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May 14, 2024

The 24/7 Music Entertainment Channel RadioOnTV Is Now On Air!

In case you missed it, the music entertainment channel RadioOnTV has been streaming on YouTube since midnight on May 12.
The 24/7 Music Entertainment Channel RadioOnTV Is Now On Air!

Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera.

We always live in the flow of music, connecting and marking our memories with it. Each generation has its own unique way of enjoying music, from the traveling stages eagerly awaited by the troupe generation, to the radio generation deeply moved by Xone FM and the television generation that loved MTV and YanTV.

For screenagers - the young generation growing up in the digital age, there is a shortage of high-quality, curated music content specifically designed for them. The music entertainment channel RadioOnTV was created to fill this very gap!

With the collaboration of four major players—Vietcetera, SpaceSpeakers, BEAT Network, and Dentsu Redder—RadioOnTV will continue to enrich the culture and music scene in Vietnam with a 24/7 broadcasting platform featuring high-quality content.

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Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera.

“We do not want music to just be a snippet of something,” Ta Thuy Minh, Chief Content Officer (CCO) of Vietcetera, said about the mission of RadioOnTV. “Music that can bring about change must be selected and shared carefully, or even nurtured from its early beginnings.”

RadioOnTV broadcasts continuously with engaging and fresh content. Over 24 hours each day, viewers can enjoy 4 hours of interesting lifestyle content, 10 hours of curated music playlists, and 10 hours of listening to top podcasts.

More than just a destination for quality content, RadioOnTV also aims to create a common playground for the art-loving community, launching new artists into greater public recognition.

“RadioOnTV will tirelessly create values in entertainment, culture, art, and lifestyle for the youth, providing a platform for young Vietnamese artists to reach a broader audience both domestically and internationally,” SOOBIN, an exclusive artist at SpaceSpeakers, said.

Nguồn: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera.

At the launch event, the CEO of Beat Network, Ngo Viet Hung, emphasized the confidence of RadioOnTV’s crew in both the channel’s quality of content and its ability to reach audiences. With the support of Dentsu Redder, the music entertainment channel RadioOnTV will nurture and connect creators in Vietnam, promising to bring a youthful and fresh image of Vietnam closer to the world.

12 flagship shows on RadioOnTV

Gặp nhau Giữa Tuần (Mid-week Meet-up): A variety show aired in April as RadioOnTV’s debut. At Gặp nhau Giữa Tuần, artists will play games and interact with each other, creating hilarious moments while highlighting the passionate “brotherhood” between artists. The show is led by the new identity of the famous Vietnamese rapper Gonzo - MC Nam Anh, and filmed with live audiences at The Sentry P.

55-Radar On Air: With the mission of discovering "raw gems," 55-Radar is a program by SpaceSpeakers Label that receives thousands of music demos, selects the top 10 most deserving tracks for production, and takes young artists on a journey to develop themselves and refine their work to the final stage before presenting it to the public.

55-Radar On Air documents this search for music talents into a reality show set to air this coming June.

Source: Bobby Vu for Vietcetera.

Họa Nhạc (Drawing Music): An art exhibition with music and dance to create magical connections among different formats of art within one colorful space.

Drop The Mic: When an artist drops the stage, Drop The Mic is the journey where artists are shaped into a stand-up comedian with Sài Gòn Tếu and then “debut” in a brand new role.

A Week With: Tag along with Thuy Minh through a full week to explore the work process with notable artists.

Screenagers: The program features an exhibition and selection of 40 visual artworks curated by the international-scale Art Collective group. The program will serve as an official platform for visual artists to display their works in the most grandiose and fitting space for their ideas.

EduMusic: A conversation with prominent figures in music education during their recordings and production process. Conducted by Hung Vo.

Radio Active: Delivering news in the music scene and following comments weekly by Nanh Xa (Nha Nhac) and BeatVN.

Space Jam: A series of videos recording series of Space Jam - a composing camp connecting musical creatives among the underground artists community.

5PM - Hội Khỏe Phù Đổng (5PM - Phù Đổng Sport Competition): A show consists of team sport and ends with splendid music parties.

In Da Studio: Break into the studios of top artists and discover how they make music.

The Dream Lab: A reality show dedicated to the dream-data of Vietnamese content creators.

Those are the “eye-opening” shows that will air on RadioOnTV. Don’t forget to turn on the channel and blend in the flow of contemporary music.

Translated by Sơn Hoàng.