based brewers like BiaCraft Artisan Ales are using to create unprecedented craft beer recipes. Although access to unorthodox fruits and spices are an attractive draw for brewmasters, the country’s weather pattern is an unexpected challenge when brewing in a tropical climate. Coming up with craft beer recipes that compliment the weather, rather than work against it, can be one difference […]

A Shopper’s Guide: Precita On How To Buy Gemstones In Vietnam

Buying gemstones in Vietnam, or anywhere in the world, can be a daunting task. Identifying authentic stones for the right price, and finding the perfect match for a special gift often requires buyers to have some knowledge about gemstones and jewelry. To get a better idea of how to navigate Vietnam’s gemstone market, and lower the risks of making an uneducated purchase, we headed to Precita to talk shop with marketing director Thu Nguyen while senior manager Amrita Mallya curated some of her favorite […]

Thơm Brewery Is Creating Authentic Vietnamese Craft Beer

Tuan Nguyen lays back in his chair smoking his pipe packed with specialty tobacco as he orders me a glass of his unprecedented Ha Giang Buckwheat brew. Tuan and Thơm Brewery’s world is centered around high-quality local ingredients. With a background as a chemist as well as a former government official, falling into the world of Vietnamese craft beer seems to have been a natural next step. He’s invited us to his taproom in Hanoi at 60 To Ngoc Van […]

Turtle Lake Brewing Co: Vietnam Craft Beer Built Around Community

According to SEA Brew, there were an estimated 31 new craft beer breweries in Vietnam as of early 2018. As the scene continues to expand, Saigon Craft Beer Tours and Craft Beer Tours of Hanoi are already giving guided tours—evidence of the local and international interest in the industry. As the Vietnam craft beer industry continues to grow, collaboration is becoming core to its success. We reached out to one of the most genuinely collaborative breweries on the scene—Hanoi-based Turtle […]

Craft Beer In Vietnam: A Guide To Vietnamese Artisanal Brew

Urban legend has it that when Vietnamese draft beer arrived on the scene in the late 1800s, the reaction was so strong cashiers had to collect money from inside tiger cages. This helped them stay protected from the mobs of thirsty blue collar workers. Long after Vietnamese draft beer took off, the early 2000s brought with it the introduction of Czech-style breweries. Today, many still consider this market and consumer shift as a major turning point for the country’s beer culture. […]