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Apr 15, 2024

Singer Orange’s Journey Of Discovering Genuine Identity

In this episode of Have A Sip, hosts Thuy Minh and Orange are joined by the surprise guest diva Ha Tran, offering intriguing viewpoints from two different generations.
Singer Orange’s Journey Of Discovering Genuine Identity

Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Starting her singing career at a young age, Orange has honed her skills over the years. She excels in performing hits such as Người lạ ơi, Chân ái,... With a strong voice, she captivates audiences, representing the talent of her generation. Beyond her performances, Orange’s wit and humor shine through in the memes she shares on social media, adding another dimension to her persona.

In this episode of the Have A Sip: Dark Hours podcast, Orange maintains her signature cheerfulness, effortlessly bringing laughter to host Thùy Minh. However, listeners are treated to a different side of Orange - one filled with captivating stories and a depth of emotion that defies description.

During the conversation, there was a surprise appearance by Diva Hà Trần, a seasoned female singer who has collaborated with Orange on multiple music projects, including the recent song Có bao lần on the album Cam’on. This unexpected encounter allows the audience to witness the differing perspectives and thoughts of two generations: Gen Z and Baby Boomers.

However, this contrast isn’t meant to determine which opinion is correct or incorrect. Orange might hold a different perspective decades later, just as Diva Hà Trần might have had a similar thought many years ago.

“How Many Times Have I Wished I Wasn’t Older?”

Orange, despite being part of the Gen Z cohort, often faces judgment from others, who perceive her as older than her actual age. This misconception leaves her feeling somewhat disheartened and self-conscious. Additionally, she experiences concerns typical of someone older, fearing that time is slipping away and rushing through decisions, which can sometimes lead to missteps.

Although from different generations, Orange and diva Hà Trần share a profound connection and harmony, rather than feeling like strangers. | Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

Diva Hà Trần remarked, “If we age prematurely, we’ll feel younger when we’re truly old. Since I’m already old, what’s the use of growing older?”

“After Love, Who Doesn’t Feel Alone?”

Orange states that despite possessing several typical traits of a good girlfriend, such as cooking skills, independence, and a constant quest to revive love, her romantic experiences are far from smooth. While love often enriches the lives of young individuals, Orange’s romantic journey is notably unstable.

Diva Hà Trần asked, “Do you acknowledge that your suffering contributed to the creation of the entire album? Sometimes, we need to endure hardships to produce meaningful art. As artists, we cannot yearn for constant peace, for without challenges, there would be no inspiration.”

“Honey, It’s Very Cold At Night. Why Don’t You Go Home And Immerse Yourself In The Peace?”

During her darkest moments, Orange once contemplated self-harm and ending her life. However, just as she was consumed by despair, a kind-hearted individual unexpectedly crossed her path and changed her life trajectory. Surprisingly, it was none other than a taxi driver.

This time on the Have A Sip podcast, Orange enjoyed her fourth glass of wine... | Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

“Dear, do you realize how beautiful this river is? If you do anything reckless, it will bear witness, and its beauty will be tainted forever.” This reminder halted her thoughts of self-harm and provided her with renewed determination to embrace life.

Diva Hà Trần remarked, “Thanks to him, I had the chance to meet you the following day, which led to our collaboration!”

“How Can We Release So Swiftly After Coming This Far?”

In recent years, Orange has gained insights about herself primarily through others’ perspectives. From managing her well-being to understanding her true identity and desires, interpretations vary widely. When someone lacks self-awareness, it becomes challenging for others to comprehend their struggles, especially on a psychological level.

Orange also acknowledges her difficulty in verbal expression, as can be seen in her conversation during this episode of Have A Sip. However, following these experiences, she gained a deeper understanding of herself. She learned to tune into her body’s needs and grew less apprehensive about sleeping alone. Embracing the spectrum of emotions, whether chaotic, negative, or even harsh, she finds acceptance within herself.

Diva Hà Trần expressed, “Discovering this now at 27 is fantastic! When we prioritize self-awareness, maintain clarity of mind, and cultivate attentiveness, we can embody any role model we aspire to be.”

Acceptance allows her to love herself more. | Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera

As the conversation wound down, host Thùy Minh posed a poignant question to Orange: “What is your relationship with love?” This kind of question often prompts thoughts of others or external factors rather than self-reflection. Yet, perhaps if we prioritize understanding ourselves first, we might find greater happiness and less despair in matters of the heart.

Watch the full episode here.